Lactum 3+ shares how motherhood is different—yet the same—now and 30 years ago

From then, ‘til now a mother’s love stays the same

Lactum 3+ shares how motherhood is different—yet the same—now and 30 years ago

From film cameras to smartphones

It has been said that the face of motherhood differs from one generation to another. Back in the 90s, moms would use film cameras to capture their child’s best moments. Today, they turn to smartphones to upload photos on social media. To earn extra income, moms back then would visit their kumares to sell them goods. But these days, they can be more creative with their platforms, even using livestreaming tools to reach their market and provide for their families.

Indeed, modern parenting has been both easier and harder in many ways. But like family traditions, a mother’s love and care remain as valuable, no matter how they change with the times.

Vitaminized Lactum 3+: Trusted partner of moms for 30 years
Vitaminized Lactum 3+: Trusted partner of moms for 30 years

This Mother’s Day, moms can feel waves of nostalgia as Lactum 3+ releases a video reminding everyone of a mom’s unchanging love. Directed by award-winning director Pepe Diokno, the film presents side-by-side comparisons of a mom’s varying experiences throughout different eras.

From textbooks to tablets

By watching the video, moms can take a trip down memory lane and remember what it’s like being a parent in the 90s and now. They can look at how both parents and children grew with the times as textbooks gave way to tablets, photo albums to phone galleries, and landlines to smartphones. Viewers can also open their eyes and drum into the truth that in a world where change is constant, children can rely on one thing to remain the same — their mother’s love.

Vitaminized Lactum 3+ has been a trusted partner of Filipino moms in the All-Around Development of their children for 30 years now. Since 1991, it has been a brand that grew with mothers from the start of their parenting journey, until their kids become moms themselves who are now living their own dreams. 
From direct selling to online selling

Mothers across different generations will feel nostalgic and will be proud of all the love and joyful sacrifices they have made, showcased in the Lactum 3+ film.

Through the Lactum 3+ Mother’s Day tribute, mothers across different generations can do a throwback and be proud of all the joyful sacrifices they have made. Reminisce your experiences by watching the Lactum 3+ Mother’s Day video, now out on Facebook and YouTube.

Vitaminized Lactum 3+ has Vitamin C plus Prebiotic Inulin for Immunity, DHA for Brain and Calcium for Bones. With proper nutrition and stimulation, Vitaminized Lactum 3+ helps support a child’s All-Around Development in immunity, brain and bones. Lactum 3+ is available in all leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide. Get exclusive deals when you shop at Shopee and Lazada.




The EU Whiz is the flagship inter-collegiate competition of the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines. Since 2006, the EU Whiz has been a fun and exciting way for Filipino students to showcase their knowledge and appreciation of the EU and EU-Philippines Relations. This year also marks the first time that all events will be held virtually because of the pandemic.


Submission of applications and entries to the EU Whiz Online Trivia, Digital Art and Video Competitions has been extended to 31 May 2021.


Students ages 18 to 25 currently enrolled in Philippine schools, universities, colleges, or vocational schools are now welcome to join the expanded “Green ECO I See” Digital Art competition and “My Space, My Rights” Video competition. Submission of entries may be individual, by pair, or a maximum of three members. Participants in the expanded Digital Art and Video competitions need not come from the same schools.


The EU Whiz: Filipino Youth of the FEUture has three competitions; an Online Trivia Competition, “My Space, My Rights” video competition, and the “Green ECO I See” digital art competition. Cool gadgets such as tablets, smart watches, power banks, and exclusive EU Whiz items await the winning teams.


The competition will culminate in a virtual awarding ceremony to be livestreamed on the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines Facebook page on 26  June 2021.


Full mechanics and details for all three competitions are available at!BF68NN or Competition updates will also be posted on the official social media pages of the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines (Facebook: @EUDelegationToThePhilippines, Twitter: @EUinthePH, and Instagram: @euinthephilippines).


A surprise raffle draw will also be conducted for early birds, students and teams who will manage to submit their entries on or before 20 May 2021. Winners will be announced on the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines’ Facebook page:  EUDelegationToThePhilippines.

Tell your Mom “I love you!” this Mother’s Day with these simple gestures


Mother’s Day Special

Tell your Mom “I love you!” this Mother’s Day with these simple gestures

It’s Mother’s Day again, that special day in a year dedicated to celebrating the people in our lives who love us and take care of us unconditionally. These superwomen come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, yet all have one in common, they all have this magic touch that soothes our souls and heals us. Whether you’re a mother yourself or have this special lady in your life, this day is for the Wonderwomen of our lives.

Just like everyone though, mothers deserve all the help, love, and care. Here are some tips and creative ways to let them know that we are thinking of them and that we try not to be too much of a headache:

1. Breakfast in Bed

Nothing says “I love you mom!” like getting up early in the morning and making mom breakfast in bed. Just remember to do the dishes afterward! 

2. Do their chores. 

Every mom’s fantasy is a clean house and a relaxing “me time,” give her some love by doing her everyday chores and let her rest her tired body, she deserves it!  From mopping the floors to doing the laundry make it one day of the year where she is free from chores. 

3. Get Creative! 

Show moms that you love them by taking time by creating a heartfelt work of art. It can be a creative letter personalized with some arts and crafts or even a short video filled with lovely messages from everyone in the family. 

4. Virtual Date 

If distance and travel are a problem, you can still take mom on virtual adventures thanks to the internet. You can sit down as a family and stream a movie together, or even go on virtual tours of iconic cities like Rome, and famous museums like the Louvre in Paris, and the Guggenheim in New York.

5. A Power Bag

Help moms be at their best when taking care of the family by putting together a kit with all the essentials they need as a Power Mom. This can contain disinfectants, calming balms, mosquito repellants, sewing materials, and medical supplies like Calpol for Kids, which is especially useful for the little ones. You can even have their name printed or embroidered on the bag! 

Being able to celebrate special moments like Mother’s Day is very important. It’s the recognition of the people who spend most of their day making sure our needs are met and that includes being prepared to take care of us when we are sick. That’s why they have one less thing to worry about when they have Paracetamol Calpol for Kids. It’s a paracetamol-based suspension that can be given to infants and children ages 0-12 years old. It starts to work on fever in 15 minutes and is gentle on kids’ tummies. It can treat mild to moderate fever and pain associated with discomfort after vaccination, toothaches, headaches, migraines, muscle aches, sore throats, and musculoskeletal pain. With Paracetamol Calpol for Kids, you can help moms be at their best and give them peace of mind. 

For more information about Paracetamol Calpol, visit and follow us on Facebook

Enjoy Exclusive Deals and Discounts from Well-Loved Brands at Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

Shoppers can look forward to flash deals up to 50% off, free shipping with no minimum spend, and 50% cashback from leading brands, all happening daily

Enjoy Exclusive Deals and Discounts from Well-Loved Brands at Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, invites Filipinos to enjoy big deals and exclusive promotions from the country’s leading brands at its 5.5 Brands Festival. Shoppers can expect discounts up to 90% off, flash deals up to 50% off, free shipping with no minimum spend, and 50% cashback from crowd favorites such as OPPO, Vivo, Realme, Colgate, Abbott, L’Oreal Paris, Enfagrow, Procter & Gamble, Olay, Unilever, Nestle, Colourette Cosmetics, and Maybelline.


Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “At Shopee, it is our goal to work together with brands loved by Filipinos to deliver the best value on their favorite products so they can maximize their financial resources. With all the deals in-store at the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival, we are enabling Filipinos to secure everything they need at the best prices while making shopping safe, convenient, and rewarding.”


Until May 5, shoppers can look forward to the following daily promotions:


Big discounts at Super Brand Days

Don’t miss out on back-to-back brand takeovers on Shopee. Enjoy discounts up to 90% off on leading brands on the following days: OPPO on April 29, Procter & Gamble on April 30, Vivo on May 1, Realme on May 2, Maybelline on May 3, and Olay on May 4.


Limited deals and promotions during themed days

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Cashbacks at category fairs

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5.5 D-Day Deals

On May 5, enjoy 24 hours of non-stop promotions, including flash deals up to 50% off on selected brands including:


     Pampers: Enjoy all-day deals up to 34% off on the entire Pampers line. Stay tuned for special price drops of up to 50% off on selected products from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM and 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

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Make the most out of free shipping with no minimum spend, 50% cashback from participating Shopee Mall stores, and up to 90% off on select products from Tender Care, AirQueen PH, Unicare, Reckitt, GSK, Pedigree, Whiskas, IAMS, Peculiar Eyewear, Puritan's Pride, Shigetsu, Mikana, INSPI, Organic Skin, Organic Official, Teetalk, Crown, Chef's Classics, and XTREME Appliances.


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Cash prizes up for grab at 5.5 Brands Festival TV Special

Tune in to Wowowin this May 5, 5:00 PM to catch the 5.5 Brands Festival TV Special on GMA 7 and Shopee Live. Aside from watching exciting performances from celebrities, viewers can also win big cash prizes. Play Watch and Win, Shopee Shake, and Shopee Milyonaryo to become the lucky winner of over ₱3,500,000 worth of cash, products, and ShopeePay credits.


Exclusive perks with ShopeePay

Go cashless for more deals and discounts! Get all-day free shipping vouchers and 55% cashback, both with no minimum spend. Buy ₱10 worth of data for ₱1, ₱5 load for only ₱1, and ₱10 load for only ₱5 with ShopeePay. Pay bills on Shopee and get up to 25% cashback, capped at 150 coins. 


More prizes at the #NextShopeeEndorser contest

Strike a pose with a product from Shopee Mall for a chance to win ₱10,000. Shopee will pick five winners with the most creative and original entries. Users can check out the mechanics and submit photo entries until May 5 through this link:


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Ready, Set, Go+ with Globe’s New Prepaid Promos

Globe new prepaid promo

 Ready, Set, Go+ with Globe’s New Prepaid Promos

These unusual times have definitely taken a toll on how we go about our daily routines. Not having a regular change of pace in one’s day or week can be demotivating, and sitting in constant monotony can get boring. Thankfully, technology lets us do what we need to do and break away from these dull moments.  
Recognizing this, Globe has rolled out new offers that equip everyone to fill that gap with the newest prepaid promos, Go+.
The Go+ offers were created “to give everyone back their autonomy – with enough data for work and play, so customers can pursue their passions and keep their spirits high ” according to Eric Tanbauco, Head of Globe Prepaid Brand of Globe Telecom, Inc.
Get GOing with ALL-IN-ONE Promos
The new set of prepaid offers brought by Globe will reinvent everyday data needs by letting customers access any and all sites and even elevate their experiences with free content GBs!
For only Php99, Go+99 gives you 7 days of a whopping 16GB of data with unlimited texts to all networks. You can use half the data, or 8GB, to fully access all sites you can think of! And the other half? Well, Globe Go+ gives YOU the power to choose! You have 8GB for the content you want to access from these choices:
YouTube, Netflix, Viu, iWant, iflix, HBOGo, ONE FC, NBA
Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, League of Legends, Wild Rift, PUBG, Call of Duty, MU Origin 2, Legends of Runeterra, and Twitch
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Kumu, Snapchat, and Houseparty
YouTube Learning, Udemy, Google Suite, Edukasyon, and Canva
Zoom, Facebook Meeting Room, Yahoo! Mail, MS Teams, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram
The Go+129, Go+149, Go+250, and Go+400 prepaid promos are also available for you to enjoy so you can access the content perfect for your lifestyle while still enjoying all the Internet has to offer within reach.

Plus, if customers have unused all-access GBs from their Go+ promo, they can now convert those  to Globe Rewards points. Rewards points can be used to avail of exciting discounts or experiences, to cater to their varying needs and wants.

Reinvent YOUR day
All of these content choices let YOU choose how YOU use your data and control how YOU reinvent your day in the new digital normal.
“Globe understands the continued day-to-day struggles everyone faces, brought about by our second year in quarantine. Through Go+, we wanted to bring back the excitement. With these new offers, we hope to be able to help reinvent every day and break the dullness we’ve gotten used to,”  said Eric Tanbauco, Head of Globe Prepaid Brand of Globe Telecom, Inc.
Registration to Go+ and conversion of unused all-access GBs are already available via GlobeOne app. You can also get access to new Go+ offers and other prepaid promos via *143#, GCash app and by sending keyword (ex. GOPLUS99) to 8080.

Globe Virtual Hangouts Celebrates Reinvention Through Music With VH Fest: Reinvent Summer and Go


Globe Virtual Hangouts Celebrates Reinvention Through Music WithVH Fest: Reinvent Summer and Go


There is no better time to reinvent your world and become the best version of yourself this 2021 than now! In this reinvention journey, Globe is side by side with its customers by providing them fast and reliable internet connection and exciting digital experiences that will empower them to evolve and choose to be better.


And when it comes to online events and activities, Globe Virtual Hangouts has become one of the go-to platforms of Gen Zs where they can pursue the things they love and bond with their barkadas even from home. Whether it’s KCulture, music, eSports, or academics, Virtual Hangouts has always something new and exciting in store for everyone.


This summer, don’t miss the VH Fest: Reinvent Summer and Go, a celebration of reinvention through music in virtual 360 style, happening on May 15. Indeed, music is something that never fails to bring people #OLTogetherNow despite the distance and differences between us. Though performances from four sought after local acts by the youth today, you can still enjoy your summer this year with your friends even while you’re safely at home.


Get ready to vibe, jam, and sing-along with the diverse line-up of performers headlined by singer-songwriter I Belong to the Zoo who is known for his beautifully-written wistful verses and subtle acoustic melodies that will definitely make listeners feel things.


Completing the line-up are sibling tandem Ysanygo who debuted in 2017 with their song “Friday Afternoon Drive”; Oh, Flamingo, a band that is best characterized for their distinct hooks and arrangements; electro-pop rock act Brisom that is behind the hit song “Balewala”; and Keiko Necesario whose music is a perfect balance between folk and modern sound.


Aside from their performances, these featured artists will share their own stories of reinvention and how they adapted to the changes in the past year both personally and in terms of being artists.


The VH Fest: Reinvent Summer and Go will also celebrate all the previous events and activities of Virtual Hangouts and give the attendees a sneak peek on what is to come this year. Hint: reinvented virtual events and experiences!


Be part of the VH Fest: Reinvent Summer and Go by simply opening the Virtual Hangouts page on the Globe One app and clicking “Join Now”. You can also join the meet and greet with the four artists and get fun freebies like VR goggles that will enable you to watch the music fest in 360 by using your Rewards points. Just go to the Virtual Hangouts page in GlobeOne.


Enjoy more of your favorite things  with extra 8GB for your choice of GoWATCH, GoPLAY, GoSHARE, GoLEARN or GoWORK sites & apps. Get this PLUS 8GB data for all sites and unli allnet texts for 7 days with the new Go+99. Register via *143# of GlobeOne app.


Know more about Globe Virtual Hangouts by visiting

NutriAsia and Del Monte team up to donate upcycled school chairs under Share-A-Chair initiative

Jose Bastida Elementary School in Brgy.  1
NutriAsia and Del Monte Philippines, Inc. have partnered for Share-a-Chair, an advocacy program wherein plastic waste materials from their offices and plants are collected and upcycled into school furnishings. Each school received 50 pieces armchairs and a teacher’s table with chair. 

NutriAsia and Del Monte team up to donate upcycled school chairs under   Share-A-Chair initiative

Keeping with its advocacies of helping Filipino communities in need and minimizing the impact of plastic waste, NutriAsia, Inc. and Del Monte Philippines, Inc. partnered together to donate upcycled plastic school chairs to several public elementary schools.

Puerto Elementary, Cagayan de Oro City 1

This was done through the Share-a-Chair initiative, a program started by NutriAsia and Del Monte in which the companies collect single-use plastic waste from its different offices and plant sites to turn them into school chairs and other needed furniture for underprivileged public schools and communities. It is the culmination of the two companies’ partnership forged to help the Department of Education address the perennial shortage of school chairs. 

NutriAsia and Del Monte collected 19.3 metric tons of plastic waste from their offices and plants for a period of six months. Part of this collection went to the Share-a-Chair donation of 600 school chairs and teachers’ tables distributed to 12 different partner schools in Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, and Davao that NutriAsia and Del Monte have chosen for the program. 

Share a Chair and Table 1

NutriAsia and Del Monte then partnered with Envirotech Waste Recycling, Inc., a local company with ground-breaking technology to upcycle the collected plastic waste into the furnishings. Upcycling is the process of transforming waste and discarded materials into useable items which is Envirotech’s field of expertise.

Through the Share-a-Chair program and their spirit of resourcefulness, NutriAsia and Del Monte aim to continue upcycling plastic waste and creating more school chairs to be donated to various partner schools across the country. This way, the companies can fulfill their goals of assisting underprivileged Filipino communities and reducing the negative environmental impact of plastic.

Pangakong BDO Network Bank: Sama-sama tayo

BDO Network Bank Client

Ang BDO Network Bank ay isang financial institution na may mga produkto at serbisyo na tumutulong sa mga teachers at micro and small entrepreneurs (MSME) na matugunan ang kanilang mga pangangailangan at suportahan ang mga negosyong nasimulan. 


Pangakong BDO Network Bank: Sama-sama tayo

MAY pag-asa pa bang makabangon ang mga maliit na negosyo sa gitna ng nararanasang pandemya? Ang simpleng sagot ay oo. 

Isa ang BDO Network Bank (BDONB) sa mga financial institutions na tumutulong sa mga tinatawag na micro and small entrepreneurs (MSME) na makabangon muli at maipagpatuloy ang negosyong nasimulan. 

Sa pamamagitan ng MSME Loan ng BDONB, mabibigyan ng dagdag puhunan ang mga maliit na negosyo, na may kaakibat na magaan na singil sa pagbabayad nito.  

“Nais namin bigyang atensyon ang mga maliit na negosyante at makitang lumago muli ang kanilang negosyo. Ang pag-unlad ng mga MSMEs ay malaking tulong sa ekonomiya ng bansa,” paliwanag ni Jesus Antonio S. Itchon, president ng BDONB. 

Bukod sa mga MSMEs, may financial solution din ang BDONB para sa mga guro sa pamamagitan ng produkto nitong Salary Loan. Ayon kay Itchon, maraming natutuwa katulad ng isang guro mula sa Mindanao ay pinuntahan ng isang BDONB account officer sa kanilang lugar upang makapag-apply ng kinakailangang halaga. Hindi na kinailangan ng guro na bumyahe at pumunta sa bangko dahil dito.

“Una sa aming listahan ang maging ka-partner sa pag asenso ng kabuhayan at masuportahan ang financial needs ng ating komunidad. Kaya naman patuloy ang pagbubukas ng mga BDONB branches at loan offices sa buong Pilipinas para suportahan ang pangangailangan ng mga customers at upang makasabay sila sa unti-unting pagbangon ng ekonomiya,” dagdag ni Itchon.

Ang BDONB ay ang rural bank subsidiary ng BDO Unibank. Ang linyang “Sama-sama Tayo” ang pangakong pinatutupad ng BDONB sa lahat ng mga customers sa tulong ng mga produkto at serbisyo nito. 

Para malaman kung anong financial solution ang nababagay sa iyong pangangailangan, bisitahin lang ang BDO Network Bank PH Facebook page (, BDONB website (, o  pumunta sa pinakamalapit na BDONB branch.

Discounts and generous rebates on Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Multi Action Cleaners in Shopee’s 5.5 Sale!

Discounts and generous rebates on Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Multi Action Cleaners in Shopee’s 5.5 Sale!

Even as the COVID-19 vaccine is progressively being made available, it is still important for us to keep safe by following the recommended protocols like mask wearing, maintaining social distancing, and washing of hands. Also of critical importance is keeping surfaces and surroundings constantly and properly disinfected from germs.

Thus, in keeping with its “Disinfect to Protect Mission,” Lysol once again makes its line of multi-surface cleaners and disinfectants within reach of health and value-conscious consumers through the coming Shopee 5.5 sale! With this, there’s never been a better time to avail of Lysol disinfectants as well as multi-action cleaners—all proven effective against illness-causing germs—at special discounted prices—with generous rebates too.

Now, you can buy as many as you need!

Enjoy up to 20% discount plus an extra 5% off when you buy 3 additional Lysol products. Even better, by availing of the special voucher code LYSO550, get P55 off for a minimum purchase of P550. Additionally, by using the voucher code LYSO890, enjoy P110 off for a minimum purchase of P890!

Lysol disinfectants and multi-action cleaners have been proven effective in deactivating the virus strain which causes Covid-19 —demonstrating reduction of the infectious virus in 5 minutes, in lab tests run by Microbac Laboratories, Inc. in compliance with European EN 14476 and US EPA ASTM 1052/1053 international standards. This reinforces Lysol’s place as a trusted and must-have home essential in the time of the pandemic as it champions the “Disinfect to Protect Mission.”

Now get set and ready to ‘add to cart’ Lysol products at special discounted prices during Shopee 5.5 Sale! Vouchers are limited and only one voucher could be used per check out. Log on to the official Lysol Shopee page through this link.

BDO Junior Savers, ang tunay na pamana sa kinabukasan

 BDO Junior Savers, Ang Tunay na Pamana sa Kinabukasan

“Bata-bata, ano ba ang pwede mong magawa”? ISANG sikat na Tagalog song ang siguradong tumatak sa mga magulang noong dekada 80 at ito ay may lyrics na “Batang-bata ka pa at marami ka pang kailangan malaman at intindihin sa mundo, yan ang totoo.”

Tama nga naman. At sino pa ba ang unang teacher na maituturing ng mga bata kungdi ang kanilang mga magulang. Narito ang ilang tips para sa mga magulang na gustong turuan ang kanilang mga anak na pahalagahan ang pera habang sila ay bata pa:

Bago makuha ang isang bagay, dapat itong paghandaan at pag-ipunan. Habang bata pa lang, dapat ng matutunan ng mga mga anak na ang pera ay kinikita at pinaghihirapan. Kapag may mga bagay silang gustong ipabili, halimbawa ay isang laruan, sa halip na sabihing “Anak, wala tayong perang pambili,” gawin mas positibo ang strategy at paaalalahanan ang mga anak na ang “needs at wants” ay kailangang pagtrabahuhan at pag-ipunan.  

Kahit bata ay pwedeng magnegosyo o mag-invest. Usung-uso ngayon ang online selling at kahit mga bata ay na-e-enganyong sumali dito.  May mga nagbebenta ng pagkain, candies, stationaries, damit, accessories, at marami pang iba.  Kasama ang inyong mga anak, maaari ninyong pag-usapan ang pagsisimula ng isang maliit na negosyo tulad ng isang online store at magbenta ng mga pre-loved items tulad ng toys at books. Kung investment naman pag-uusapan, simple lang muna ang iyong ituro at mag research online para sa dagdag na impormasyon.

Kailangan ba o Gusto lang? Importanteng matutunan ng mga bata kung papaano mag-budget. Kailangan nilang malaman at maintindihan na ang mga basic needs tulad ng pagkain, regular na bayarin, school supplies, atbp ay mas importante kaysa mga laruan at iba pang material na bagay.

Ipon-ipon Para sa Kinabukasan. Ituro sa mga anak na importante ang pagkakaroon ng ipon para suportahan ang mga kailangan sa future. Upang mas lalo nilang maintindihan, mas makatutulong kung magbibigay ng mga simpleng halimbawa ang mga magulang kung saan mas makaka-relate sila.

Makakatulong ang BDO sa pagsisimula ng mga bata na mag-ipon sa pamamagitan ng BDO Junior Savers account. Ito ay savings account na dinisenyo para sa mga kabataan, affordable lamang ang initial deposit at may low maintaining balance. Napakadaling mag-open ng BDO Junior Savers accountat ito ay available sa lahat ng BDO Branches nationwide.

Kapag mayroon ng BDO Junior Savers account, maaaring tulungan ng mga magulang na palakihin ang kanilang ipon gamit ang sariling BDO Digital Banking account. Sa pamamagitan ng Junior Savers Plan, regular na makakapag-deposit ng pera mula sa BDO Savings account papunta sa Junior Savers account ng mga anak.


For more info, visit BDO Junior Savers Account now!

DiskarTech launches first digital sari-sari store sachet insurance amid pandemi

RCBC DiskarTech launches first digital sari-sari store


DiskarTech launches first digital sari-sari store sachet insurance amid pandemic

Small retail shop owners are the latest beneficiaries of DiskarTech’s new innovative offering.

The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation’s (RCBC) financial inclusion super app has launched a microinsurance product priced at only P35 for sari-sari store owners.

With the local economy reeling from the effects of the continuing pandemic, many small retail store owners are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. Preparing for emergency situations can be difficult for entrepreneurs barely surviving the health and economic crisis.  
Still, it pays to be ready with the help of reliable financial institutions.

DiskarTech’s Sarisari Store Insurance provides up to P25,000 in fire cash assistance, accidental death, total permanent disability from an accidental cause, and dismemberment or disablement assistance due to an accidental cause.

“With so many uncertainties in an economy during a pandemic, we are offering our users some peace of mind while doing their business. Through the Sarisari Store Insurance, users can be assured that emergency situations will be taken care of, all via an easy-to-use mobile app,” said Eugene Acevedo, president and chief executive officer of RCBC.
DiskarTech users only need to click the Loans button on the app’s home screen and select the Sarisari Store insurance to purchase the product. Important reminders and the terms and conditions are readily available in the app as well. 

Only one policy is entitled to any member at any given time.

“Many people believe that insurance is expensive and that only wealthy individuals can afford it. We are here to disprove that and say, ‘Hey, even small business owners deserve to be assured of help when emergency arises,’” said Lito Villanueva, RCBC executive vice president and chief innovation and inclusion officer.

“With the Sarisari Store Insurance, we’re bringing microinsurance closer to the many small business owners who are actually key players in this pandemic. Supermarket chains are operating under limited capacity and quarantine protocols limit the movement of people. Hence, neighborhood retail shops are the go-to stores of Filipinos to avail of fast-moving goods while in lockdown,” added Villanueva.

Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez echoes the vital role played by sari-sari stores. “They form the backbone of our economy. DiskarTech's Sarisari Store Insurance is quite a relief for small enterprise owners who always have this fear of losing their business to unexpected accidents. Now, they can rest easy knowing, DiskarTech has got their backs,” he said. 

RCBC is one of the leading universal banks accelerating digital transformation in the Philippines. It was judged in 2020 as the Philippines’ best digital bank by the Asiamoney and the Alpha Southeast Asia, among other global and regional recognitions. It is also the first local universal bank to have the most extensive reach with registered customers from across all 81 provinces nationwide through its mobile apps RCBC Mobile and DiskarTech. Its digital products include RCBC mobile and online banking, handheld ATM Go mobile point-of-sale terminals, and DiskarTech, among others. DiskarTech was recognized as the 2020 breakout finance app in the country by App Annie, a global data analytics firm covering all mobile applications worldwide. 

BDO posts P28.2 billion income in 2020 Earns P10.4 billion in 1Q21

 BDO posts P28.2 billion income in 2020 Earns P10.4 billion in 1Q21 

In the Bank’s Annual Stockholders’ Meeting held today virtually, BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) President Nestor V. Tan reported the Bank’s full year 2020 and first quarter 2021 results at P28.2 billion and P10.4 billion, respectively, on the back of the Bank’s resilient business franchise despite the continuing challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

BDO demonstrated operational resilience and grew its balance sheet amid the difficult operating environment in 2020. Net income was lower vs. 2019, mainly due to pre-emptive provisions of P30.2 billion set aside against potential pandemic-induced delinquencies. However, the Bank’s pre-provisioning operating profit remained solid with 17 per cent Year-on-Year (YoY) growth over 2019.  

For the first three (3) months of 2021, net income was at P10.4 billion up by 19 per cent from a year-ago on the robust performance from service fee businesses that compensated for the weak demand for loans. 

Loans dipped by one (1) per cent YoY to P2.2 trillion, while total deposits went up by two (2) per cent to P2.6 trillion, underpinned by the 11 per cent rise in CASA deposits, with the CASA ratio hitting a record 83 per cent. 

Non-interest income recovered driven by the strong performance of wealth management and life insurance businesses, as well as the normalization of trading and forex gains. Operating expenses were relatively flat compared to last year. 

The Bank set aside an additional P2.9 billion in provisions even as the 1Q21 NPL ratio of 2.81% remained within expectations, and is still below the three (3) per cent NPL ratio projected for end-2020. NPL coverage is now at 107.1 per cent, more than adequate to cover for potential losses. 

The Bank’s capital base strengthened to P400.9 billion with Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) and Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) at 14.7 per cent and 13.6 per cent, respectively, both comfortably above regulatory levels and deemed sufficient to withstand near-term shocks. The Bank’s Book Value per common share stood at P89.89, up 7.8 per cent from year-ago levels.

BDO remains resilient in the face of the continuing challenges of the health crisis and will continue to strengthen its business franchise and invest in its digital infrastructure with the ongoing implementation of the Bank’s strategic programs. 

Viet Mart Supplier Inc. Opens New Branch of VMART “Taste of Asia” in Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue Manila

Viet Mart Supplier Inc. Opens New Branch of VMART “Taste of Asia” in Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue Manila

Viet Mart Supplier Inc. (, an international-based growing start-up grocery business in the Philippines, establishes its second physical store in Sherwood Place in Taft Avenue, Manila in its initial expanding efforts.

Viet Mart Supplier Inc. Opens New Branch of VMART “Taste of Asia” in Sherwood Place, Taft Avenue Manila

When Jenny To, CEO of, established the first store, currently located at 174 Yakal Street Makati City, its primary goal was to serve and bring Vietnamese products to its ex-pats living in Makati. Then, after a short period of business in the country, they have decided to integrate their business into the local scene. primarily has Vietnamese goods, but it also includes Korean, Thai, Chinese, and some Filipino products.

“Our products originally and majorly are Vietnam products. We’re currently looking into the Vietnam market in the Philippines then start to expand to the local market here. We want to stretch to the local market now and try switching from Vietnam-centered market to the local,” said To. primarily has Vietnamese goods, but it also includes Korean, Thai, Chinese, and some Filipino products. products vary from consumable goods to health and beauty products, mobile phone accessories, international fruits and vegetables, medical supplies, pet care products, meat and poultry, and various beverages. also has a joint business with VMart which is, a Vietnamese mainstay restaurant, located beside the Makati branch.

“We want to bring the Vietnam products here in the Philippines, but we also brought with us Thai, Chinese, and Korean products to our store,” said To.

“When we first opened here, our first goal was to cater to Vietnamese ex-pats living in the Philippines,” explained To.’s second store was strategically established in Sherwood Place in Taft Manila to cater, not only to ex-pats living near Taft Avenue but also to target De La Salle University-Manila students, who they think has the greater interest in trying international products because of their “traveling tendencies.”

“When we opened in our second branch in Sherwood Place in Taft Manila, we wanted not to focus only on Vietnam ex-pats living around Taft but we are also targeting students from De La Salle University. We think that most of these students are there well-traveled,” said To.

“We know most of the students from LaSalle go on and about to different countries to we figured that they are the specific market that would appreciate and try out the products,” said To.

For 2021, Vmart plans to establish a total of three stores in the country’s capital region, also strategically choosing from either Quezon City, Clark Pampanga, Pasay, or Cavite.

“We are planning to put a maximum of three stores. Maybe one or two more for this year. We are looking into either Clark in Pampanga or Cavite. We are also searching either in Quezon City, Cavite, Pasay, or Pampanga but were still looking for the best spots to put up the stores,” said To.

VMart “Taste of Asia” is open 24 hours, seven days a week and delivers from 7:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

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JOHNSON’S® launches Play Days 2021 Campaign to Protect the Joy of Play

Protect the Joy of Play
Protect the Joy of Play
 JOHNSON’S® Moms are the Protectors of Play
JOHNSON’S® launches Play Days 2021 Campaign to Protect the Joy of Play

The sudden shift of a mom and kid’s lifestyle has taken significant turns on blurring the lines between work and play. Whether we see it or not, kids experience stress too at a time like this given how they used to go about their day at home with their family or in school with their classmates and friends. Online learning became a big source of frustration among moms and kids, with the demands and adjustments that come in the picture.

According to Jose Miguel Gamboa, the JOHNSON’S Baby senior brand manager for Powder, “Kids turn to play to rid of stress that come along with the challenges they face in the ‘new normal’ because to them, play is joy. There is joy in bonding with mom. No matter what the world brings, the joy of play makes everything right and better for both moms and kids.”

In line with JOHNSON’S goal to create a world where every child thrives, they have also been a top believer in the importance of play to a child’s growth, especially during his formative years. Consequently, in 2012, the brand launched their legacy campaign, Play Days, to highlight the significant role of play for the growth and development of kids. Since then, they made it their mission to remind parents all over the country the value play brings to their children across different campaign themes, year-on-year.

This year, JOHNSON’S launches its legacy campaign, Play Days, to empower moms to Protect the Joy of Play despite the challenges moms and kids face. The  campaign encourages mom and kids to make time for play, and shows how play can be fun, enjoyable, and exciting even in the comforts of their own homes.

“We are excited and thrilled to have our partners, PlayWorks and Toy Kingdom, join us in our efforts to Protecting the Joy of Play for kids. We know how important it is for kids to play and how play contributes to their overall well-being. And at JOHNSON’S® we believe in making a world where every child thrives.” Says Jam Muñasque, senior marketing manager of JOHNSON’S Baby.

JOHNSON’S has partnered up with PlayWorks Learning Center Makati as the campaign’s Expert in Play. PlayWorks will be providing play ideas for moms who are seeking new and fresh play ideas that will keep their kids more engaged. They will be spearheading initiatives and online activations such as online Play Classes led by Teacher Gabby Roa-Limjoco, center directress of PlayWorks. 

Another partnership for this campaign was formed between JOHNSON’S and Toy Kingdom. As the largest toy store chain in the Philippines, Toy Kingdom stands as the Toy Expert for the campaign. They will extend avenues for moms to obtain tools for play through their brick-and-mortar and online shops, among other efforts.

On top of the partnerships, JOHNSON’S does their part in Protecting the Joy of Play by highlighting the use of Active Fresh Baby Powder and Blossoms Baby Powder before play time for instant 12-hour long-lasting freshness so that moms and kids can keep playing for longer.

The campaign launched with JOHNSON’S  first ever Virtual Playdate Facebook Live last March 17, to formally introduce and kickstart the campaign. Members from the Mombassador communities were treated to getting-to-know activities, a walkthrough of some PlayWorks play ideas, and several giveaway segments where 10 moms were able to bring home special JOHNSON’S  Play Kits and eGCs from Toy Kingdom. 

Moms can visit to find more play ideas and learn more about the campaign #ProtectTheJoyOfPlay.