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Nov 30, 2021

Jollibee Studios proves that true love is one that transcends romance in new John Lloyd-Bea film

One True Pair The Movie, starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, is now streaming in the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel

Jollibee Studios proves that true love is one that transcends romance in new John Lloyd-Bea film

Many people are looking for the one and a love that lasts and while many have been fortunate to find it and keep it, many are still searching for that person, or what the one means to them. In Jollibee Studios’ newest 30-minute film, it discusses what makes a love that lasts in a poignant and heart-tugging story that brings together the country’s most iconic love team, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.

The pair’s much awaited on-screen reunion definitely brought a lot of excitement among long-time fans. The anticipation and joy from the public was truly felt back in October when leaked photos from their shoot came out. When it was revealed that it was for a Jollibee project, this excited people further, as Jollibee has been known to produce memorable short films that never fails to bring joy and touch one’s heart.

“At Jollibee, we have told so many stories about love and its different kinds. Now, we are looking at a love that goes beyond romance--a love that’s unflinching and a love that lasts,” said Francis E. Flores, Jollibee Foods Corporation Philippines Country/Regional Marketing Head and Jollibee Philippines Marketing Head. “With One True Pair The Movie, we wanted to deliver that powerful message of how some pairs are perfect because their love is one that goes beyond romance. And what better way to do that than having John Lloyd and Bea star in the film. In fact, we wanted this film to be very meaningful, not just to the fans but to John Lloyd and Bea as well. So, during the development process, we made sure that they could share their personal insights and creative input about the story.”

The celebrity pair themselves have also expressed how pleased they are to be working together again after such a long time, especially when they found out that the project with Jollibee won’t just be a regular fast-food commercial, the usual romcoms, or follow the typical Pinoy drama plot.

In one of John Lloyd’s social media posts he said that, Excited ako ibahagi sainyo ang #JollibeeOneTruePairMovie dahil isa to sa mga projects kung san nabigyan rin ako ng pagkakataon to share my thoughts and ideas”.

It didn’t even feel like a shoot; it felt like I was hanging out with an old friend, so easy and comforting. Ganun siguro talaga kapag matagal mo nang nakasama, kahit lumipas pa ang panahon, may mga bagay talagang masarap balikan,” Bea Alonzo also said in her Instagram page.

Also true to Jollibee-produced films, One True Pair The Movie is directed by multi-awarded director, JP Habac. “I was very happy to take on this Jollibee project about a different kind of love. When we talk about love, it’s always about either finding the right person and spending the rest of their lives with them. But in reality, love is such a complicated emotion with so many facets. People can also love a person with all their heart without being romantically in love with them,” said direk JP. “With Jollibee Studios’ One True Pair The Movie, we wanted to talk about the powerful truth of loving someone means loving them always.”

Catch One True Pair The Movie in the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel which will be streaming on December 1.

One True Pair The Movie is only the first of many other Jollibee Studios exclusive and original content that stars box office celebrities. Subscribe now to the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel and never miss new, exciting, and heartwarming films and series.
Nov 28, 2021

Jollibee Studios to welcome a new era of original and truly Pinoy storytelling


Jollibee Studios to welcome a new era of original and truly Pinoy storytelling


The country’s leading Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee, has long been known for more than its langhap-sarap favorites. There is no question about the food’s taste and quality, which every Filipino is delightfully familiar with.  

Jollibee has also proven to be among the pioneers of quality branded entertainment, with its stories about the real and truly Filipino experiences that have resonated with generations. Who has not seen -- or been moved -- by famous Kwentong Jollibee short films Vow, Crush, and DateChoice, Space as well as First Date from this year’s Valentine series which won in the Asian Creativity awards? Or the equally addictive One True Pair Series – Checklist, Fight or Flight and Cam the Chameleon?

Beyond its much-anticipated love-themed short films, Jollibee has also produced a variety of entertaining short films and series from a wide range of genres through the years– 14/29 Petsa de Peligro Serye, JolliDance Showdown, and this year’s A Message from the Future short film. All these can be found in the brand’s own Jollibee Studios channel in YouTube. 


The power of Pinoy stories

“Jollibee Studios is welcoming a new era of joyful, inspirational, and truly-Pinoy films that are sure to touch the hearts of every family member, friend, or loved one,” said Arline Adeva, Jollibee Philippines’ Assistant Vice President and Head of Brand PR, Engagement, and Digital Marketing. “With the pandemic, we also felt it was time to amplify the message of hope, love, and family that is at the core of our storytelling identity.”

Currently, Jollibee Studios has amassed nearly 700,000 subscribers with almost 558 million total views for all its videos. The brand anticipates that its new batch of engaging content will enable this community of engaged fans to grow. “At the end of the day, we at Jollibee know the power of our stories to entertain, to touch lives, to start conversations, to reflect what is true or good about us Filipinos,” Adeva added.  


A new hit from Jollibee Studios 

Starting December 1, Jollibee Studios will be releasing original, exclusive content. Its first salvo, One True Pair The Movie, is headlined by no less than the country’s most iconic love team, John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. The film directed by JP Habac premieres on December 1, exclusively on Jollibee Studios YouTube channel.


“What I like about directing Jollibee Studios films is how they give us free hand to be creative in how we tell stories and how grounded it always is to the realities of being Filipino. And at its core, it’s always about hope and love,” said Habac.


Habac (who also helmed the widely received 2017 and hit rom-com film ‘Im Drunk I Love You’), says that the crux of his every film is to tell a story that is universal to the Filipino experience.

Subscribe to the Jollibee Studios YouTube channel to keep up to date with its exciting films and take a sneak peek of the upcoming One True Pair The Movie here.