Mar 30, 2022

DITO inks partnership with LuponWXC for Just ML Female: Queen of the Dawn

DITO inks partnership with LuponWXC for Just ML Female_Queen  of the Dawn
DITTO Telecommunity to highlight th eblasing talent of Pinay gamers at the Just ML Female Cup Mobile Legends Tournament

DITO inks partnership with LuponWXC for Just ML Female: Queen of the Dawn

DITO Telecommunity has recently partnered with local gaming and eSports company LuponWXC for this year’s Just ML Female Cup Tournament, highlighting the exceptional talent of female gamers in the Philippines.

As the tournament’s official telco partner, now for the second year, DITO will highlight the best and most promising female gamers in the competition, which is considered one of the biggest Mobile Legends tournaments in the country.

Last year, the Just ML Female Cup featured over 50 teams that fought in a tournament showcased live via Just ML’s Facebook Page.

This year’s tournament, which will run from March 14 to March 31, will be as big as ever, with over 50 teams hailing from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao fighting for the top prize of PHP 70,000 along with DITO gaming items and DITO SIM cards.

The tournament will have a series of qualifying rounds, group stage phases and playoffs, all broadcasted via the Just ML official Facebook page.

“Our partnership with one of the most prominent eSports gaming companies of the country is a platform to highlight the strength of our Filipina gamers and how quickly they rise to the top of the industry. Today, more and more women are doing their part in transforming the overall eSports landscape, and we’re excited to see how it will continue in the future. We’re also thrilled to see how the tournament will go as we progress through the qualifiers, playoffs, and finals,” said DITO Telecommunity Brand and Marketing Director Jasper Evangelista.

“DITO Telecommunity is excited to support women in the gaming community. We’re committed to providing gamers everywhere with the means to have the best gaming experience by way of more value-driven and reliable mobile data services that are simple and hassle-free, and next-gen tech like DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay. We also encourage everyone to stay tuned on the Just ML official Facebook page and watch all the action unfold there,” Evangelista added.

To know more about the tournament or to check out the current game standings and schedule of livestreams, visit the Just ML Facebook page and or @DITOPhOfficial on social media.  

DITO Telecommunity is celebrating its first anniversary this month. The third major telco in the country has recently rolled-out its newest telco innovations—DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay—that give maximum flexibility and worry-free convenience to its subscribers. These latest innovations make the five (5) new DITO Level Up Packs stronger, more flexible and more value driven than ever before! Visit to learn more about DITO’s expanded and enhanced product lineup.

Stay tuned for more updates on our points of sale, data offers, and other details, by visiting the official Facebook page of DITO at or the website at

Mar 27, 2022

Huggies are what parents want and what babies need!

There’s no doubt that a mom's embrace is the most comfortable. Huggies is designed with exactly that in mind - the comfort of a mother's hug. So your baby can feel comfortable and protected at all times. Huggies is continually innovating to make it easier and more convenient to clean up after your baby.

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Mar 25, 2022

Bagong Araw, Bagong Awra with Silka!

Bagong Araw, Bagong Awra with Silka!


That feeling of being cooped up. We all had it, and not one of us liked it. We were kinda deprived all this time; of the great outdoors, of the sun, of having the freedom to just step out and bask in the glow of friendships, family, the world!

After all, we remember how going out was just so easy. Bathe, pamper your skin with Silka, choose your OOTD, then your rampa-ready self -steps out to paint the town and soak up life!


Until… the pandemic. We had no choice but to press pause on our lives.



We’ve been stuck at home for so long. Ang daming bawal! Meds and food runs were the only things allowed. School was virtual. WFH was the norm. Since we stayed in, we kinda let things go – correction, we let ourselves go, as we haven’t been feeling or looking our best. Haggard is a word that comes to mind – and woah, who wants that, right?


But now, things are looking up!  The malls, the beaches, the schools, and offices are open, the world is ready again for us! But! how ready will you be for the world?


Bagong Araw Bagong Awra! Whip out your Silka Papaya Lotion and be Awra ready, girls!


Step up, step out!  Silka, the makers of the #1 beauty soap in the Philippines, has just the thing for you, as it’s your time to awra! With Silka Papaya Lotion, achieve na achieve ang best self mo, and success is just your thing! Aawra ka talaga! Sabi nga nila, confidence starts when you’re comfortable in your own skin. But we also say, confidence is indeed skin deep with Silka Papaya Lotion with Papaya Enzyme and Nutriblend complex with 5 Vitamins (Vitamin B3/Niacinamide,Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Vitamin E) that keeps our skin healthy. It also lightens, moisturizes and protects your skin from the sun with SPF-6. Thanks to its Vita-absorb technology, it’s not sticky at all on your skin, and in this tropical country, that’s a big plus!


And feel free to love that delicate fruity Papaya scent! Use it regularly and find yourself getting fairer, smoother, with healthier-looking skin talaga! But most of all, splurge without straining your pockets, as it’s so affordable! Saan ka pa!


There’s a Silka Papaya lotion to fit your vibe and style! Always on the run or on the go - then reach out for the 10mL and 50mL options at 7 Pesos and 35 Pesos SRP. The 100mL for 60 Pesos or 200mL for 107 Pesos SRP, definitely a keeper, as pwedeng nasa bag lang, always ready! While there’s just more of Silka Papaya Lotion to love with the 300mL option at 148 Pesos and 500mL option at 215 Pesos SRP – sure to last you longer. With all that, talagang walang makakapigil sa’yo to be awra ready, girl!


Silka has been providing affordable yet highly effective skincare products since 2001. Lighter and smoother skin, achieve na achieve natin, naturally. With Silka Papaya Lotion, Silka harnesses its over 20 years of experience to bring you another quality product at the best price for you!


Silka Papaya Lotion: your bestie in this new era of awra! As the world opens itself again, feel your best, look your best and be rampa ready for it because success is waiting! It’s time - nothing can stop you! BAGONG ARAW, BAGONG AWRA with SILKA PAPAYA LOTION!

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World TB Day Artworks

Join in the fight against TB and be #TuberculosisWarriors

The Philippines is part of the top 20 countries with the most active tuberculosis cases, majority of which are under 15 years old and still remain undetected.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria that commonly attacks the lungs, and is spread through the air from one person to another. It is curable and treatable if proper medical treatment is received, TB continues to affect millions of people around the globe, with an annual mortality rate that is higher than HIV and malaria combined. In the Philippines alone, there are over 500 active cases of TB for every 100,000 Filipinos.

This year, Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc. has set its eyes on the Filipino youth to help beat TB in the country, and turn them from targets into advocates known as #TuberculosisWarriors.

To encourage their meaningful participation in efforts to end TB, Johnson & Johnson has developed social media filters and web-based games that will allow them to learn more about TB and amplify awareness about the cause.

Young people, those with weak immune systems, and those in close contact with TB patients are particularly at risk of infection. We can all help save lives and stop the spread of the disease by knowing the symptoms, getting tested early, and raising awareness.

Early symptoms include persistent cough, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, night sweats and chills, sudden weight loss, and chest pains. Coughing blood is a symptom of advanced TB cases. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get tested immediately.

Become #TuberculosisWarriors and help share information about TB by using our game filters today. Just search #TuberculosisWarriors or @warriors.tb in your filter search bar and play away! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TBwarriors

How to Watch Out and Speak Out against Verbal Abuse

1 out of 4 or 25% of Filipinos, aged 15-49, is revealed to have experienced some form of violence during the ongoing health crisis. This includes verbal abuse, which has become a hidden battle faced by most women on a regular basis.

Verbal abuse can often be confusing not just for the survivors but also for the abusers because it manifests differently—gaslighting, judging, blaming, name-calling, condescension, and verbal threats, among others.

According to the  Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation (GWAVE), verbal abuse often contributes to psychological abuse experienced by women and can be penalized as a violation of RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

The Invisible Battle: How to Watch Out and Speak Out against Verbal Abuse


“Violence in the homes is not ‘away pamilya’ and is everybody’s concern,” says GWAVE Executive Director, Sheema Bajana-Samson. People should be vigilant and watch out for signs of abuse through what is heard verbally and body language as well.”


GWAVE is one of many non-government organizations and independent agencies that helps rescue survivors by offering legal assistance and rehabilitation.

“We have survivors also accompany their fellow survivors in hearings, and they do home visitations to other survivors as a form of moral support towards each other.” continues Bajana-Samson. “We’re happy to share that we now have a number of survivors who are emotionally and psychologically ready to become advocates themselves.”


In celebration of International Women’s Month, and the advocacy to build a better world for women, Avon sounds the call to #SpeakOut, take a stand and be more self-aware to help others fight verbal and other forms of abuse.

Based on a global study of more than eight thousand women in eight countries, including the Philippines, found that one in five women are consistently subjected to verbal abuse by an intimate partner. Nearly two in five respondents aged 25-34 are experiencing potential signs of verbal abuse within their relationship - the highest amongst the age groups.

Avon Philippines PR and Communications Head, Marion Limlengco wants to encourage more Filipinos to join dialogues and be more aware of this silent battle that has been affecting more women than actually perceived.
“Filipinas are very resilient women, but it turns out, there are some of us who are going through such invisible battles and we don’t even know it. That is why we are tapping a platform where we can freely discuss this issue with no holds barred while still centering on positivity and freedom of expression.”


Avid podcast listeners can also look forward to collaborations with popular podcasters:


Everyone is also invited to catch Avon’s collaboration with the live-streaming app, Kumu, where viewers can enjoy talks, performances, and fun challenges—all to foster awareness on verbal abuse and raise funds on behalf of Avon’s partner organizations that help abuse survivors. Here’s the full lineup:

  • #SpeakOut Dialogues with Women (March 25 via @kumunityheroes)
  • #Speakout Kumunity Challenge (March 28 to April 3)
  • #SpeakOut Fundraising Livestream (March 30)
  • #SpeakOut Dialogues For All (April 4 via @kumunityheroes)

People are also encouraged to support the cause through our fundraising items like the #SpeakOut Avon True Color Lipstick, Women Empowerment Umbrella, Evita Watch, and Self-love Accessory set available on where part of the proceeds will be donated to partner organizations including Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation (GWAVE), Ing Makababaying Aksyon (IMA) Foundation, and Luna Legal Resources Center for Women and Children.“Through these fundraising efforts, we hope to spark courage and reinforce a sense of community so that no one could feel alone or neglected in their individual battles. It’s time we shed light on this invisible crisis and we can effectively do that only if and when we #SpeakOut.” concludes Limlengco.

It’s time to redefine a culture where everyone becomes more accountable for the words being said so that no form of abuse—verbal or otherwise—will be tolerated nor pushed against others.

Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the scheduled dates of all podcasts and Kumu livestreams and join the dialogues against Verbal Abuse. Shop for your favorite Avon products at or contact your local Avon representative.

Mar 23, 2022

Uni-Love Summer Special

Uni-Care allows us to give your baby's skin that fresh and clean feeling while keeping the germs and bacteria off!  That's one way of keeping us, moms, one less of a worry, right? And in line with this, Uni-Love is on Shopee's Brand Spotlight this March 24! So make sure you check the brands official store on Shopee!

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1. UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition (Girl) 100's Pack of 1: Suitable for hands, face and body and for nappy area, UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition (Girl) is natural, mild and provides effective cleansing for your baby's delicate skin and also helps prevents rashes.

2. UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition (Boy) 100's Pack of 1: Suitable for hands, face and body and for nappy area, UniLove Baby Wipes Summer Edition (Boy) is natural, mild and provides effective cleansing for your baby's delicate skin and also helps prevents rashes.

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Other Uni-Love essentials for your baby's needs.


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Mar 21, 2022

Survey says that 90% of the couriers in the Philippines prefer the ride-life over other jobs


Survey says that 90% of the couriers in the Philippines prefer the ride-life over other jobs

Get a glimpse of how thrilling modern rider superheroes’ day-to-day is.


You rely on them every day to deliver your go-to-food, call them when you need things delivered, and trust them to get your items from point A to point B in a much shorter amount of time—but have you ever wondered who your riders are when they're not the superheroes you see on the road?


In a survey conducted by Borzo, formerly Mr. Speedy, 2,000 drivers were asked in the Philippines to share their personal stories with us, and the responses ranged from amusing to heartfelt. "Why did you choose to be a rider?" The question was posed to him, we were not shocked by the number of respondents indicating a preference for work independence and having a second job as a rider or courier. Here are some other interesting facts about these hard working guys (and gals!) that we wished we knew earlier:


They love tips, but kindness is king


Who doesn’t love receiving some extra tip right? And it doesn’t even have to be in the form of an emolument. 83% of the riders who answered our survey said that they really appreciate customers who give them water, food, and sometimes a small token to show their appreciation.


They’re the man (woman) of the house


From a survey conducted by Borzo Philippines, 60% of the rider respondents are parents who would always prioritize their family over anything else. For this reason, most riders prefer working in the morning so that they can spend time with their family at night.


They’re adventure seekers


According to the survey, 58% of riders love transporting items to various destinations since it allows them to visit new places. These riders experience a wide variety of landscapes, whether they're on a metropolitan route or travelling through suburban, residential, or rural areas. New addresses are likely to appear on the packages they must transport, adding to the variety of their day.

They’re their own boss


Riders just love the fact that nobody tells them what to do, and 78% of our respondents agree with that. They can eat lunch whenever they want, take a break, have a quick nap, drive wherever, etc. Being a rider means you are not obligated to attend long hours of meetings and can even set their own hours to some extent, as long as they deliver on time.


The Philippines is an inherently rider-friendly country


Some countries require couriers to work full-time, however this is not the case in the Philippines, where working in the delivery profession can be a supplement to one's full-time job. As a result, many of our couriers are students or even retired employees.


WATCH: Borzo’s Tropamustahan Courier Forum


For more information about Borzo, visit or follow Borzo on Facebook at Borzo Philippines and on Instagram at Borzo is also available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Join the BorzoFAM at

Mar 17, 2022

Shopee Launches First #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair of the Year

 Shopee Launches First #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair of the Year 

While MSMEs still comprise the majority of registered businesses in the country, a survey conducted by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) - Ecommerce Office in September 2020 showed that 73% of MSMES still require assistance in digitizing their operations. Shopee remains committed to helping MSMEs transition to digital easily and seamlessly as it once again partners with the DTI to launch the #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair from March 18-24. This initiative is in line with Shopee’s goal to provide local MSMEs with the support that they need to grow their businesses online.

Through the week-long virtual trade fair, Shopee users will be able to discover and purchase Filipino-made essentials from a variety of shops ranging from snack food, health & beauty, groceries & pet stores, fashion, and more, at discounted rates. This year’s #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair will feature a diverse range of local sellers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. This is among Shopee’s many initiatives to empower local businesses to shift online and encourage users to support them.  Alongside these virtual trade fairs, sellers are also provided with different marketing tools, training, and initiatives to help them maximize their businesses’ growth on the platform such as Shopee University Summit, where local MSMEs can learn ways to drive their business growth from industry speakers and leaders.

The virtual trade fair will also feature products from beloved Filipino brands such as Splash Personal Care,  Zenutrients, Go Natural, Ever Bilena, San Miguel Foods, EQ, Lifeline Clothing, Sweetbaby, and Tala by Kyla.

DTI’s Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion Director Marievic Bonoan

says, “Being able to provide our local MSMEs with opportunities for growth and development is one of our top priorities at the DTI. We understand the important role e-commerce platforms, like Shopee, play in creating a seamless digital transition for MSMEs. Through initiatives like the #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair, we believe that we can help these businesses maximize their full potential and make the digital transition smoother.”

Shopee Philippines Director Martin Yu

says, “Supporting MSMEs is at the very core of what we do. We are deeply committed to creating more opportunities to help our local businesses adapt and thrive in the e-commerce industry through initiatives like our #TatakPinoy Virtual Trade Fair. We look forward to this opportunity to once again help our sellers in their e-commerce journey, and also allow our users to support these community-owned businesses.”

Aside from the wide range of products available at the #TatakPinoy Virtual TradeFair, Shopee users will also also enjoy ShopeePay vouchers for 20% off with a minimum purchase of Php 300, valid on all #TatakPinoy: Virtual Trade Fair items this March 18-24.

For more information about the #TatakPinoy: Virtual Trade Fair, visit


Ensure Gold's Newest Plant-Based Nutrition Supplement to launch Exclusively on Shopee

Having a healthier lifestyle is not an easy task. It's about making sure everything you do, and take is still aligned with your goals, and being consistent is the key. That's why Abbott is here to help you make healthier choices not just for your family, but for yourself! Kaya naman #AlagangAbbott ka talaga with Ensure Gold's NEW plant-based and high nutritional value supplement and is launching exclusively on Shopee

Abbott is here to help you achieve a healthier life with the launch of Ensure Gold's newest plant-based supplement, only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight this March 18

And get this bundle on SHOPEE EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH: Ensure Gold HMB Almond 850g Bundle of 3 For Adult Nutrition for is Complete with high nutritional value and muscle mass building, Ensure Gold HMB Almond is a plant-based supplement sourced from Soy, Rice, and Quinoa. Buy now!

Abbott's latest plant-based Ensure Gold product is what you need to help keep yourself and your loved ones strong with its muscle mass-building nutrients.

New Ensure's 1st Plant-based Nutrition

  • HMB (β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate)
  • Protein from Soy, Rice, and Quinoa
  • Loaded with 28 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Suitable for those with Lactose intolerant because it is low in Lactose.
  • Vegetarian-friendly

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Well-Being Programs for Employees are a key asset for companies during pandemic – Avon PH

Being in a global health crisis for more than two years has unraveled the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional work setup.

In a bid to curb the negative effects of the “new normal”, Avon Philippines updated employee health benefits to include a pilot program for mental health—and the company is now reaping the benefits.

In 2021, the number one relationship selling company in the Philippines introduced the Mindnation program to Avon associates. The program allows staff to book sessions with a professional psychologist, and attend webinars and programs that address mental health concerns.

After almost a year, these programs have gained high well-being scores in their recent internal survey from employees who have taken part in the program. “Avon takes a genuine interest in their employees’ well-being,” according to one of the feedback.

Well-Being Programs for Employees are a key asset for companies during pandemic – Avon PH

Avon Philippines has seen improvement in their attrition rate compared to the past year, bucking the global trend of turnovers that have been going on since the start of the pandemic.

In acknowledging how this global crisis is affecting people differently, it only became apparent that we must provide the personalized support needed by employees so that they can continue to perform at their best, says Jan Pambid, Director for People Culture & Organization of Avon PH & APAC.

Aside from providing mental health support, additional COVID-19 medical coverage has also been put in place, providing financial aid for employees should they get hospitalized during infection.

Overall, the new mental and well-being benefits were the latest in the company’s string of internal program pivots during the pandemic, which includes service awards and virtual regional mentorship opportunities with Asia Pacific leaders and talents.

In recognition of its internal initiatives, Avon Philippines has been certified as a Top Employer for a second straight year by the global authority in recognizing excellence in People Practices—Top Employers Institute—which held its annual Certification Celebration event last January.

The Top Employer Institute has certified over 1,800 organizations in more than 120 countries and regions, which creates a positive impact on the lives of more than 8 million employees globally.

The positive feedback from our employees only proves that investing in their wellbeing is more than just a corporate responsibility,” adds Razvan Diratian, Avon Philippines’ General Manager. We hope to continue in providing support for our and associates in the next years to come.

Mar 15, 2022

How Do You Prioritize Your Family's Nutrition?

How Do You Prioritize Your Family's Nutrition? This is a bit of a challenge especially if you have kids who are picky eaters, and other members of the family who are always on the go and want everything quick because of their work schedule. Sometimes, even I go for short-cuts like fast-food and delivery or quick meal-prep and this makes me feel guilty too knowing that they lack nutritional value. So, to sustain my family's nutritional needs, I make sure that they always get their daily dose of, milk loaded with vitamins, minerals and other needed essentials.

For kids aged 3 and up, Enfagrow plays a role in ensuring every family member is equipped with the proper nutrients for all-around nutrition. 

Enfagrow AII NuraPro Four Powdered Milk Drink for 3+ years old:  First and only staged milk in the Philippines with the natural, easy-to-digest benefits of pure A2 milk together with the brain-building nutrients for your child's holistic development. Click and Buy Now!

Enfagrow A+ Four NuraPro Powdered Milk Drink for 3+ Years Old: First and only formula that contains a brain-boosting combination with superior levels of DHA to support your child's IQ and EQ development for a holistic smart child. Click to Buy Now!

Adults need milk too, that's why ProVital Immuna Plus 480g Adult Nutritional Beverage is also included on my list.  Provital Immuna Plus is designed to help strengthen your immune system so you can stay healthy and live life to the fullest! It is a nutritious milk scientifically formulated for adults 50 years and above, containing ingredients to support the immune system. Click to Buy Now!

Get all-around nutrition for the whole family with Enfagrow at Shopee's first mega-sale of the year, 3.15 Consumer Day

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Mar 9, 2022

Deal with that EW with Carefree

It's that time of the month again, and as of writing this here I am with cramps, hot pack, bad headache, and that sungit + icky feeling. Ladies, you know what I mean, and we shouldn’t let our experience of wetness and odor down there hassle us daily during the our red days. That’s why CAREFREE® is here to help and allow us to #DealWithThatEW (as in Everyday Wetness) and feel drier for longer!

 #DealWithThatEW with Carefree 

And in line with Women's Month, Let's Celebrate it with CAREFREE® and continue to empower women to prioritize their feminine health! On March 9, shoppers can look to exciting deals such as new exclusive launches, up to 50% off and deals as low as P21 only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight!

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Carefree Breathable Panty Liners 15s.  Wear CAREFREE Breathable liners on all days between your period to maintain that fresh feel. These also protect your favorite panties from sweat and light discharge. Buy Now!

Carefree Super Dry 15s.  Wear Carefree Super Dry Panty Liners to keep you feeling fresh and dry from moderate discharge, spotting or as a tampon back up.  Buy now!

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Mar 5, 2022

A Net Zero IdeaNation: UPLB and Nestlé PH partner to generate sustainable solutions from the youth

Net Zero IdeaNation MOA Signing

Net Zero IdeaNation MOA Signing held recently with UPLB Officials, Chancellor Jose V. Camacho, Associate Dean of College of Economics and Management Arlene Gutierrez, and Department Chair of Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Mar Cruz, together with Nestlé Philippines Senior Vice President and Head of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Arlene Tan-Bantoto, and Assistant Vice President for Sustainability and Public Affairs Christine Garcia

A Net Zero IdeaNation: UPLB and Nestlé PH partner to generate sustainable solutions from the youth


Stronger typhoons and rising threats to biodiversity and food security are just some of the impacts of climate change that have become more evident in the Philippines over the years. Therefore, tackling climate change cannot wait and urgent action is needed across all sectors of society.


As a Kasambuhay ng Kalikasan, Nestlé Philippines is taking a leading role in tackling climate change in the country. Guided by Nestlé’s global ambition and roadmap of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, it is committed to source responsibly, transform its operations, and help shape a waste-future.


These three Net Zero focus areas are the central theme for Net Zero IdeaNation, a program launched by the University of the Philippines - Los Baños (UPLB) through the Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (DAME), and Nestlé Philippines to harness the potential of the youth towards climate action. The partnership was made official with a recently signed agreement between the two parties.

What is Net Zero IdeaNation?

Net Zero IdeaNation consists of two phases. The first phase will run throughout the second semester of Academic Year 2021-2022 during which students of the ABME 10 (Foundations of Entrepreneurship) course will be asked to generate innovative and sustainable solutions geared towards achieving net zero emissions. By the end of the course, the teams with the best concepts will be selected to proceed to the second phase of the competition in July 2022.


During the second phase, the winning teams will receive mentorship from industry experts to further develop their ideas. All will culminate through a pitching competition in which one team will be named the Nestlé Net Zero IdeaNation Winner.


“This undertaking will be an excellent mentoring opportunity for our students, that will further inspire them to become innovative and creative in helping find solutions and avenues for sustainable business,” said UPLB Chancellor Dr. Jose V. Camacho, Jr., “Our vision is a future-proof UPLB in society with its stakeholders and communities. We hope to engage actively with industry, and this new form of partnership with Nestlé Philippines will significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of education in the university amidst the pandemic.”


Nestlé Philippines Senior Vice President for Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Arlene Tan-Bantoto recognized the capability of the youth in being agents of change in society and creating a lasting positive impact on the environment.


“Engaging the youth in climate action is important because of their crucial role in ensuring a livable future on the planet they will inherit. Through initiatives like this, Nestlé Philippines aims to empower the youth and provide them platforms that they can use to help address environmental problems that affect not just our country but the rest of the world,” she said.


Nestlé Philippines also offers a post-graduate sustainability scholarship in partnership with the UPLB Graduate School.