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Jan 24, 2022

Celebrating a family occasion amidst the pandemic


Celebrating a family occasion amidst the pandemic


It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started. We are still celebrating birthdays, holidays, and other family occasions without the usual things that we love to do. Due to the ongoing restrictions, we may be missing out on dine-ins, out of town vacations, and gatherings among family and friends.

Virtual parties during this pandemic are the current alternatives for special events. But a family celebration can still be special. It's simply a matter of being more creative with what you have.

Make the start of the day special
Begin the day by preparing a superb breakfast. Play some music to make it livelier and more memorable.

Deliver love to your home
This is perfect for those who are away from their families. Let your family feel your presence by surprising them with the delivery of food. For birthday occasions, you can book a delivery for a cake and balloons.

Doing things together at home
The country has eased up restrictions on certain tourist spots. However, activities at home remain to be hassle-free and with fewer worries.

Play board games, watch movies, or do other things with your family at home. Bring the spa experience to the comforts of your own place!

Party virtually!
Who wouldn’t love to catch up with your long-distance relatives and friends? Video conference platforms are available for us to use. Just send them a link and let the party begin - virtually!

The gift of health
For every special occasion, the best gift is good health and safety. Aside from staying at home, you can speak to your family about immunization against COVID-19 and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

There are already approved COVID-19 vaccines here in the Philippines. Everyone is encouraged to sign up for vaccination. Local government units are giving free COVID-19 vaccines.

The pandemic is far from over, but by getting vaccinated, we are moving a step closer to achieving herd immunity. Soon, we may be back to face-to-face reunions and other gatherings! To get the latest updates in immunization, visit Call The Shots PH Facebook page:

Call the Shots PH is an awareness campaign to protect expectant parents and their children from vaccine-preventable diseases. This advocacy is brought to you by MSD in the Philippines.
Jun 25, 2021

Petron Blaze Racing Team Wins 12-hour Endurance Cup


The Petron Blaze Racing Team on the podium 

(L-R): Powee Base, Jevoy Moreno, Mon Dimapilis, Moses Dumaguing, Mikko Rayo, and Rod Chang.

Petron Blaze Racing Team Wins 12-hour Endurance Cup

Attests to Winning Combination of Petron Fuels and Lubricants


The Petron Blaze Racing Team emerged as Class 2 champions in the recently concluded Petron Kalayaan Cup, a 12-hour endurance race held at the Clark International Speedway to celebrate Philippine Independence Day last June 12.


Driving a vintage Honda Civic EK with a surplus engine, the Petron Blaze Racing Team — headed by pilot-businessman-race car driver Mon Dimapilis, along with teammates Jevoy Moreno, Mikko Rayo, Moses Dumaguing, Powee Base, and Rod Chang — bested the other cars in its class by accomplishing 241 laps within the 12-hour period.


With Petron Blaze 100 as the official fuel for the endurance run, all competitors were able to benefit from the high-performance advantages offered by this 100-octane pure gasoline. What distinguished the Petron Blaze Racing Team was the added advantage of also using Petron Blaze Racing engine oil as lubricant, creating the perfect winning combination.


According to Dimapilis, they started using Petron Blaze Racing oil since their car preparation and shakedown in early 2021 to properly tune the engine and optimize its performance.


During the race itself, the team was confident that the engine would be able to handle the extreme conditions of the 12-hour endurance run due to its outstanding properties in terms of thermal stability, viscosity, and overall engine protection.


Dimapilis notes, “In the past, using other oil brands, we needed to top up around 3-liters within 12-hours. Using Petron Blaze Racing oil, we only needed to add 1-liter. For everyday use and in practical terms, this means that Petron Blaze Racing is also actually more economical because it is more long-lasting while delivering superior performance. We did not experience any knocking, pinging, or detonation. The engine was able to endure the high rpms and track heat, while maintaining efficiency. More importantly, we were able to maximize the high-octane formulation of Petron Blaze 100 through consistent fuel burn.”

He adds, “Considering that we were using an old surplus engine, we were still confident that with the protection of Petron Blaze Racing oil, our engine would not overheat and would continue to run smoothly. Matched with the high-performance Petron Blaze 100 gasoline, we could feel the instantaneous engine response, smooth acceleration, and greater power.”


Testifying to the perfect winning combination of Petron Blaze 100 gasoline and Petron Blaze Racing engine oils, the team was very pleased with their strong showing in the 12-hour Endurance Run and are optimistic that they will do well in their motorsport campaign this year.


According to Dimapilis, “Using Petron Blaze Racing oil, we have a very healthy engine with the same power output when dyno-tested before and after the punishing 12-hour endurance run. This means there was no degradation in engine performance. Plus, of course, using Petron radiator coolant, we also added an extra layer of protection to our cooling system.”


Industry leader PETRON Corporation is recognized for introducing innovative products and services that are specially formulated for Philippine driving conditions.

Feb 11, 2021

Globe Reinvents Valentine’s Day with First-Ever Drive-in Concert

Love Street: The Metros First Drive-In concert happening on February 13, 2021 at the 30th Street open Parking Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City

Globe Reinvents Valentine’s Day with First-Ever Drive-in Concert

The season of love is just around the corner!

For this year, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date with your special someone may require a bit more creativity than usual. With safety guidelines still in effect, the usual out-of-town trips and elaborate surprises will be more challenging to pull off. But don’t worry, you can still reinvent Valentine’s Day and create great memories with your loved ones in a safe and fun way by coming to Globe’s Love Street Drive-in Concert happening on February 13, 2021 at the BGC 30th Street Open Parking in Bonifacio Global City.

Whether your special someone will be a date or the whole barkada, you can revel in the music and feel the love around you at the country’s first drive-in concert organized by Globe in partnership with BGC. Favorite OPM artists KZ Tandingan and Rico Blanco will take the stage to sing their best romantic hits that will make you fall in love all over again. Gates will open at 6 pm for attendees and the concert will also be livestreamed via the Globe Facebook page and 105.1 Q Radio.

“Globe helps its customers celebrate their Valentine’s Day in a reinvented and safe way by staging the metro’s first drive-in concert. With Globe as their partner, customers can expect more experiences that will encourage them to transform themselves and open up to new and exciting possibilities for the year,” said Issa Guevarra-Cabreira, Globe's Deputy Chief Commercial Officer. 

You can be part of Globe’s Love Street Drive-in Concert by simply using your Globe Rewards points. Just visit the Globe Iconic Store at Bonifacio High Street on February 12 or 13 from 11 am to 5 pm and redeem 10 Rewards points for 1 vehicle pass that will get you into the concert. A single pass is equivalent to a maximum of 4 passengers per vehicle. Download the Globe Rewards app for free on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

And to reinvent your V-day with some new memories, you can also visit Globe’s BLACKPINK art installations in BGC as well as its Reinvent Hubs to win #GlobeBLACKPINK Reinvent kits.

For more details about Globe’s events this Valentine’s season, visit 

All-New Ruby Chocolate - An exciting flavor to love with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest

Give love an exciting flavor with the fruity and lusciously smooth taste of the all-new Ruby Chocolate that comes with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest.

All-New Ruby Chocolate - An exciting flavor to love with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest

Love leads us to the delightful discovery of new traits and qualities that make us fall even more in love every day. While 2020 brought with it its own set of challenges to all our relationships- family, friends, and significant others, it also allowed us to rediscover the many things that we love and continue to love about them. With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, for many people, this creates the perfect chance to express their love in the most special ways to those that matter the most. 

Red Ribbon has always been a part of many people’s Valentine celebrations with its beautifully crafted cake for the occasion — the heart-shaped Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest! This year, Red Ribbon amps it up as it weaves in the All-New Ruby Chocolate in its specially baked creation to give this year’s Valentine’s Day an exciting new flavor.

Offering a new taste experience, Ruby Chocolate is known to be the world’s fourth kind of chocolate - next to milk, dark, and white - and also known as the biggest innovation in chocolate in the last 80 years!  Ruby Chocolate’s signature blend of fresh fruitiness and luscious smoothness provides a new and exciting chocolate taste experience to all chocolate lovers.  

With the incorporation of this special ingredient in this year’s limited-edition Valentine Black Forest, Red Ribbon is set to swoon the hearts of many with the dazzling look and taste of its cake. It features layers of decadent, moist chocolate fudge cake, impeccably creamy icing, topped with Maraschino cherries and of course, the limited-edition Ruby Chocolate to add that romantic, sophisticated, and exciting touch to a classic favorite. 

Red Ribbon amps up its annual limited edition Valentine Black Forest with the all-new Ruby Chocolate.

Along with the launch of this limited-edition product, Red Ribbon also released a new video material starring its Valentine Black Forest cake ambassador, Paulo Avelino: 

Like Paulo Avelino, express your love this season through a new and exciting way to those who matter the most.

With this unique offering, Red Ribbon shows you a new & exciting way to celebrate Valentine season in the country as the first local bakeshop to include Ruby Chocolate in its cake creation. The limited-edition Valentine Black Forest cake will be available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide from February 12 to 14, 2021, with prices starting from P440 for the Junior size and P640 for the Regular size. For those looking to celebrate even apart, they can also send a Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest to their loved one’s doorstep by ordering through the #8-7777 Red Ribbon hotline, via Red Ribbon RIA on Messenger or through the GrabFood and Foodpanda apps.

Complete your swoon-worthy celebrations this Valentine’s Day and give love an exciting new flavor with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest with All-New Ruby Chocolate!

Nov 1, 2020

Have a Happy Halloween at Home with PayMaya

Even though we can't celebrate Halloween with fun costume parties with our friends, we can still enjoy the spookiest holiday at home with the help of digital tools like PayMaya. 

From dressing up in an IG-worthy Halloween costume to munching on treats from your go-to restaurants. Here are some awesome ways PayMaya can help you spend a fun holiday at home:

  • Dress up in a nice Halloween costume (or fabulous loungewear) and enjoy awesome deals with PayMaya. Get a 15% discount when you pay with your PayMaya virtual or physical card at Zalora using the code PYMY2020. You can also order clothes from The SM Store via Call To Deliver and #ScanToPay for your purchase to get up to 100% Balik Bayad, an additional P100 Balik Bayad when you spend a cumulative amount of P2,500 until October 31, plus a chance to win a motorcycle at SM’s raffle!
  • Pay with your mobile number when ordering online at establishments like Army Navy, Burger King, Domino's, Boozy, and so much more to get up to 100% Balik Bayad. You will also get an extra P100 Balik Bayad when you accumulate a total of P2,000 for your transactions until October 31.
  • Shop for gaming pins at your PayMaya app for a spooky game night with your barkada. When you buy at least P300 worth of gaming pins using PayMaya, you can get a 5% Balik Bayad (with a maximum of P100), and every P300 spent will get you one raffle entry for a chance to win a year’s worth of gaming pins.
  • Do a virtual Trick or Treat with your loved ones and gift them with digital vouchers to their favorite restaurants or even prepaid load found in the PayMaya app. Sending prepaid load to your friends gets you 5% Balik Bayad, and extra P100 Balik Bayad when you spend an accumulated total of P600 on Smart and TNT prepaid load until November 17. 

We hope these tips will help make your holiday more fun, even while staying indoors. 

Sep 29, 2020

51Talk celebrates teachers’ day with the biggest virtual gathering of online teachers

More than 10,000 online English teachers enjoyed a day of entertainment, games and performances at 51Talk’s annual teachers gathering. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 51Talk had to innovate and conduct the annual offline event online which allowed its teachers from the farthest places in the Philippines to watch and enjoy the celebrations.

Manila, Philippines - Leading online English education platform 51Talk held its annual Teachers’ Day gathering via a virtual event attended by over 10,000 of its online English teachers from all corners of the Philippines. The event, called “51TalkFlix: Your Future At Home,” was streamed live via their website and YouTube and it aims to honor and celebrate the teaching profession this teachers’ month. Over 2 million pesos worth of prizes were raffled off during the event including exclusive 51Talk merchandise, gift certificates, gadgets, appliances, and laptops.

51Talk celebrates teachers’ day with the biggest virtual gathering of online teachers

51Talk Country Head Jennifer Que kicked-off the virtual teachers’ day gathering with a message of thanks and acknowledgment of the teachers who tuned-in in the show.

“We always have an annual gathering for our teachers and this pandemic won’t stop us from doing it again this year. We consider the teachers’ month as the most wonderful time of the 51Talk year. More than 10,000 of our online English teachers participated and we were overwhelmed by the turnout,” said 51Talk Country Head Jennifer Que.

“Because all our teachers are home-based, it made sense to mount the grand event virtually. It’s exciting to hold a seamless online experience and connect with everyone. There are no boundaries anymore so we were able to reach more of our teachers to participate,” Ms. Que added.

Jack Huang, Founder and CEO of 51Talk, was also virtually present from 51Talk’s headquarters in Beijing.

51Talk Founder and CEO Jack Huang was also virtually present straight from 51Talk’s headquarters in Beijing, China. “I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying themselves as we celebrate and honor our teachers at 51Talk. I want everyone to know how grateful 51Talk is for your dedication and hard work, and for brightening our students’ day one lesson at a time,” said Mr. Huang.

“2020 is another special year for 51Talk. It marks 51Talk’s 9th year as a platform & 4th year of being listed in the NYSE. I salute all of the teachers who have been with us for many years now and I thank you for the trust and for believing in the 51Talk platform. As we move forward to the next year, expect greater and better things from 51Talk,” he added.

As COVID-19 forced the shutdown of physical schools in China earlier this year, Chinese parents used the extra time their children had to book additional English lessons on the online education platform. The surge of additional lessons was delivered by 51Talk’s more than 25,000 home-based teachers in the Philippines. This prompted 51Talk to attract 30,000 Filipino teachers this year to fulfil the increasing demand of online English education in China, an industry that enjoys explosive growth annually.

The 51TalkFlix event also showcased the awe-inspiring talents of the teachers in its annual competition, Talent to the Max. 51Talk’s outstanding teachers and clubs were also recognized. A special segment of Chinese students giving their teachers a heart-warming tribute on this special day was also part of the program.

Ebe Dancel


The event also featured performances from today’s hottest stars such as legendary OPM singer/songwriter Ebe Dancel who serenaded the teachers, and Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette, who wowed the crowd with her rendition of pop songs and original singles.

51Talk’s Philippine Brand Ambassador and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach surprised the online audience with a video message and greeting. “Thanks for all that you do. I am proud of all of you and I hope you will continue to excel and help more students succeed in life,” said Pia.

Rounding out the list of personalities during the event was 51Talk’s Philippine Brand Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach, who delivered an inspirational message. Pia was chosen to represent 51Talk because of her long-time advocacy of empowering Filipinos through livelihood opportunities. Because the pandemic affected and displaced millions of Filipino workers, Pia used her voice and platform to talk about 51Talk and the earning opportunities of being an online English teacher.

“When I joined the 51Talk family, I was thrilled to help spread the word about the 30,000 livelihood opportunities on the platform. I love to empower my fellow Pinoys and I believe in our skills, dedication, and our capability to succeed and flourish when faced with opportunities,” said Pia. “To all of the 51Talk teachers, Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Before the event wrapped up, Ms. Que thanked the thousands of teachers who participated in the teachers’ day celebration while promising to deliver an even bigger and better event next year.

“51Talk is the best place to be right now. To all 51Talk teachers, thank you for enabling our students to speak up, stand out and succeed. Keep up the good work and Happy Teachers’ day to all of you!” Ms. Que exclaimed.

For those who are interested to become a home-based online English teacher at 51Talk and to be part of its amazing and passionate community, visit and sign-up now.
May 10, 2020

Red Ribbon honors and appreciates mom-frontliners with a sweet Mother’s Day surprise

Grab Mom-rider Jainee Paguio is surprised to learn that the cake she’s supposed to deliver is Red Ribbon’s gift for her.
Grab Mom-rider Jainee Paguio is surprised to learn that the cake she’s supposed to deliver is Red Ribbon’s gift for her.

Red Ribbon honors and appreciates mom-frontliners with a sweet Mother’s Day surprise

It goes without saying that being a mother is one of the toughest and most noble jobs to take on. A mother’s role becomes more heroic in her children’s lives as she tackles the day-to-day challenges of meeting her family’s needs more so during this COVID-19 pandemic. As most family members have stayed home practically all-day since the start of the quarantine, mom has been tackling the enormous challenge of tending to her families 24/7, making sure she provides a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for everyone in her household. Occasionally recognized, her selfless efforts deserve nothing less than our utmost appreciation.

That’s why this Mother’s Day, Red Ribbon pays tribute to all mothers for their unwavering love and dedication through the years and especially in this ongoing COVID-19 crisis by enjoining Filipinos through a nationwide “Thank You, Mom!” Campaign. The campaign is symbolized by a “red gift ribbon” icon which conveys both gratitude and tribute for moms as seen across the brand’s communication materials in their Mother’s Day campaign.
Foodpanda Mom-rider Maria Jessica Valecer’s big smile cannot be hidden under her mask as she claims a delightful surprise from the Red Ribbon family

To further promote their expression of gratitude for the unsung mom-heroes, Red Ribbon brings a sweet surprise to mom-frontliners, presenting them with their bestselling cakes that will best honor them on their special day.

With the help of their delivery partners from GrabFood and Foodpanda, Red Ribbon provided a delightful surprise to Mom-Delivery Riders. They were requested to visit the store and pick up “orders” as part of their daily work routine, not knowing that a Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication Cake with a special personalized message from their own family would be waiting for each of them. Watch their heartwarming reactions here:

Apart from this, Red Ribbon also collaborated with LalaMove to bring a sweet surprise to Mom-Medical Frontliners, including doctors, nurses, and administrators of key hospitals in the country such as The Medical City Ortigas, Philippine General Hospital, and Cebu City Medical Center. 

Mom-Doctors & Nurses of The Medical City Ortigas happily show Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication cake with the brand’s message of appreciation.
Mom-Doctors & Nurses of The Medical City Ortigas happily show Red Ribbon Chocolate Dedication cake with the brand’s message of appreciation.

These simple gestures are Red Ribbon’s way of honoring and appreciating the moms by bringing the celebration and sweetness to them, wherever they may be.

“The kind of hard work and sacrifice our frontliners do is akin to a mother’s nurturing love. That is why mom-frontliners — whether they are in the medical field, on the roads, or in their homes — are worthy of every gesture, big or small, that truly honors and appreciates them. Their strength, courage, and competence inspire us to do really well on what we do best in Red Ribbon, and that is to make every milestone or celebration even more special for the Filipino family with cakes and pastries that every family member will enjoy, wherever they are,” said Kent Mariano, Marketing Head for Red Ribbon.
Red Ribbon Thank You Mom!
Red Ribbon’s campaign visual of red gift ribbon is inspired by the red ribbon icon that symbolizes gratitude for frontliners
Show your love and appreciation for your moms this Mother’s Day with special Red Ribbon cakes. Order now via Red Ribbon’s delivery hotline at #8-7777, Facebook Messenger Ordering Service, or thru GrabFood or Foodpanda apps.
May 9, 2020

Moms’ Words of Wisdom that We all Need in our Daily Lives

Moms’ Words of Wisdom that We all Need in our Daily Lives

Moms’ Words of Wisdom that We all Need in our Daily Lives

Growing up, people have probably found themselves at least once in their lives to be sharing stories about the usual phrases they would hear from their moms. From witty punch lines to sermons they already know by heart, there will always be common wisdom from Filipino moms that all kids can seem relate to.

Years later, people look back with immense gratitude for all the incredible insights their moms have bestowed upon them. It instilled in them many great lessons that molded them to be the persons they are today, compelling them into realizing that moms indeed know best.

Now, as we spend this time in our lives staying inside our homes, it is in moments like this that her unparalleled wisdom becomes even more glaring. From teaching us proper hygiene to equipping us with the right domestic skills, her words continue to make her presence felt in our lives, reassuring us that she is always with us as we get through these times. 

And so, with twenty-twenty in hindsight, here are the top eight things we have learned from our moms that we now deem to be helpful and practical:

“Eat your vegetables”

Remember being a kid and hiding from your mom so you won’t have to eat your vegetables? Newsflash, it’s the year 2020, and stocking your body with nutrients is the most essential thing to do. You realize that learning to eat vegetables at a young age and expanding your palate to be healthier is an edge when one grows older.

“Wash your hands”

 It has always been mom’s unceasing reminder to wash our hands after we play and before we eat – and lo and behold, she was right. Now, we don’t just wash our hands for the sake of keeping clean, but also to protect ourselves and the people around us from getting sick.

 “Make your bed every morning”

Now that we have no other place to go but our house, we must keep things neat and clean at all times. People now learn to do different house chores, as they help their moms maintain a conducive and healthy environment for all members of the household.

“Pursue your Dreams”

Our moms have always been our #1 cheerleader. She has always believed in our skills and ability to reach for our dreams. Being in the house for the whole duration of the quarantine leaves people with some spare time to pursue passions outside their school or jobs. This again proves why mom was right when she said that channeling our energies into learning new skills and pursuing our dreams can keep us motivated during difficult times.

“Learn how to cook”

“Everyone seems to be baking these days!” Yes, and that’s all good! #QuarantineCooking has been a trend on social media lately. Although they say that nothing beats mom’s cooking, we take inspiration from the hearty meals she has prepared for us growing up and recreate it with our own personal touch. 

 “Save money for the rainy days”

This is something that moms would usually say to motivate kids into saving their own money. And with the world undergoing such an unpredicted time, no truer words have been spoken. Being smart with managing hard-earned cash and occasionally putting off instant gratifications may help a person for when the time comes that resources are truly needed.

“You’ll understand me when you’re older”

You have probably heard her say this recently already, and rightfully so! As people age, they eventually get into that vantage point where they realize that mom was always the beacon of wisdom. The lessons she has imparted to her children became their solid rock, molding them to be the persons they are now.

“My love for you is unconditional”

There’s no emotion in the world that is more powerful and moving than a mother’s love. Even though we didn’t realize the importance of her words when we were younger, the unconditional love of our mothers shines through. That is why this Mother’s Day, remember all the things that your mom did to show her unconditional love for you and say, #AkoNamanMa. 

Want to know more about how moms exemplify unconditional love? Watch this latest Mother’s Day video from PLDT Home: 

May 8, 2020

She Didn’t Give Up on Mayor Isko

She Didn’t Give Up on Mayor Isko
Happy Mother's Day

She Didn’t Give Up on Mayor Isko

Happy Mother’s Day!

As the old adage goes, “Behind every great man there’s a great woman.” Mayor Francisco Domagoso or simply YORME, shares his heartwarming Mother’s Day message to a great woman behind his great success and to all the Filipino MOMS – the Real VIPs!

Watch the full video at

As the elected City Mayor of Manila, endearingly called by most Filipinos as Yorme, he never wavered amidst adversities hurled at him for taking several steps in making a better version of the city he fondly calls his home and crowning glory.

On this special occasion, Yorme encourages all Filipino moms to be stronger for their families while consciously maintaining a healthy work-life balance and to continue their selfless dedication amidst the uncertainties of this pandemic war - “Believe in yourself! You’ve got nothing to lose.”

How about making your mom feel that she’s the real VIP today? Discover a natural female hair loss treatment at

Formulated with 19 of nature’s finest ingredients, NOVUHAIR® offers a natural hair loss solution that helps address the early warning signs especially for those in search of a natural alopecia treatment - nothing doubtful compared to home remedies for hair loss, nothing worrisome versus chemical-based treatments and nothing disadvantageous unlike most instant fiber hair loss solutions that provide temporary baldness cures. Find out more at

#NothingToLoseNovuhair #ChooseNatural #NovuhairCares #NovuhairVIPmoms

May 7, 2020

Celebrate Mother’s Day in the comfort of your home with Ortigas Malls

Celebrate Mother’s Day in the comfort of your home with Ortigas Malls
Happy Mother's Day: Celebrate Safely at Home

Celebrate Mother’s Day in the comfort of your home with Ortigas Malls

Order in from your favorite restaurants and enjoy engaging online workshops with the whole family this weekend!

This year’s celebration of Mother’s Day is quite unconventional brought by the enhanced community quarantine-- almost everyone is confined to their homes, limiting the options of people to celebrate the most important women in their lives. With this in mind, Ortigas Malls finds a way to celebrate Mother’s Day through a series of engaging online sessions that our beloved moms will surely find enjoyable.  

From making DIY beauty essentials to preparing sweet treats and learning the basics of urban gardening - Ortigas Malls makes sure that moms are entertained at home with these online workshops on May 10 from 2PM to 5PM at Greenhills’, Tiendesitas’ and Estancia’s Facebook pages.

Schedule of Activities as follows:

Nature, Mother Nurture

An online learning session in urban gardening with Jennie Agcaoili of Plant Project PH.

Join us this May 10, 2020, 4PM on our official Facebook page for this free workshop! #OMSayItAtHome

Learn to make health and beauty essentials at home! 

Exfoliate with a DIY lip scrub and sanitize with a simple hand sanitizer.

Join us this May 10 at 2 p.m. on our official Facebook page for this free workshop!

Have a sweet Mother's Day celebration as we teach you how to make your own no bake peanut butter rolls!

Join us this May 10, 2020, 4PM on our official Facebook page for this free workshop!

Aside from the workshops, Ortigas Malls is also giving away a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day to three lucky moms through an online contest. Winners will be announced on May 8, 2020.

Mechanics are as follows:
STEP 1: Change your Profile Photo with our Say it at Home Frame

STEP 2: LIKE Greenhills Mall, Estancia at Capitol Commons, Tiendesitas on Facebook

STEP 3: Comment #OMSayItAtHome down below

STEP 4: SHARE this post to your timeline in PUBLIC status, a message to your mom & HASHTAG #StaySafe #OMSayItAtHome

To complete the celebration, Ortigas Malls makes it even easier to order from your favorite restaurants through their Click & Collect program, available in Estancia, Tiendesitas, and Greenhills from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. 

1. Check the Ortigas Malls Viber Group ( to see which merchants offer pick-up services.
2. Contact merchants, place orders, pay, & agree on pickup schedule.
3. Drive to the designated C&C pick-up area to collect your order.
For more information, you may visit their official Facebook pages - Estancia, Tiendesitas, and Greenhills Mall.
Feb 28, 2020

CBIC Marks 60th Milestone Anniversary in October

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC) is one of the country’s leading affordable insurance companies, offering a variety of insurance products that gives protection to properties and assets.

Celebrating its 60th milestone year in October, Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC) a subsidiary of Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG), offers non-life insurance such as a motor vehicle, personal accidents, bonds, and fire insurance, among others.
“It is time that Filipinos change their old view of insurance as something unnecessary or not a priority. Whether big or small, properties should be covered by insurance because accidents or calamities occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone. It is best to be ready at all times,” says Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Country Bankers Insurance Corporation.
Insurances in the Philippines have evolved over the years, says Garcia, improving the quality and scope of insurance and providing affordable options that fit various lifestyles. Staying true to its promise to be relevant yet affordable, Country Bankers’ scope of benefits and coverage carries benefits that can compete with other insurers.

Raising Awareness: For instance, March being Fire Prevention Month, it is the perfect time to discuss and raise awareness about the causes, hazards, and dangers of fire, and the most auspicious occasion to make decisions about insuring your properties. CBIC’s fire insurance coverage may be extended, upon payment of additional premium to allied perils such as earthquake, typhoon, and flood. Optional supplementary covers for fire insurance include burglary, cleaning of debris, fire-fighting expenses, rental expense or income and household employee belongings.  

“Filipinos have learned from their experiences and are now more informed and aware of the importance of getting insurance.  There are many insurance products that cover your needs in times of calamities" Garcia concluded.

For inquiries on life and nonlife insurance products, visit Country Bankers Centre at 648 T.M. Kalaw Avenue, Ermita, Manila or call 8523-8611 for life and 8524-0621 for nonlife. 
Aug 14, 2019

Popeyes now poppin’ its big, bold flavors in Manila

Popeyes Philippines sure is poppin’ up in many parts of the metro. After opening its ArcoVia restaurant in the east and the Alabang Town Center in the south just recently, Popeyes is opening back-to-back its third restaurant at SM City San Lazaro in Santa Cruz, Manila. Their newest store will also be the first Popeyes branch to open at an SM Mall.