realme Buds Q2 launches on May 20, guarantees ‘audio made even better’

 realme Buds Q2 launches on May 20, guarantees ‘audio made even better’ 

The no. 1 smartphone brand in the Philippines is set to launch its latest 
TWS offering with better style, quality, and listening experience.

In just a short period since its launch in 2018, the country’s no. 1 smartphone brand realme has emerged as one of the best-selling TWS brands in the Philippines, with an overall brand portfolio of over 150,000 users as of April 2021.

Following the impressive market performances of the realme Buds Q and the realme Buds Air series, realme continues to strengthen its position in the AIoT (artificial intelligence of things) category with the upcoming launch of its newest TWS (True Wireless Stereo) device -- the realme Buds Q2.

Promising audio made even better, the realme Buds Q2 offers improved style, listening experience, connectivity, and quality, that digital-savvy Filipinos are sure to appreciate. 

Better listening experience

The realme buds Q2 offers a 20-hour Long Battery Life so you can binge up to eight movies or listen to 400 songs uninterrupted. With its built-in 40mAh battery in buds and 400mAh battery in charging case, the realme Buds Q2 gives 3-hour single continuous calling time and 5-hour single continuous listening time. It also quickly recharges at 2.5 and 2 hours for the buds and charging case, respectively, through Micro-USB. 

Its 10mm Dynamic Bass Boost Driver that uses high-quality PEEK & TPU polymer composite diaphragm also gives an incredible sound experience. Using the brand’s updated Bass Boost + solution found in recent realme smartphone models, the Buds Q2 further unlocks the bass potential for real heart-thumping music.

Get perfect sync between video and audio while playing games or watching movies by switching to the realme Buds Q2’s low latency Gaming Mode, which reduces latency by as much as 51% and transfers sound from your phone to the Buds Q2 in just 88ms. Plus, enjoy clearer and more engaging conversations with significantly reduced surrounding noise during calls. The realme Buds Q2’s single microphones form a powerful noise reduction system supported by the ENC noise cancelling algorithm.


Better control and connectivity

The realme Buds Q2 also offers instant connection with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and ensures high transmission speed, powerful anti-jamming capability, low power consumption, and stable signal even at a distance of up to 10 meters between the buds and your phone. 

Also featuring Intelligent Touch Control, you can switch between music, calls, and activate gaming mode more intuitively with the realme Buds Q2’s intelligent touch feature.

Better style and quality

Incorporating the cut-shape aesthetic of kaleidoscopes into the earbuds’ cobble-shaped design, the realme Buds Q2 stands out from the rest of the TWS devices in the market. In order to reduce the weight, realme Buds Q2 also applies a streamlined internal structure design so that the weight of the whole body is as light as 39g. A single headphone is as light as 4.1g, even lighter than an A4 paper, and very comfortable to wear on the ear for a long time. It also comes in perfectly complementing colors sleek Black and stylish Blue.

Lastly, the realme Buds Q2 has an IPX4 water resistance rating to prevent splash, rain, and sweat from damaging the device in everyday use scenarios. At the same time, it also passed strict tests during the production process to ensure it faces the complex daily use.

With all these new and improved features and more, the realme Buds Q2 is sure to upgrade every Filipino’s tech-driven lifestyle. Be sure to catch it when it officially launches on May 20. Want first dibs? Hit the like button on Shopee and keep your eyes (and ears!) peeled for updates!

The realme Buds Q2 is an impressive addition to the brand’s TechLife ecosystem that aims to make every young Filipino live more conveniently and efficiently daily with a full-circle digital experience driven by a powerful mix of audio, wearables, smart TVs, smart home devices, and smartphones.

For more info and updates on the realme Buds Q2, follow realme on Facebook at, @realme_PH on Twitter, and @realmephilippines on Instagram. #QualityAudioStylishDesign #realmeTechLife

Just click, then eat! Kenny Rogers Roasters launches online delivery website

It’s a dilemma as old as time – you’re just going about your day, scrolling leisurely on social media when you feel the cravings start to hit. You catch yourself daydreaming about warm, inviting muffins, delicious side dishes, and the mouthwatering, savory roasted chicken that Kenny Rogers Roasters is best known for. You want your Kenny Rogers Roasters favorites, and you want it now. But how?

Just click, then eat! Kenny Rogers Roasters launches online delivery website

Worry no more about the hows and the whens – Kenny Rogers Roasters is taking food delivery to a whole new level. Bringing their menu straight to your devices, and your orders fresh and deliciously healthy right at your doorstep with just a few clicks, Kenny Rogers is launching their brand-new website! It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. What’s more, you can access it on any device, whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet or even your mobile phone, which means you can order from Kenny Rogers anytime, anywhere!

Focused on your customer experience and satisfaction, the website is packed with awesome features. If you’re worried about delivery delays, or you want to know where your orders are coming from, you can locate any Kenny Rogers store near you! Skip queues and waiting times by placing your order days in advance, perfect for planning special occasions at home. The website also offers a wide range of payment options – pay with online wallets like PayMaya or Gcash, with your credit or debit card, or wait for your order to arrive and pay upon delivery!

The website launches today May 17, and special treats await those who will order online. Remember those crowd-favorite Kenny’s Corn Muffins you wanted so much? You can satisfy those cravings and have more for later with their BUY 1 TAKE 1 Half-Dozen Promo, exclusively available for online orders from May 17 to 23! There will also be other surprises in store, so make sure to follow Kenny Rogers Roasters on Facebook and Instagram to be notified.

Sounds tempting? Visit and give in to the feeling! Order online from Kenny Rogers now – just click, then eat!

Need more convincing?

Check out this video for more information on the website launch!


IM Learning - the YouTube channel for kids who loves to learn.

The traditional schooling setup is almost impossible these days. And the struggle is real for home learning too. It's truly very challenging for our kids and even for us parents. I know, because we were from traditional schooling and shifted to homeschooling just in time before the covid 19 pandemic was announced.

Parents and the kids must learn quickly and adapt to the unique challenge of shifting from traditional schooling to home learning. The transitions can be very demanding especially for parents who are working, and most particularly for those who aren't used to homeschooling, and as for me, patience is really a virtue and needed at all times.

IM Learning - the YouTube channel for kids who loves to learn. 

Good thing that the IM Learning channel is here to help! With the advancement of technology, truly it can make our lives easier and homeschooling can be better. The IM Learning channel on YouTube has lessons on video to help kids learn better and more. 

Online classroom or Digital Classes still has their ups and downs, wonky internet connection or bad reception, noisy ambient from the neighborhood, etc. that can result in a child to loses focus and concentration. And with that thought, IM Learning aims to produce high-quality kids’ content for children who love to learn available anytime, anywhere! Also, videos are FREE to access for all learners! 

Start learning now with hosts Learning Leo and Learning Lisa as they explore different topics in primary education.

Check this out! Available IM Learning Lessons:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Values
  • Arts
  • English

So, why not turn your child's screen time to be more educational by viewing IM Learning lessons today!

Shopee and Unilever Say Yes to Equal Opportunities!

Shopee and Unilever Say Yes to Equal Opportunities! Continues to Support Local Sellers through its Positive Beauty Campaign 

As more Filipinos shift to online shopping for their daily necessities, many businesses are also turning to digital platforms to widen their reach and establish a strong online presence - especially the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). To cater to the growing number of online sellers, Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, continues to partner with organizations to support MSMEs who are looking for better opportunities in e-commerce.

Mano Amiga sellers share how Shopee and Unilever helped them grow their businesses

In 2020 Unilever and Mano Amiga, a non-governmental organization that advocates for community transformation and inclusive growth through education, first partnered with Shopee for their Beauty That Cares Campaign, to offer assistance to 25 micro-entrepreneurs. Through this partnership, Mano Amiga sellers gained a strong understanding of e-commerce and learned how to maximize the digital space’s full potential. Sellers had access to monetary funding, entrepreneurship training programs, and Shopee’s e-commerce tools to help them expand their reach. Two Mano Amiga sellers share how Unilever and Shopee supported their business growth:

Cecilia Comia of C plus D Design ( used to run a food business and even designed her own food stalls, but due to the pandemic, she had to shut down her food business and focus on selling decal stickers and labels instead. “We started our business in 2018 with a passion for good design and we wanted people to appreciate and see how small design details can change an entire product or experience,” she said. The strategy shift, although promising, posed some obstacles. “The competition is tough online. Reaching a wider audience and achieving effective customer engagement are both constant challenges. We are still struggling when it comes to establishing our business. The prices of our competitors are tough to match,” she added. "Shopee and Unilever provided her with the much-needed support. “Unilever’s program connected us with Shopee. It gave us an edge in terms of knowledge in selling online. Unilever’s financial assistance also helped us with our cash flow and allowed us to increase our stocks and improve our equipment.”

Janette Lagundi of JTL Trading ( For Janette Lagundi, a mother of two, it was tough when she first started her online business. Despite having no prior entrepreneurship experience, she decided to start selling cleaning products and home decor items such as Himalayan salt lamps, to get her family through the pandemic. She admitted that it was difficult for her to adjust to selling on e-commerce platforms as she was not very tech-savvy. Through learning the ropes at Shopee, Janette saw her business thrived. “Because of Shopee, not only are my sales increasing, my store is also gaining better recognition through plenty of promotions. I learned a lot about selling online through the training programs and masterclasses. I am determined to explore more opportunities on e-commerce, and I’m glad that Shopee and Unilever helped me adjust and adapt amid the pandemic,” she said. She added that the support from Shopee and Unilever helped her family immensely. “This business is my bread and butter and I feel more confident in growing my business because I am more competent now. Because of this opportunity, I can provide for my children.”

To support the transition and growth of MSMEs in the digital landscape, Shopee partners with Unilever once again to give MSMEs a spotlight at their Yes to Positive Beauty Sale this May 17 to 19, 2021. The campaign is part of Unilever’s renewed purpose and commitment to bring about positive change through real actions - to do more good, not just less harm, for people and the planet.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “We are proud to partner with Unilever to support a cause that aims to uplift the lives of local sellers and their loved ones. Shopee believes that every Filipino entrepreneur can succeed in e-commerce as long as they have the right tools, opportunity, and platform. We will continue to collaborate with brands like Unilever to support the local communities, their livelihood, and their families.”

“Yes to Positive Beauty is a movement for all Filipinos to champion a new era of beauty and personal care that’s inclusive and sustainable. As the number one beauty and personal care company in the country, we acknowledge the part we play in being a force for good, and Yes to Positive Beauty encompasses our commitment to do this through our brands. This includes championing for equal opportunities, which we have been able to do through our continued partnership with Shopee and Mano Amiga, as well as lending a helping hand to MSMEs, especially those greatly impacted by the current crisis.” Dorothy Dee-Ching, Vice President for Beauty and Personal Care at Unilever Philippines,

To provide consistent support for the sellers, Shopee’s relationship managers worked closely with them to create irresistible discounts to attract more customers, and also assisted them in mapping out advertisements for their products via social media. With the sale happening in just a few days, both sellers are preparing to stock up on their inventory to meet the expected increase in demand. To support sellers like Cecilia and Janette, check out the Yes to Positive Beauty Sale this May 17 to 19, 2021.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

#SaleAlert Add to Cart Na!
Shop here:

For more information about Unilever’s Beauty That Cares campaign,

Shop, buy load and pay bills with ShopeePay.

GCash Futurecast 2021: The Country's Undisputed #1 E-wallet Shares a Peek Into its Newest Innovations for the Year!


GCash Futurecast 2021: The Country's Undisputed #1 E-wallet Shares a Peek Into its Newest Innovations for the Year!


Introducing new in-app products and services to make finance easy, approachable, and accessible to all Filipinos!


From starting out as an e-wallet for making fast & secure online transactions to being the undisputed #1 mobile wallet app in the Philippines, GCash is now transforming itself once again to respond to the call of the times by launching new products & services to further its vision of making Filipino lives better everyday, with finance solutions made for all.


GCash as a platform has enabled Filipinos with digital finance which is easily accessible through their phones. With 1 in 3 Filipinos currently using the app after growing its user base from just more than 20 million in January 2020 to over 40 million to date, GCash is going beyond just providing seamless & secure transactions through cashless payments.  This does not stop the leading mobile wallet to just be still and not look forward to the future. The organization has anchored its thrust towards building robust financial services offerings, extending the app capabilities to fit the lifestyle of its users, empower businesses and entrepreneurs across different enterprise sizes, and anchor the app’s ecosystem, partnerships, and capabilities to be a change agent and to commit to doing its part of nation-building.

Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash

Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash


With new financial & lifestyle services, GCash now allows its users to shop, save, invest, get insurance coverage, and more -- all within the GCash app. That not only means having a more frictionless user experience and convenience for all, but more importantly, it means that many Filipinos will now have access to services that could help unlock a better every day, and eventually, a brighter financial future.

“We want to make a real difference in the lives of every Filipino and break the existing boundaries to enable financial freedom. We envision a Philippines where people have equal access to financial opportunities and lifestyle choices, where everyone, whether rich or poor, has a chance to unlock and achieve their dreams,” shared Martha Sazon, President & Chief Executive Officer of GCash.


Unlock Your Financial Potential


GCash continues to stand by its commitment of making finance accessible to all with its 2021 suite of affordable products & services built to kickstart success for everyone.

Consumers can now unlock their life goals at any stage with GInvest, the new easy investment feature found in the GCash app that lets you invest for as low as P50 in professionally-managed local and global funds.


Amidst the pandemic, those who are looking for affordable coverage can turn to GInsure, where they can get insurance for medical emergencies such as Dengue, COVID-19, and accidents for as low as P300. With this, consumers can also get financial assistance via Cash For Medical Costs and the recently launched Cash For Income Loss due to any cause - all accessible through GInsure within the GCash app.


For easy money management, GSave is the fully digital, secure, and hassle-free savings account that was built in partnership with CIMB Bank, wherein the only requirement to start is an ID and a smartphone. It’s fully accessible once the account is created; and has no maintaining balance, no fees, and no initial deposit.


As a better alternative to high interest loans and borrowing money for emergencies, GCredit serves as a fully-verified user’s personal credit line within the App, with the ability to provide those with high GScores up to P30,000 credit line and up to 3% prorated interest rate; the earlier the due is paid, the lower the interest rate.


“At GCash we want to be able to democratize access to financial services,” shared JF Darre, Head of Financial Services and Advanced Analytics of GCash.  “We aim to break down barriers of entry for Fillipinos and make them realize that saving, investing, or even insuring one’s finances can be accessible to all.”


Unlock a new lifestyle with GLife


With the aim to provide more than just convenience, GLife is an e-commerce feature within the GCash app that now allows users to shop and avail themselves of exclusive deals from a wide array of merchants including GOMO, Gong Cha,  Kraver’s, McDonald’s, Puregold and PureGO, Lazada, Recess, Boozy, Bo’s Coffee, Mama Lou’s, GawinPH, KFC, Datablitz, Cherry Shop, Gameone, Goama Games, and more. Users and merchants alike can leverage the GCash payment system making it an easier e-commerce experience for everyone, and making GCash the new super life app.


“Accessible right from the GCash dashboard, you can already enjoy more than 25 brands across retail, food, gaming, entertainment and transport. And we have more coming every week that will surely cover all your lifestyle needs.” said Winsley Bangit, Chief Customer Officer of GCash.


Unlock The Entrepreneur in You with GCash QR on Demand


As part of its mission to help mobilize the economy and support all types of entrepreneurs, GCash introduces GCash QR on Demand: a new and better way to securely send and receive money without having to worry about “wrong sends” due to incorrect numbers, or giving away personal information such as their mobile numbers. Users can easily generate their own Personal QR and use this in place of giving their GCash number, for safe and hassle-free payments whether for personal use or for small businesses.


For fellow Filipinos abroad, GCash intends to aid and empower OFWs to take control of their finances by making the same products and services accessible to them. Every OFW with a verified account can now cash-in to his/her own GCash wallet via international remittance partners, and remit those funds instantly in the app. Through GCash’s upcoming GPadala service, OFWs can also send money to a non-GCash user for cash pick up anywhere in the country.


“We have great ambition for 2021 for MSMEs and Filipinos in every corner of the globe; we know how this whole sector will be more critical than ever for our economy, and GCash can make a real difference in this sensitive situation. People need it. The country needs it.” shared Fred Levy, Chief Commercial Officer of GCash.


Unlock Social Impact


As part of its holistic sustainability agenda for 2021-2025, GCash is one with the nation as it aligns itself with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. This includes pursuing efforts beyond business results such as helping make financial literacy and education accessible for all.


Plans to make this happen include the Kaya Mo, GCash Mo Roadshow, the design and roll-out of Future-Ready Hackathons, and the launch of G NA! IDEAS Para Sa Pinas. This 2021, GCash continues to pursue collaborations to achieve even bigger things with efforts like GCash For Good and the GForest platform.


“At the end of the day, we will all go back to our core purpose— to help one another in times of need and indeed unlock our desired impact on the society as a whole,” said Chito Maniago, GCash’s Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs.


GCash is all about breaking existing boundaries through efforts to democratize access to financial opportunities and lifestyle choices, while making sure that all these innovations and initiatives lead to a better and healthier community for all.


Pediasure Plus Up to 30% off on Shopee Super Brand Day Sale!

Nutrition for the Whole Family.  Abbott and Shopee collaborated together aiming to help and improve nutrition at every stage of life for people in the country. Having the initiative across six countries, that includes the Philippines, will be having a Shopee Brand Day in May.

Abbott and Shopee Celebrate Family Nutrition Day by Encouraging Families to Eat Right and Live Healthy

The Nutrition for the Whole Family Campaign aims to nurture families to live fuller lives through good nutrition, and through this program, families will receive nutrition tips, engage with nutritionists and get to select a range of Abbott's science-based nutrition products for children and adult.

Today, consumers are prioritizing their health by being more mindful of their diets. Eating is just no longer about taste and sustenance -  nutrition has become a key element in living better and healthier. According to Abbotts annual brand health study, Filipino consumers are engaging in outdoor activities like gardening as well as taking vitamins and minerals to supplement their health and wellness habits.

More people are shopping for health-related products such as nutritional supplements on Shopee. Shopee's health category continues to grow meeting the also growing demands online. Abbott and Shopee want to support families in choosing the right products for their nutritional needs.

PediaSure Plus is the Number 1 Child Nutrition Supplement in the Philippines. Did you know that a glass of PediaSure Plus provides COMPLETE, BALANCED nutrition? Also, a nutritional supplement powder drink that is clinically proven to provide optimal nutrition for healthy growth, development, and immunity for picky eaters. PediaSure Plus helps provide 100% of daily Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI). Pediasure plus is for children aged 3 and up.

SRP Php13,380 - Super Brand Day Sale Price Php9,366

Click here to purchase Pediasure Plus on Shopee.

"Proper nutrition is the foundation for living your best life. That's why Abbott strives to strengthen communities around the region through the power of science-based nutrition as we believe that with good nutrition, every stage of life can be a healthy one Through our partnership with Shopee, we can empower more families to choose nutritious food by providing valuable information and tips as well as a range of specialized nutrition products to eat healthy. -Dr. Jose Dimaano, Medical Affairs Director Asia-Pacific at Abbott

"It is crucial for consumers to get access to reliable information when shopping for health-related products. As such, we're happy to work with Abbott, a globally trusted brand, to launch this campaign that educates consumers on nutrition in a fun and interactive way. We invite consumers to join us and learn about science-based nutrition tips, as well as shop for Abbott's high-quality nutritional products through this Super Brand Day." lan Ho, Regional Managing Director at Shopee

Starting May 12 until May 14, Shopee shoppers can access the following special content features:

Nutrition Tips: A healthy immune system is supported through good nutrition. Consumers can receive nutrition tips on the Alagang Abbott Facebook Page to discover the different nutrients and how they help fight against illnesses and infections.

Shopping Guide: Good nutrition starts with making smart choices in the store. Abbott product listings on the Shopee platform will feature the nutrition benefits of the products to help consumers select the right specialized nutrition supplement according to their needs.

Check these Hot Deals on Shopee now!

GCash and DHL Express tie-up allows customers to donate and win

GCash and DHL Express tie-up

GCash and DHL Express tie-up allows customers to donate and win

The pandemic may be giving us some of our most challenging moments, but every once in a while, we are given the opportunity to bring hope to others. GCash, in partnership with DHL Express, now gives Filipinos the opportunity to help charities during these trying times with the “Be a Hero for Heroes with DHL Express” promo.

“At GCash, we are continuously looking for ways to help the communities in need, especially during these unprecedented times,” explains Martha Sazon, GCash president and chief executive officer. “What makes this promo meaningful is that not only are we able to help our customers who may need the finances amid the pandemic, but at the same time, the winners get to help charitable institutions.”

Under this partnership, DHL Express customers can get a chance to win up to P18,000 worth of GCash credits and to give the same prize to their chosen participating charity.

“Bringing to life our purpose of connecting people and improving lives, our passionate and resilient employees continue to make a difference during this pandemic. With our Hero for Heroes campaign, we will be able to multiply our efforts, through the support of our partner and customers, and make a positive impact on the local community”, said Nurhayati Abdullah, Country Manager of DHL Express Philippines.

To be part of this noteworthy initiative, simply send an international package via DHL Express then provide the airwaybill details on this website ( One (1) international shipment is equivalent to one raffle entry. There is no limit to the number of entries a customer may register. The more DHL Express international shipment a customer sends, the greater the chance to win and share the prize with a participating charitable institution of your choice. 
Ongoing until June 30, 2021, this offer lets customers select the participating beneficiary closest to their heart:  PGH Medical Association, a non-stock, non-profit organization that provides excellent health care for indigent patients; Philippine Red Cross, a humanitarian organization committed to provide life-saving services especially during vulnerable situations; Child Hope, which assists children living in the streets; Kythe Foundation, an organization that aims to improve the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer or chronic illness; or PAWS, an animal rehabilitation center for stray cats, dogs, and other wild animals.
With this promo, there will be three (3) lucky winners, with one winner each from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, for every set of prizes. The grand winners will take home P18,000 worth of GCash credits for themselves and their selected charities. Meanwhile, the minor winners can still win P12,000, P6,000, and P4,000 worth of GCash credits. 

This promo is just one of GCash’s many initiatives to give back to the community. Other ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts of GCash include #GCashGivesBack where users can donate to GCash’s partner charities, and GForest, a feature on the app that helps rebuild Philippine forests.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help out your heroes with GCash! 

Not yet on GCash? Simply download the GCash app for free on Google Play for Android, Apple Store for iPhone and iPad users, or Huawei Gallery from April 12 to June 30, 2021.
To join the promo, visit  And to know more about GCash or to create an account, visit

Exciting Mother’s Day Deals and Treats Your Mom Will Love


Exciting Mother’s Day Deals and Treats Your Mom Will Love

Pamper her like the queen she is with makeup, skincare, and other goodies at Shopee’s Mother’s Day Sale


MANILA, MAY 7, 2021 - Mother’s Day is coming right up. Time to salute our mothers for their innate strength and unconditional love. No one can juggle career, family, and household responsibilities quite like our supermoms do. 

Now that most of us stay home, our moms work extra hard to make a living, run the home smoothly, and ensure that the whole family is happy. They sacrifice their time, and sometimes even their well-being and happiness, to ensure that their children are safe and healthy. During these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to show your appreciation for your loved ones. So this Mother’s Day, go all out and pamper your mom—she deserves it! 

On May 9, check out Shopee’s Mother’s Day Sale, where you can treat your mom to everyday luxuries and functional must-haves, with discounts up to 90% off:

Help your mom look bright-eyed and wide-awake for all her online meetings with Wet N Wild Mascara. Its formula lifts, separates and extends lashes minus the clumping and smudging. This works perfectly for date nights with dad too! 

Sometimes moms forget to take care of themselves. Remind her to prioritize self-care with Pure Marine Collagen Peptides. This gluten-free, keto-friendly powder helps build bone strength, reduces joint pain, and stabilizes blood sugar.

Chores tend to eat up time, so free up a few precious minutes for your mom by giving her fuss-free, easy-to-use kitchen appliances. With Oster Personal Blender’s powerful 250-watt motor, she can quickly and effortlessly concoct smoothies for the whole family.

After long, stressful hours of work and chores, your mom deserves to indulge in a relaxing skincare sesh. Give her the gift of youth with Olay Whip Cream + Essence. This non-sticky, moisturizing skincare set reduces dark spots and wrinkles, allowing your mom to flaunt a fresher and brighter complexion.

Lastly, treat her to hydrating body care basics. Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion contains natural oatmeal and rich emollients to provide moisture for 24 hours. It’s also fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist-recommended.

For other product recommendations for your favorite lady, visit 

Don’t forget to top up your ShopeePay for more deals on your purchases this Mother’s Day! Use ShopeePay at checkout to enjoy free shipping with a minimum spend of ₱199 and 8% cashback sitewide with a minimum spend of ₱1,000.

Bonus: Shopee Mom’s Club and livestreams hosted by celebrity moms

Moms could always do with support from fellow moms, so invite her to join a helpful, inclusive community at Shopee Mom's Club. This May 9, members can look forward to exclusive deals and discounts up to 90% off on brands such as J&J, Wyeth, Nestle Nutrition, Pampers, Tiny Buds, Huggies, Unilever, Mamypoko, Enfagrow, Unicare, Nestle, Alaska, Orange and Peach, Nursery Van, Breeze, and GSK. For sign-ups, visit  

Shopee also offers plenty of fun, informative mom content this Mother’s Day. For an interactive discussion on the topic “A Mother’s Love is Like Calpol, Tough & Gentle,” hosted by Jolina Magdangal, tune in to Shopee Live this May 9, 12:00 NN to 1:00 PM. 

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Special Ways to say “I’m proud of you, Mom!” this Mother’s Day


Show how proud you are of your mom by gifting her a special Red Ribbon cake this Mother’s Day.

Special Ways to say “I’m proud of you, Mom!” this Mother’s Day

Heroes are meant to be celebrated, and there’s no person more deserving of this recognition than our mothers. They have made sure that the whole family is safe and healthy during the pandemic, which is not an easy feat considering that motherhood in this time requires a lot more patience, resilience, and hard work. Thanks to her ceaseless love and sacrifice, mom manages to pull through and ensures that everyone is well looked out and cared for amidst these tough times. 

Thus, this Mother’s Day, “I’m proud of you, Mom!” is perhaps one of the less spoken but most relevant messages that your mom deserves to hear. There's nothing more special in expressing it than with one of Red Ribbon's delectably beautiful cakes. To complement your special cake gift, here are some ideas for your mom’s special day. 

1. Cook for her

Moms usually do all the cooking at home, so let her take a break and make her favorite ulam for Mother’s Day. End the feast with a luscious Black Forest Cake, a chocolate fudge cake covered in fluffy cream and chocolate shavings, and topped with Maraschino cherries. 

2. Write a heartfelt letter

Whether it’s handwritten or posted on social media, letters never go out of style. Make the gift sweeter by adding a Yema Caramel chiffon cake, made with creamy yema caramel icing and filling, and garnished with toasted cashew nuts. 

3. Spend the day watching K-dramas

Let mom sit back and join her in binge-watching K-dramas while enjoying a slice of the new Mango Sunrise cake. It’s made from soft chiffon cake layered and topped with mango cream and mango chunks, perfect for enjoying her happy pill shows. 

4. Go online window shopping

Treat mom to gifts that she’s always wanted—be it clothes or small trinkets that make her look & feel ever-blooming. While doing so, gift her an Ube Bloom Cake, made with real ube halaya and filling, and coated with white frosting and ube crumble.


5. Prepare an afternoon pampering session

Let her relax and take that much deserved break while listening to her favorite music at home, sipping her favorite drink and enjoying it with Red Ribbon’s all-new Ube Mousse, made with layers of ube halaya, cream cheese and topped with cream and grated cheese. 

Celebrations and Gifting Made Easy with Red Ribbon’s Online Store & ReGALO services

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we all need a convenient and safe way to give her that sumptuous cake to celebrate her special day. Red Ribbon has made it easy and safe for you to order your favorite cakes and pastries with the NEW Red Ribbon Online Store. Through the Online Store, you can:

Gifting Mom is now made easy with the New Red Ribbon ReGALO eGift Cards!

·         Book your orders for delivery or pick-up on the same day or in advance.  Orders can be placed as early as 7 days ahead.

·         You can pay safely and go cashless through any of the Online Store’s various cashless payment options (Visa, Mastercard, JCB of PayMaya).

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Four Findings every Parent should know about Brain Development



Experts say that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of five, making this a crucial time to provide the best support possible.


Here are four neuroscience findings every parent should know to enhance their child’s brain development throughout early childhood, especially during the first five years:


Repetition and constant experiences help children practice and master a skill as it exhibits speed and advanced mental capabilities for his age.

·         Encourage kids to do simple tasks, such as getting dressed, putting on shoes, brushing teeth, and washing their hands. Repetition and being intentional is key to helping them build confidence as they become smart and sharp.

●     Let kids run around and allow them to be independent. It is important to foster kids’ growth and development with interactive fun experiences to give them a good foundation that allows them to be ahead of their game.

●     The experiences and stimulation we provide our children set the stage for emotional and cognitive development. Let them speak up and express themselves so that they can become articulate. Parents may foster a child’s development with nature. Provide hands-on experience playing with toys, encouraging sensory development by seeing and touching things around them.



According to a Harvard study, “Children who develop warm, positive relationships with their kindergarten teachers are more excited about learning, more positive about coming to school, more self-confident, and achieve more in class.”

●     Positive experiences go a long way, so try to avoid stressful situations. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and sometimes meltdowns happen when little ones are frustrated, but you can help them to learn to calm themselves down when they are upset by making them feel safe and help them find a quiet space to regain composure. Sometimes, what starts as a stressful situation can turn into a positive experience in which a child can learn lessons that last a lifetime.

●     Parents are not perfect. There comes a time when we will break or misstep an emotional connection with our child, but this can be transformed to become a positive experience for your child.

●     The process of ‘putting things right’ may strengthen our relationship with our children, helping them become trusting and resilient. For example, we can be cranky from work and yell at our child for spilling milk. We can mend the situation by saying, “I am so sorry I yelled at you. You tried getting a drink by yourself, right?” With this, they’ll be able to adapt to similar situations and turn them into positive ones.



During childhood, lack of nutrition can impact the learning process of a child and may result in them being less interested in learning.


A child’s brain makes more than one million neural connections every second. It is busy forming connections that allow brain cells to communicate with one another. The faster the connections happen, the better it is for the child for long-term brain growth and development.


Children need the right nutrients to help support the critical brain process. Without the right nutrition, this can also affect physical growth and maturation. It is even possible that they may not think properly if not given the right nutrition.



Phospholipids are the critical fats in the brain called “intelligent fats”. Certain phospholipids play an essential role in myelination as it supports brain connections which are critical for learning and development.


There is a premium growing up milk that can provide the important nutrients crucial for brain development.  Promil Gold® Four has breakthrough ALPHA-LIPIDS, which contain the five major phospholipids crucial for brain development. It also contains DHA, AA, Choline, Lutein, Zinc and Iron.


Alpha-Lipids help speed up brain connections by up to 100x faster through myelination. It helps support the structure and functions important for brain connections and brain development.


Hopefully, these neuroscience findings will help inform you and put you at ease regarding your child’s brain development throughout their early years. Remember: you are the best one suited for your child’s development to become advanced at his age. Your child’s brain is most flexible during the first five years, and it is the perfect time to invest in the best nutrition, education and activities to keep your child ahead.