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Feb 23, 2021

Reinvent and Go This 2021 with Globe Virtual Hangouts


Reinvent and Go This 2021 with Globe Virtual Hangouts


Globe Virtual Hangouts is back for another year of digital experiences and events and this time, things will be even bigger and more exciting! In 2020, Virtual Hangouts brought everyone #OLTogetherNow through online music festivals and concerts, a youth summit, Kfan meets, and an eSports tournament among others.


So, what can everyone expect from Virtual Hangouts this 2021?


In a virtual 360-degree view launch event enjoyed by guests through their VR goggles last February 18, Globe gave a sneak peek on the reinventions that they'll bring to GoJAM, GoCAMPUS, GoKOREAN, and GoESPORTS this year. Hosted by Martin Javier, the event also featured exciting games and freebies for media attendees as well as a moving performance from one of the country’s rising talents, Alex Bruce.



Continuing the success of last year’s GoJAM LIVE, Virtual Hangouts has partnered with Karpos Live to bring a concert series featuring local and international acts such as Paradise Rising’s Jason Dhakal, Claudia Baretto, Leanne and Naara, and more. Paradise Rising is a music collective born out of the partnership between Globe and 88rising that aims to bring Asian artists to the forefront through music.


GoJAM also brought the Wanderland Music Festival 2020 and the Double Happiness: Winter Wonder Festival virtually to music lovers last year, so you should keep an eye out for more events like these in the future.


Reinvented musical experiences are also underway for you and your barkada as GoJAM brings new immersive experiences including virtual 360 concerts and choose your own adventure-style interviews.



More youth and school-oriented events await Gen Zs with a leveled-up GoCAMPUS as it brings another virtual youth summit, Future Reinvented, to more schools across the country. Students will also be challenged as they put theory into practice through a 5G Hackathon where teams make real-life applications of 5G technology.


With these events, GoCAMPUS is looking forward to reinventing school and learning experiences for students and empowering them to eventually bring to life real-world applications of 5G technology in society, industries, and smart cities.



2021 is turning out to be one exciting year for Kfans in the country starting off with the partnership between Globe and Kpop sensation BLACKPINK and the recently concluded THE SHOW virtual concert. The reinvention of K-experiences is just beginning as Virtual Hangouts presents the upcoming Kmmunity Fest, where fans get to meet other K-pop fans and celebrate anything and everything Korean! This can be enjoyed on new platforms such as SHOOR, Upstream, as well as Vlive and VLive+.


With GoKOREAN, KFans can also participate in more interactive activities, like the design-your-own cup sleeves event as a way of celebrating the birthdays of BLACKPINK members, to fully immerse in the Korean culture that they love and show their support to their idols.To be updated on these events, join Globe Kmmunity PH, an exclusive Facebook group where fans can mingle and share their love about all things K-Culture.



By staging the VH UltiCup last year and opening it to both professional and amateur gamers, Virtual Hangouts made competitive eSports accessible to more people and gave homegrown talents the opportunity to represent the country at the SuperGamerFest 2020.


This is part of Globe’s ongoing efforts to improve the Philippine eSports scene by developing and discovering new eSports athletes through programs designed to train newbies into pros.


With its recent partnership with Riot Games Southeast Asia, Globe is opening new possibilities to local gamers and enthusiasts by giving them access to the latest games out there like League of Legends: Wildrift and most especially, to more major eSports tournaments that you might see very soon on GoESPORTS.


“Virtual Hangouts truly presented us with an opportunity last year, an opportunity best suited for our digital-first generation. Through this year’s initial line-up of events and experiences, we will continue to reinvent to keep them inspired and action-fueled towards their goals and purpose and enable them to continue to experience every day the best way possible,” said Kaisie Del Carmen-San Pablo, Brand Head of Globe Prepaid. “This is just the start. Globe Prepaid is very excited to open up the new set of reinvented, close to real life Virtual Hangouts line-up for you.”


You can be part of these upcoming events on Virtual Hangouts simply through the GlobeOne app. On the app, just click on the Virtual Hangouts tab to view the events and join. You can also tap the heart icon to save the event or share it to your friend.


Virtual Hangouts is best enjoyed when you subscribe to Globe Prepaid’s Go promos, with the biggest data allocations for all sites, together with unlimited texts to all networks, and more plus GoBOOSTERS that will empower you to live out your passions – from getting more GBs, more app access, or even longer validity. All these are available via the GlobeOne app.


Know more about Globe Virtual Hangouts by visiting


#Reinvent Wellness With Globe At Home

#Reinvent Wellness With Globe At Home

FB Live event on Feb 27, Saturday 10AM

On February 27, enjoy a fun fitness weekend featuring your celebrities at Reinvent Wellness @ Home: A Virtual Fitfest for All!

Hop on the Globe At Home Facebook page starting at 10 AM for a day full of exciting and insightful activities that highlight the importance of holistic wellness, which takes into account the overall health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Happening on the same day at 4:00 pm, join Coach Kyla Cho from Electric Studio, the country’s first indoor cycling boutique, as she leads an exclusive spinning class—BLACKPINK-style! Make sure to visit the official event page at and click Going for more details!
That’s not all! Globe At Home subscribers can also join the Electric Studio raffle promo where one lucky winner will take home their very own indoor cycling bike plus three months UNLI class access to Electric Studio! 250 subscribers will also win a 7-day UNLI pass to classes to kick start their fitness journey. 
To join, just register through the Globe At Home app. Promo ends on February 24 and the winner will be announced on February 27 during the Facebook live event!
Being part of exclusive events like this is one of the many perks and rewards of being a Globe At Home subscriber on top of a fast and reliable internet connection. If you wish to know more about Globe At Home’s offerings, go to for more details!
Jan 20, 2021

Families Reinvent the Disney Experience with Globe At Home

 Families Reinvent the Disney Experience with Globe At Home

On top of fast and reliable home internet connection, Globe At Home also offers its customers a world full of exciting freebies and perks. For one, they get access to a lot of exclusive Globe At Home events and activities all year round, which they can enjoy with the whole family. Recently, parents were able to recreate magical experiences at home with “Disney’s Unboxing Celebrations”.

Families had the opportunity to reinvent bonding with their kids by partaking in a fun arts and crafts workshop featuring actor Marco Borromeo, where he showed them simple ways to create Disney crafts items featuring fan-favorite characters from things they can easily find at home. 

Singer Moira Dela Torre also treated the guests to a storytelling session.

The highlight of it all was the virtual meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie, last December 27 where lucky customers had the chance to say hello and take photos with the special guests.

“Spending the holidays at home this year was a bit of a challenge since we still want to make it a memorable day especially for the kids. Fortunately, Globe At Home and Disney brought Unboxing Experiences for the whole family to enjoy including this virtual meet and greet featuring our favorite Disney characters,” shared Nikki Serquina, one of the parent attendees during the event.

Celebrities including the Arellanos with Iya, Drew, and Primo, and Neri Miranda also joined in the fun! 

“No trips to Disney right now so we felt very lucky and happy to at least get a taste of it through this Unboxing Celebrations experience thanks to Globe,” Iya shared in her Instagram post.

Neri also shared how delighted her son Miggy and sister Pia were when the Disney guests talked to them one on one. “Iba ang experience sa #GlobePaskuhanAtHome,” she wrote on Instagram

It was surely a day to remember not just for the little ones but also their parents! It just shows that with creativity and resourcefulness, we can still  reinvent our celebrations right at home. With that, make sure to watch out for more exciting activities with Disney exclusively for Globe At Home subscribers in the coming months.
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Jan 13, 2021

The power of storytelling in raising smart, compassionate kids

The Storytelling Project of Rey Bufi aims to inspirit children’s love for learning, one story at a time.

The power of storytelling in raising smart, compassionate kids

To many parents, there is nothing more fulfilling other than instilling the right set of values in their children. That is why right from their pregnancy, all the way to the formative years of their kids and beyond, they do their best to shape their minds so they grow to be healthy and smart with a heart for a kinder world.

Of course, this also comes with exposing their children to many activities that would plant the right seeds for them. One of them is through reading books — an activity in which a child’s colorful imaginations run free. Rey Bufi, the founder of nonprofit organization, The Storytelling Project, and also a father himself, shares this belief as he harps the love and joy of reading with kids in far-flung communities in the Philippines.

Even during lockdown, Rey Bufi continues to engage with children in virtual read-aloud sessions to make reading an enjoyable experience.

Growing up, Rey admits that he was not much of a reader. But somehow in 2012, he found himself establishing a volunteer organization that aims to raise a nation of readers. “As a child, I always loved history and though I was not entirely a reader, I was fond of listening to stories of hope and inspiration about great, compassionate leaders,” Rey shared. “Service has always been my love language. It was in college when I was having a hard time and reading helped me cope. I realized, had I been a reader earlier, I wouldn’t have had a hard time. And that is how my passion for stories and service came together,” he added.

Rey Bufi, founder of The Storytelling Project (TSP), empowers Filipino children through stories as he hosts Enfagrow A+ Four’s Tales of Kindness from the #HealthySmartKidWithAHeart.

Today, Rey continues with his passion for sharing stories.  He recently participated as a host and storyteller in Enfagrow A+ Four’s Tales of Kindness from the #HealthySmartKidWithAHeart campaign, which featured stories of kindness to inspire parents to teach their children about compassion.

Reading stories to Filipino children has opened the eyes of Rey to many realities. Just as he read them stories, he likewise learned meaningful life lessons from the stories of people he encountered in his journey. To him and his wife Grace Bufi, these children are characters in their own stories. “The tales they tell make a huge impact on their overall development. It helps them communicate and make sense of the world they are in and what is happening inside themselves,” said Rey. Grace, on the other hand, said that storytelling does not only develop listening skills. “It also teaches kids the values of empathy and patience as they sit for longer periods of time. It helps kids string new words together and ignite a passion for discovering new things.”

To both Rey and Grace, their key role in establishing The Storytelling Project is to mold children to have a kind and altruistic foundation. Aside from helping them perform better academically, driving kids to uphold their values and espouse the goodness in their hearts remain their goal as parents, guardians, and caregivers.

Rey and Grace Bufi are parents to two wonderful children. When asked how they apply their learnings as storytellers and volunteers in their home, the Bufis said that, “Our work as volunteers is to let our children experience our adventures when we are close to normalcy. When we’re in the field, you get the privilege of being a part of somebody’s slice of life. And this allows you to interact in a more compassionate and caring manner even if you only spent a little time with them.”

To Rey, raising healthy and smart kids with a good heart starts with equipping them with the proper nutrition, and then harnessing it with experiences that will remind them to do good. “Doing good should come from the heart, because only then will the people around you feel it and inspire them to do good as well,” Rey said.
Dec 4, 2020

Fun games, recipe ideas, and prizes await visitors of Vitasoy's virtual town

Vitasoy’s Milky Town website features engaging content such as recipe videos, health and kitchen tips, and raffle draws. 

Fun games, recipe ideas and prizes await visitors of Vitasoy’s virtual town

In the spirit of staying at home and staying healthy, Vitasoy recently launched Vitasoy Milky Town, an online hub where you can discover entertaining and informative content about Vitasoy Plus Milky. Visitors can enjoy a milky adventure with the website’s various recipe tutorial videos and fun games, and even win prizes in the weekly raffle draws.
Engage with celebrities and online content creators
Have fun browsing Vitasoy’s neighborhood-themed site and entertaining content at the comfort of your homes. Check out the houses of Milky Town “neighbors” like Vitasoy Plus Milky online ambassador Danica Sotto-Pingris; and other online content creators Isha Borromeo, Thea Sy, Team Malunggay, and Haidee and Hazel Quing.

Vitasoy Plus Milky online ambassador Danica Sotto-Pingris shares how she cooks Milky Sopas using Vitasoy Plus Milky
Learn more about how they fell in love with the nutritious and creamy Vitasoy Plus Milky. Snag a few of their favorite Vitasoy recipes that include milk teas, noodles, and vegan banana bread.

Get ideas for your next kitchen adventure by streaming this soy milk tea recipe clip, and many other recipe videos, at Vitasoy Milky Town website 

Visit more spots to get an awesome prize
Fun, exciting activities, and games also await at Vitasoy Milky Town’s hangout spots. Visit the town’s Playground to play the Milky Blends game for a chance to win gift certificates.
You can also check out Milky Town’s Park to capture your best moments at the Vitasoy Milky Town photo booth. This feature lets you post your photo on your social feed. You can even say “Hi!” and make new friends through the Community Freedom Wall. To buy your own stash of Vitasoy Plus Milky, the brand’s newest variant, visit the town’s Milky Shop

You can earn points by taking a tour of the entire Vitasoy Milky Town and ticking of all activities. Those who collect 100 points automatically qualify for the weekly raffle, and get the chance to be one of the 14 lucky winners of Php 1,000 worth of online vouchers. Check out Milky Town’s Announcement Wall to see if you’re one of the lucky winners.

Vitasoy Plus Milky has been giving away samples of its healthy soy milk drink through its Milky Truck. 

Bringing fun to more places
Bringing the excitement of this online town closer to people’s homes is the “Milky Truck” that has been going around Metro Manila since November. Catch Vitasoy’s “Milk Men” as they give away free Vitasoy Milky kits that contain a carton of Vitasoy Plus Soy Milk, freebies and a special invite code that recipients can use to enter the Vitasoy Milky Town.
To ensure the consumers’ and its staff’s safety, Vitasoy implements strict health and safety protocols, such as social distancing, wearing of masks, and disinfecting Vitasoy Plus kits. Its staff also undergo regular rapid testing.
Vitasoy Plus Milky is a soy milk drink that is healthy and creamy. This milky drink is high in Calcium, made from 100% plant-based protein and cholesterol free. It is available in supermarkets for only Php 85. You can also conveniently purchase it online via Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora.
Discover the milky goodness of Vitasoy Plus Milky and join us at Use the invite code milkytime to enter.