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Nov 5, 2021

San Miguel is giving away up to P100 million in prizes via the new Instant GCashPanalo


San Miguel is giving away up to P100 million in prizes via the new Instant GCashPanalo

San Miguel kickstarts Oktoberfest with Instant GCash Panalo promo

It’s that time of the year again for the most-awaited and exciting beer festival in the country – San Miguel Oktoberfest! This year, San Miguel is giving away up to P100 million in prizes via the new Instant GCashPanalo Under-the-Crown Promo. Beer lovers can win GCash rewards of up to P5,000 simply by buying participating San Miguel Beers from September 1 - December 31, 2021.

You can join in on the fun if you’re 18 years old and above. Simply buy any participating San Miguel Beer, look for the 8-digit alphanumeric code under the crown or beer cap and scan the promo QR code in stores or San Miguel Oktoberfest Facebook page.

From there, you’ll be directed to the GCash app page, where you just need to enter your mobile number, promo code, and the CAPTCHA code and you can claim your GCash reward. It’s safe, easy, and convenient! Just make sure your GCash account is fully verified.

 The best part is that this promo has no redemption limit so you can collect as many crowns as you want and try your luck as often as you want for a chance to win more rewards.

The following San Miguel Beers are part of this promo: San Miguel Pale Pilsen 320ml and 1000ml, Red Horse Beer 330ml, 500ml and 1000ml, San Mig Light 330ml, San Miguel Flavored Beer Apple 330ml, San Miguel Flavored Beer Lemon 330ml, San Miguel Flavored Beer Lychee 330ml, San Mig Zero 330ml or Gold Eagle Beer 320ml and 1000 ml. This promo is available in areas where allowed.

Don’t throw away those crowns. Stop, look, and get ready to join thousands of drinkers who have already won prizes by simply looking under the crowns of their favorite San Miguel Beers.

Not yet on GCash? Simply download the GCash app for free on Google Play for Android, Apple Store for iPhone and iPad users, or Huawei Gallery.

For more information, visit or the San Miguel Oktoberfest Facebook page:

Oct 27, 2021

GCash PowerPay is a fast and secure digital payroll solution for cashless disbursement

 GCash PowerPay is a fast and secure digital payroll solution for cashless disbursement

GCash offers manpower agencies a time-saving payroll disbursement system 

For manpower agencies, which have thousands of employees deployed in different offices and locations, transitioning to a cashless payroll disbursement platform was critical during the pandemic. 

Aside from the complicated logistics and health risks of actual cash handling during the pandemic, manpower agencies also spent long hours to manually keep track of salaries, actual work hours, and promotion or position changes. When there are mistakes in computations, it also takes time to trace and fix them. With these inconvenient and time-consuming problems made worse by restrictions during the pandemic, manpower agencies needed a more agile solution to ensure that their employees get paid the correct salaries on time, wherever they are, in a safe and secure manner.  

A cashless disbursement platform like GCash PowerPay, a fast and secure digital payroll solution for salaries, allowances, incentives and more, provided the answer.  

GCash PowerPay Plus also enables companies to disburse tactical incentives and allowances for their workers through vouchers that can be used for over 75,000 merchants nationwide. Currently, there are over 300 manpower agencies that benefit from GCash’s seamless and cashless payroll system, including Regcris Marketing Network Inc, MAR Employment for Good Services, Inc., and Wizard Manpower and Allied Services.

“With GCash PowerPay Plus, we are able to provide manpower agencies improved efficiency with their payroll disbursement process which is very critical during the pandemic. It’s a win-win proposition for both the company and its employees – the disbursement process is easier and more efficient, while employees get fast and convenient access to their salaries to support their families, while staying safe,” said Martha Sazon, president and CEO of GCash.

GCash AVP for Enterprise Kim Pineda also added, “Enabling these agencies to go cashless with a rapid payroll disbursement system also means we’re helping them achieve a higher satisfaction rate with their employees. GCash PowerPay Plus also helps agencies to save time from the manual processing so they can proceed with other works more efficiently.”

Aside from this, GCash has also helped agencies to easily keep a record of transactions for budgeting purposes. “With GCash, we can easily generate transaction logs with date, time, amount and status which help us to budget and forecast our monthly reports,” said Ermylen Daileg, treasury assistant of Regcris Marketing Network.

With a cashless payroll disbursement, not only can employees receive their salaries hassle-free, but they also have quick access to remittance, bills payments, and bank transfer features on the GCash app. Plus, they can conveniently buy essentials in numerous stores which accept QR payments from GCash. 

“GCash is one of the best mobile wallets so far -- fast transaction and convenient to use especially during this pandemic. You don’t need to transact over the counter just to pay for your bills, to deposit in other banks, and so on. It also helps me a lot with my small business because most of my customers use GCash as a mode of payment,” said Hanah Jerthy Turalba, an employee at Wizard Manpower & Allied Services.

Thanks to GCash, these manpower agencies were able to have a safe and efficient payroll disbursement system, making it convenient for both the companies and employees.

For more information on how your company can partner with GCash, visit 

Oct 25, 2021

The country’s undisputed number 1 e-wallet is on a mission to build the next generation of business leaders

Martha Sazon, GCash President and Chief Executive Officer
In hiring people, we at GCash do not simply look for someone to fill a vacancy, We want people who will not only do the basic requirements of their jobs but who truly share our vision and mission as a company and our commitment to make a positive impact on our community.

The country’s undisputed number 1 e-wallet is on a mission to build the next generation of business leaders


Sep 14, 2021

GCash Teaches You How To Invest for the Family

GCash Teaches You How To Invest for the Family poster

GCash Teaches You How To Invest for the Family


Manila, Philippines; September 2021 –– Raising and providing for a family can be daunting, especially amid a global pandemic. With the price of basic goods on the rise and job insecurity plaguing a lot of people, it’s only wise to invest for one’s self and family.

To educate families on the fundamentals of investment, GCash, the country’s leading digital financial provider, is holding a free webinar that will touch on the best investments one can make for the family. The fourth installment of GCash Money Talks, entitled “Pag-invest para sa pangarap ng pamilya, G pa rin!'' will air on September 16, 2021 at 8 PM on GCash’s Facebook page.

This webinar aims to educate customers, specifically families, how to build a financially secure future for one’s family and reach one’s goals through the power of strategic investment. It also hopes to equip people with good financial management skills and habits you can start today.

Hosted by radio DJ and host Jaz Reyes, the webinar will feature financial expert, best-selling author and internationally known motivational speaker, Brother Bo Sanchez. He will discuss his thoughts on how to build a financially-secure future for the family, as well as practical and tangible ways to take control of your money as parents. He will be joined by CEO of Brilliant Skin Essentials and mother to two boys, Glenda Victorio, and first-time dad and entrepreneur Juancho Trivinio. They will share their budgeting and financial management methods as parents as well.

GInvest, the first-ever digital investment platform on GCash that allows Filipinos as young as 18 years old and with a valid ID, lets you explore easy ways on how to save for your passions and achieve your life goals by investing and conveniently growing your money through a tap on the app.

The fourth installment of GCash Money Talks is a testament to creating beautiful experiences for Filipinos to have choices, overcome challenges, and achieve theirs and their family’s dreams through investing.

GCash and GInvest continue to help pave the way for Filipinos  to get in the habit of saving and growing their money through investments easily,  efficiently, and conveniently. Pag-invest para sa pangarap ng pamilya, G pa rin!

To learn more about the GCash Money  Talks and more  information about GInvest, you may visit GCash’s Facebook page,

Sep 8, 2021

Enjoy up to 40% off when you use GCash this 9.9!

Enjoy up to 40% off when you use GCash this 9.9!


Shout out to our online shopping lovers: it’s that time of the month again where you get a chance to add your favorite items and some essentials with exciting promos. With GCash, you can choose from an array of options from best-buy  gadgets, discounted items, and vouchers for food, retail, health, and more! 


Here are the amazing promos from GCash that you can enjoy this September with just a few taps on your phone:


Add to cart all you can! It’s time for more exciting promos and discounts from Lazada that shopaholics love! This 9.9 sale, you can avail 20% off and up to P100  discount on your orders when you use  GCash as your payment option. This promo will run from September 8-11 and with no minimum spend so you can fill your cart with all your shopping needs!


Bonding time with the fam. Want to jam to your favorite music with your family and friends? Perhaps a movie marathon? GCash has teamed up with Alipay to offer amazing rewards and deals so you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones while staying safe. Get a Spotify premium account, Mobile Legend rare skin fragment, or a 30-day Viu premium access for only P1.00! You can also order your favorite food at the same discounted price too! Remember, this promo is only available for Alipay + Rewards users and you can only purchase one quantity per item per day. This sale will run from September 7 – 9 at 1 pm to 2 pm daily or until items are sold out. 


Try your luck. Get a chance to win a 13-inch Apple MacBook Air, 10.9-inch Apple MacBook Air Gen 4, or a P2 million worth of grand prizes from GCash and Alipay! If you’re an Alipay + Rewards user, simply submit your name and contact information until September 9 to participate in the mega raffle. You may also win special rewards like P5 to P100 vouchers for the Google Play or App Store, P100 or P200 voucher for Puregold, P100 or P200 Gift Card for SM, P5 voucher for Alipay Store, 15 % off voucher for Shein, P60 voucher for Foodpanda, or a two-week trial of TeraBox. For GCash users, be sure to submit one entry per day for more chances of winning great rewards and prizes!


Time for a shopping spree and extra TLC. Imagine where you can buy anything from grocery essentials and appetizing food to your favorite beauty products and the latest gadgets using just your  mobile app. GLife, a feature on the GCash app, can give you just that! This month, GLife will kick off various grand launches of top brands ranging from retail to health and food, and so much more! Here are some of the launches and promos you can look forward to with GLife: Findshare 9.9 sale and Fem-Essentials with 30% off on regular tampon and super tampon from Nalawoman from September 8-9. GLife will also offer a “buy one, get one” promo on select items from Mama Foods from September 9-11, along with an exciting deal with Puregold wherein you can get a free delivery when you purchase P&G products, or a P175 discount for pickups. For your health needs, Konsulta MD on GLife has a free video call, Personal 60 or personal checkup at P6 from September 9-12. On a health kick?  You can also get 40% off Ambassador's Vegan Ice Cream from Go! Salads from September 9-15 and P100 cashback from Healthmart from September 9-22 on GLife. What’s more, there's a 30% off site-wide discount for Calypso from September 9-10 on the GCash app. 


This month, don’t miss out on all these exciting promos and rewards that you can get from GCash while staying safe!


Not yet on GCash? You can download the GCash app for free on the Google Play or App Store. To know more about GCash promos, visit

Sep 7, 2021

Visible role models can help inspire more women leaders

L-R, from top: GCash president and CEO Martha Sazon, DealStreetAsia managing editor Michelle Teo, CXA Group founder and CEO Rosaline Chow Koo; Her Capital Angel investor/founder Gail Wong, TheAsianParent Group CEO and founder Roshni Mahtani

Visible role models can help inspire more women leaders


Potential women leaders have been limited because of outdated gender norms and lack of mentoring and support. The visibility of successful female role models for girls and women is vital, particularly in fields that have long been dominated by men, like finance and technology. 


In the webinar entitled, “Is VC Funding for Women Founders Getting Any Better?” organized by DealStreetAsia, a Singapore-based financial news website, women leaders shared their insights on the gender disparity in venture capital (VC) funding and how women are capable of building their startups and becoming a leader. Among the panelists was GCash president and CEO Martha Sazon who shared the importance of visual role modeling in order to address the issue of a lack of female leaders.


“Leading by example is important. Women founders need to be shown more to people,” said Sazon.


Although finance and technology companies are mainly dominated by men and making it in these industries may seem intimidating to women, Sazon helped millions of Filipinos during the pandemic through the top fintech company, GCash. The Philippines’ leading mobile wallet company currently has 2.5 million merchants and a 46 million subscriber base, which is equivalent to more than 40 percent of the population having a GCash account. When Sazon was just starting her career at Globe, the top telecommunications company in the Philippines, she said it was initially dominated by men but now, women leaders have also emerged in the company. 


“We're opening up not just the tech industry but the fintech industry as well to women. Fintech is a good industry for women to thrive because women are naturally good decision makers and problem fixers,” said Sazon. “We have to create more ‘I want to be like her moments.’ Someone just has to pave the way for it,” she added. 


In order to have more women leaders, Sazon said that mentoring should start at a young age. She said it’s vital to guide women in high school about the right college course to take, the job that’s a good fit for them, and the right skill set in starting a business. “Young girls should be given more visual cues. As we provide them these visual cues and mentoring, we should be there to continuously guide them,” she said. 


She added, “We need to be shown to more people so we get to a point that we are ‘ordinary,’ that it becomes a normal thing for women to become successful with their decisions.”


Sazon said that encouraging more women to lead could be as easy as creating chat groups for women or building an organization to support them. She also shared that she’s fortunate to have had great mentors on her journey.


The presence of women in leadership roles and the opportunity to network with them is crucial in helping motivate other women to advance in their careers. These role models will ultimately inspire women to aim higher so they can then become an example to younger generations as well. 


Sazon also encouraged women to trust their capability, articulate their purpose and believe in it. She leads GCash with the “Finance for All” vision, offering digital products and services that are safe and convenient from paying bills via the app’s network of 600 billers to buying essentials on the GLife feature on the app.


For more information, visit

Jun 25, 2021

GCash strengthens partnership with the public sector to promote digital financial inclusion for all

40M FILIPINOS and GROWING GCash strengthens partnership with the public sector
40M FILIPINOS and GROWING GCash strengthens partnership with the public sector

40 MILLION FILIPINOS and GROWING: GCash strengthens partnership with the public sector to promote digital financial inclusion for all

To fast-track economic recovery amid the pandemic, public and private sectors must unite and work together to achieve a more inclusive financial ecosystem for all Filipinos. This is the vision behind “One with the Nation: Forging Public-Private Partnerships Towards Digital Inclusion in the Philippines,” a webinar organized by GCash, the country’s no. 1 mobile wallet app in collaboration with various national government agencies and local government units (LGUs). 

The webinar featured distinguished speakers from both the  public  and private sectors led by  Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Gov. Benjamin Diokno, Makati Mayor Abby Binay, Congressman Jose Enrirque Garcia, DSWD Director Wayne Belizar, Bureau of Treasury of the Philippines OIC Deputy Treasurer Ed Marino,  BSP Deputy Dir. for Payment Systems Atty. Leah M. Irao, GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon, GCash Vice President for Enterprise Jose Luis Reyes and GCash AVP and Head of  Public Sector & Partnerships Cathlyn Pavia.  

GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon

“Our partnerships with the private sector have provided us with a wide network to reach more customers and develop more relevant financial services and products,” said Martha Sazon, GCash president and chief executive officer. “But in order to truly reach the unbanked and underserved communities, we look to the public sector with their expertise and resources. Together, we can really make a difference in the lives of Filipinos.” 

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Gov. Benjamin Diokno

The event opened with a Keynote Message from BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno on “Digital Financial Inclusion: Impacting the Lives of Millions of Filipinos”. In his message to the participants, Governor Diokno underscored the importance of making financial inclusion a reality for every Filipino in the country. This was followed by a panel discussion on “Digital Infrastructure: The Journey Starts Today!” led by BSP deputy director Atty Leah M. Irao and Cong. Jose Enrique Garcia. Atty. Irao and Congressman Garcia discussed the value of digitalization to promote the safety and security of Filipinos even beyond the pandemic.

Congressman Jose Enrirque Garcia

A talk on the importance of outlining a strategic path towards digital transformation was discussed next by Pavia in “Digital Roadmap: Are We Ready to Innovate?”. In her talk, Pavia emphasized the critical value of implementing digitalization in phases, and how digital solutions can be seamlessly integrated in order to create a hybrid approach and to facilitate smoother adoption.   

In his talk on “Digital Manual: 101 Opportunities to Move Forward!,” Director Marino discussed the long-term benefits of creating sound policies and guidelines, ensuring transparency during digital transformation.

Makati Mayor Abby Binay

Highlighting trailblazing partnerships going cashless, Makati Mayor Abby Binay led a panel entitled “Digital Headstart: Kaya Mo Pilipino!” In Makati, data of its constituents were collected and used to create the Makatizen ID card and open GCash accounts. The card serves as a valid ID that can be used to avail of government services, and a debit card to withdraw in any Bancnet ATM or use in Mastercard-accepting merchants. Likewise, Makati also uses GCash to disburse the salaries of employees, and allowances of senior citizens, and other financial assistance such as Maka-tulong. With Mayor Binay was DSWD Dir. Delizer who in turn shared the agency’s groundbreaking SAP disbursement program last year. 

This successful partnership at the height of the pandemic last year was the collaboration between GCash and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for safer distribution of funds for its Social Amelioration Program. GCash was able to distribute more than P16 billion to at least 2 million Filipinos, saving the government about 952 days and around P52 million. GCash continues to support DSWD in its Assistance for Individuals Under Crisis Situation program on a monthly basis.

The mobile app has also partnered with the Social Security System (SSS). Since February, SSS has enabled GCash as an option for receiving benefits through PESOnet. The app has provided SSS members an option to pay their monthly contribution payments via the app’s Pay Bills feature. Likewise for PAG-IBIG, contributions are also conveniently accepted via Pay Bills and Web Pay.

Closing the webinar was GCash VP for Enterprise Jose Luis Reyes who stressed the importance of financial inclusion and expressed optimism that despite today’s challenges, there is a clear way forward to achieve BSP’s vision and make Filipino lives better every day.

These programs are proof that strong partnerships between the private and public sectors are crucial in successfully bringing the benefits of digitalization and financial inclusion to Filipinos at a time when they need it most.


·         A strategic webinar that highlights the importance of private-public sector collaboration in achieving financial inclusion for Filipinos, featuring speakers including BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno, Congressman Jose Enique Garcia and Makati Mayor Abby Binay. The event gathered hundreds of society leaders, LGU officials, business sector executives and the media to discuss viable digital financial solutions for the country. 

·         Successful pioneering partnerships for cashless programs such as Makati LGU-GCash Makatizen ID card,  SSS-GCash partnership for fast and secure disbursement of SSS benefits; and the safe and timely distribution of funds for the DSWD’s Social Amelioration Program through GCash were discussed as best practices. 

·         GCash looks forward to collaborating with more LGUs and other national government agencies to promote digital synergy and identify financial solutions that will positively impact the lives of  millions of Filipinos nationwide, especially during this pandemic period.

For more information, visit