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Apr 12, 2022

#GlowandBehold the Game-Changing Sunscreen by SNAILWHITE

Your skin deserves perfect protection this summer! And SNAILWHITE got you covered! Get up to  35% off on your SNAILWHITE purchases only on Shopee Beauty this April 13!

SNAILWHITE is Expertly Designed to keep Asian Skin Healthy, Glowing and Beautiful. 

Summer is here, don't miss your chance to head out and enjoy the sun! But also, don't forget to stock up on your summer skincare essentials with 35% off SNAILWHITE on Shopee Beauty! With that being said, here are just a few of my SNAILWHITE shopping list!

Game-Changing Sunscreens features the following: SNAILWHITE Sunscreen CC Cream in a 50mL handy pump bottle. This is uniquely designed for daily use. It's an ultra-lightweight CC cream that provides natural coverage and sun protection (SPF50+/PA+++) Plus the SNAILWHITE Body Booster, This is a moisturizing body lotion good for everyday use. Leaves your skin with an instant glowy finish with added sun protection (SPF30/PA+++ comes in 50mL & 350mL)

Check these posters out and get to know more about what's in your SNAILWHITE Sunscreen!

*Photo Credit to SNAILWHITE Facebook Page

And this SNAILWHITE Beauty Glow Drops is a must-buy for it can revitalize and instantly illuminate dull skin with just three drops, giving you a glass-skin complexion that looks good on its own or even as a luminous, dewy base for a “no makeup makeup” look.

Check these other offers: 

SNAILWHITE x VICE GlowUp Bundle at 57% off


From skincare to makeup, Shopee Beauty has all your needs! Also, enjoy the most exclusive deals up to 90% off, new launches, exciting offers from your most-loved brands, and free shipping with a minimum spend of ₱499!

Apr 8, 2022

Cooldown the heat with the New Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel!

Keep your family extra cool and germ-free this summer season! Cooldown the heat with the new Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel!

The summer season is officially here which can only mean one thing: outdoor family fun for everyone! The hot weather pushes more families to have more quality time while cooling down—enjoying frozen treats at home, watching movies again at the cinemas, going on beach trips, or simply playing with one another outdoors.

But with the pandemic still not over, it’s going to be double the effort for parents as they keep their families safe not only from intense heat, but also from germs. Fortunately, both of these worries can be eased with the Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel which is perfect for the hot summer season!

Dermatologically tested and formulated with menthol and eucalyptus, the

Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel instantly soothes and calms the skin with long-lasting freshness and cooling sensation against the heat of the season! It also helps to fight 99.9% of disease-causing germs that thrive on the skin, all while retaining moisture with Avon’s Germ Defense + Moisture Lock Technology—leaving the skin moisturized all day long!

Since the lotion gel is lightweight and quick-absorbing, the skin won’t feel greasy or sticky, wherever the season takes you—whether you’re lounging at home, enjoying the beach, visiting the amusement park, spending time at the playground, or exploring the great outdoors!

Get ready to plunge into a hot new season and keep everybody in the family cool and germ-free with 400mL or 250mL available sizes. Shop for the Avon Care Antibacterial Cooling Hand and Body Lotion Gel and more of your favorite Avon products at or contact your local Avon representative.

Apr 1, 2022

My Summer-Ready Skincare Essentials Featuring NIVEA + BEST-SELLERS on BOGO DEALS!!!

Deal with that scorching heat with my Nivea "summer-ready" skincare essentials. Yes, time to get out and enjoy the sun, but please, keep in mind that too much sun is harmful to our skin. That's why I see to it that I have my skincare goodies for every need. Here are a few of my picks from Nivea which consist of face cream, body lotion, deo spray, lip balm, and body wash!

NIVEA Sun Protect & Radiance Face Cream with SPF 50 You gotta love that SPF for extra protection! This has a caring formula, developed especially for the face, that immediately protects skin from sunburn and premature aging with its UVA/UVB filter system. It helps reduce skin pigmentation and melanin production to effectively lighten the skin and prevent uneven skin tone, leaving the skin protected, fair, and radiant. Buy now!

NIVEA Body Lotion Extra White Repair and Protect with SPF 30 Even being indoors you need to take care of your skin, especially now with that summer heat. So better get this body lotion with a unique formula with Deep White Essence and 50x more Vitamin C to brighten and repair damaged skin. With NIVEA’s highly effective SPF30 PA++, it protects your skin from further skin damage caused by harmful UV rays. With regular use, enjoy noticeably whiter and smoother skin that you can feel! Special Price: Php250 on 4.4!

This should be the number one on my list but I'm really torn between sunscreen and this NIVEA Deodorant Extra Whitening Anti-Perspirant Spray, Get up to 48-hour protection and extra whitening. It cares for your underarms with 2x more whitening ingredients. Enriched with 10 skin nutrients and vitamins, it minimizes pores and intensely whitens, nourishes, and smoothens dark and damaged underarms leaving it dry and fresh all day. Buy now!

NIVEA Lip Care Cherry Shine Lip Balm Get that juicy watermelon pink shimmer and shine with NIVEA Watermelon Shine Lip Balm! Provides long-lasting moisture for your lips with a fruity aroma. Also available in Ultra Care, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach variants. 

Last but not the least, Body Wash!!! And this is an awesome deal you should not miss. Buy 1 Take 1 NIVEA Bath Rose & Almond Oil Body Wash, 500ml This will make you enjoy your baths even more!

Shopee Exclusive x Nivea Promos Alert!

  1. Up to 50% off and Buy 1 Take 1 deals on NIVEA's Best-Sellers
  2. Get a FREE NIVEA watercolor pouch for every min spend of P600
  3. Enjoy P100 off vouchers for a min spend of P1,000
Enjoy brighter days with NIVEA's best-sellers! Shop for your summer-ready skincare on NIVEA's Super Brand Day on Shopee from April 1-2

Mar 25, 2022

Bagong Araw, Bagong Awra with Silka!

Bagong Araw, Bagong Awra with Silka!


That feeling of being cooped up. We all had it, and not one of us liked it. We were kinda deprived all this time; of the great outdoors, of the sun, of having the freedom to just step out and bask in the glow of friendships, family, the world!

After all, we remember how going out was just so easy. Bathe, pamper your skin with Silka, choose your OOTD, then your rampa-ready self -steps out to paint the town and soak up life!


Until… the pandemic. We had no choice but to press pause on our lives.



We’ve been stuck at home for so long. Ang daming bawal! Meds and food runs were the only things allowed. School was virtual. WFH was the norm. Since we stayed in, we kinda let things go – correction, we let ourselves go, as we haven’t been feeling or looking our best. Haggard is a word that comes to mind – and woah, who wants that, right?


But now, things are looking up!  The malls, the beaches, the schools, and offices are open, the world is ready again for us! But! how ready will you be for the world?


Bagong Araw Bagong Awra! Whip out your Silka Papaya Lotion and be Awra ready, girls!


Step up, step out!  Silka, the makers of the #1 beauty soap in the Philippines, has just the thing for you, as it’s your time to awra! With Silka Papaya Lotion, achieve na achieve ang best self mo, and success is just your thing! Aawra ka talaga! Sabi nga nila, confidence starts when you’re comfortable in your own skin. But we also say, confidence is indeed skin deep with Silka Papaya Lotion with Papaya Enzyme and Nutriblend complex with 5 Vitamins (Vitamin B3/Niacinamide,Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Vitamin E) that keeps our skin healthy. It also lightens, moisturizes and protects your skin from the sun with SPF-6. Thanks to its Vita-absorb technology, it’s not sticky at all on your skin, and in this tropical country, that’s a big plus!


And feel free to love that delicate fruity Papaya scent! Use it regularly and find yourself getting fairer, smoother, with healthier-looking skin talaga! But most of all, splurge without straining your pockets, as it’s so affordable! Saan ka pa!


There’s a Silka Papaya lotion to fit your vibe and style! Always on the run or on the go - then reach out for the 10mL and 50mL options at 7 Pesos and 35 Pesos SRP. The 100mL for 60 Pesos or 200mL for 107 Pesos SRP, definitely a keeper, as pwedeng nasa bag lang, always ready! While there’s just more of Silka Papaya Lotion to love with the 300mL option at 148 Pesos and 500mL option at 215 Pesos SRP – sure to last you longer. With all that, talagang walang makakapigil sa’yo to be awra ready, girl!


Silka has been providing affordable yet highly effective skincare products since 2001. Lighter and smoother skin, achieve na achieve natin, naturally. With Silka Papaya Lotion, Silka harnesses its over 20 years of experience to bring you another quality product at the best price for you!


Silka Papaya Lotion: your bestie in this new era of awra! As the world opens itself again, feel your best, look your best and be rampa ready for it because success is waiting! It’s time - nothing can stop you! BAGONG ARAW, BAGONG AWRA with SILKA PAPAYA LOTION!

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Jan 14, 2022

Get Glowing This 2022 with These Skincare Tips You Shouldn’t Skip On

Get Glowing This 2022 with These Skincare Tips You Shouldn’t Skip On

We’ve finally let 2021 go. But there’s still things we need to keep this new year – our skincare routines!

We’re reminded time and time again to keep ourselves healthy, including our skincare. While it can be overwhelming to work on your new year goals, you can keep your glow this 2022 with these skincare tips you shouldn’t skip on:

1. Score e-comm deals for your skincare haul.

Get bigger discounts for your skincare haul when you check-out around the wee hours of the night. With almost 50% discount in Olay’s e-comm stores, stock up on your skincare essentials and enjoy the freebies for yourself, and or your loved ones! 

2. Reward yourself a skincare upgrade.
For everything that you and your skin have been through this year, your skincare needs an upgrade. Reward yourself this holiday by trying on some of the biggest skincare trends, like retinol and collagen peptide.

Olay Retinol24 Serum
Olay Retinol24 Serum

Olay Retinol24 Serum
Welcome the new year with your youthful glow powered by Olay Retinol24 night Serum. Its powerful formulation of retinol is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots, and tighten pores. It delivers anti-aging ingredients deep into your skin's surface for plumper, firmer skin — so you wake up as if the morning after is not a disaster. 
Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide24 Moisturizer
Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide24 Moisturizer

Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptide24 Moisturizer
If you want to achieve younger-looking skin, one skincare trend  you shouldn’t skip on these holidays is collagen.  collagen, which humans naturally produce, is what helps maintain the firmness and plumpness of  skin. However, collagen production starts to slow down when we enter our 20s. By the time we reach our 40s, collagen production has decreased by 15 to 30%, already being visible through the skin.

While most beauty products claim to be packed with high concentration of collagen, only a few can penetrate the skin well, leaving collagen just at the surface of your face. Olay’s formula of Niacinamide and Collagen Peptide24 in each bottle of the Olay Regenerist Collagen Peptime24 moisturizer stimulates collagen production like how collagen would occur naturally. This helps make skin look firmer and maintain moisture. And with just 2 weeks of use, the skin is visibly tightened, more supple, and firmer than ever.

Olay Super Serum_Hyaluronic, Olay Super Serum_Vitamin C, and Olay Super Serum_Cica
Olay Super Serum_Hyaluronic, Olay Super Serum_Vitamin C, and Olay Super Serum_Cica

3. Bond with your BFFs over online skincare party!
Catch-up safely with your BFFs  over skincare Zoom party by trying on Olay Super Serums variants. Dealing with uneven skin tone and dark spots? The Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Vitamin C Super Serum evens out the skin tone, reduces dark spots, and leaves skin glowing as ever. 

If your skin feels dry or dehydrated from the ever-changing circumstances, the Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum is right for you. Hyaluronic is a powerful humectant, which attracts and binds water, keeping the skin fully hydrated while looking dewy and bouncy.

For skin that’s looking tired and dull, the Olay White Radiance Niacinamide + Cica Super Serum provides a healthy glow. The combination of Niacinamide and Cica soothes skin damage and leaves it with a much smoother surface. A natural extract known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-yellowness effect, Cica helps to keep your skin looking radiant.

Olay Luminous Light Perfecting EssenceOlay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream

4. Take a glowing portrait to welcome the new year!
Power through the new year with the Olay Power Duo. Giving 40% better hydration, take a portrait of your glowing look with your plump and bouncy skin!

Olay Luminous Light Perfecting Essence: Infused with Pearl Optics Technology, this serum is perfect for you who wants to get that radiant glow!
Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream: This cream is used as the last step in your routine. Designed to deliver moisture 10 layers deep into the skin’s surface, it leaves your skin hydrated and firm. 

Don’t skip on your skincare! Keep that plump and bouncy skin this 2022! Shop Olay’s best-selling skincare products now via via Lazada or Shopee.