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May 19, 2022

Flu season is coming: Are you and your loved ones prepared?


Flu season is coming: Are you and your loved ones prepared?
Medical expert shares ways to stay healthy and protected from the virus


Just like that, summer is over, which could only mean one thing: flu season is just around the corner.

As COVID-19 lockdown restrictions continue to loosen up, people are taking the opportunity to go out more often. Many have gone back to work. There are even schools in some areas that have returned to face-to-face classes.

While we are currently feeling the heat of summer, the rainy season will soon take over. It has been observed that during this wet period the highest cases of flu are being recorded.

“After going through waves of a grueling pandemic, taking millions of people by surprise, the last thing we need is to head on to a flu season unarmed. As early as now, we must be ready and prepare for any and all eventuality,” said Dr. Donald Josue, Vaccines Medical Director at GSK.

To make sure the flu virus doesn’t catch you off guard, here are some of the measures you can do today to prepare for the upcoming flu season:

Update your flu vaccines
Making sure you get your updated flu vaccines significantly lowers the risk of contracting the virus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) a flu shot is recommended annually to ensure individuals are protected from the latest flu virus strains.

Be mindful of social distancing
Because of much relaxed restrictions, it’s easy to forget that we are still very much in the middle of a pandemic. This means we should continue practicing social distancing whenever possible. Just like the virus that causes COVID-19, wearing face masks, keeping a distance from other people, or avoiding going to crowded places are few of the easiest, simplest ways to lessen the chances of catching the flu virus.

Keep your immune system in shape with a healthy diet
According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), you can boost your resistance by having a balanced diet and maintaining an active lifestyle. By giving your body the right nutrients and exercising regularly, you allow your immune system to perform at peak physical condition. This, in turn, enables your body to resist any symptoms that may arise.

Flu vs COVID-19 symptoms
The flu and COVID-19 share many similar symptoms, which makes it easy to confuse both of them. First thing to do should you feel anything untoward is to not panic. Both flu and COVID-19 can have fever, colds, and cough as symptoms. But the latter can also cause fatigue, loss of smell, and loss of taste. Always consult with a medical professional to make sure you get the proper diagnosis and treatment.

This flu season, make sure you’ve got the leg up against the flu virus. Remember to wash your hands regularly, boost your immune system, avoid large crowds, and get that flu vaccine as soon as possible, because keeping yourself safe is the first step to making sure your loved ones and the community you live in are safe too.

NP-PH-NA-PRSR-220001 | May 2022
A health service message brought to you by GSK
For further information, please consult your doctor.
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Adverse events, please email:
Product complaints, email us:
Or contact 0917 889 7050
Mar 17, 2022

Well-Being Programs for Employees are a key asset for companies during pandemic – Avon PH

Being in a global health crisis for more than two years has unraveled the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional work setup.

In a bid to curb the negative effects of the “new normal”, Avon Philippines updated employee health benefits to include a pilot program for mental health—and the company is now reaping the benefits.

In 2021, the number one relationship selling company in the Philippines introduced the Mindnation program to Avon associates. The program allows staff to book sessions with a professional psychologist, and attend webinars and programs that address mental health concerns.

After almost a year, these programs have gained high well-being scores in their recent internal survey from employees who have taken part in the program. “Avon takes a genuine interest in their employees’ well-being,” according to one of the feedback.

Well-Being Programs for Employees are a key asset for companies during pandemic – Avon PH

Avon Philippines has seen improvement in their attrition rate compared to the past year, bucking the global trend of turnovers that have been going on since the start of the pandemic.

In acknowledging how this global crisis is affecting people differently, it only became apparent that we must provide the personalized support needed by employees so that they can continue to perform at their best, says Jan Pambid, Director for People Culture & Organization of Avon PH & APAC.

Aside from providing mental health support, additional COVID-19 medical coverage has also been put in place, providing financial aid for employees should they get hospitalized during infection.

Overall, the new mental and well-being benefits were the latest in the company’s string of internal program pivots during the pandemic, which includes service awards and virtual regional mentorship opportunities with Asia Pacific leaders and talents.

In recognition of its internal initiatives, Avon Philippines has been certified as a Top Employer for a second straight year by the global authority in recognizing excellence in People Practices—Top Employers Institute—which held its annual Certification Celebration event last January.

The Top Employer Institute has certified over 1,800 organizations in more than 120 countries and regions, which creates a positive impact on the lives of more than 8 million employees globally.

The positive feedback from our employees only proves that investing in their wellbeing is more than just a corporate responsibility,” adds Razvan Diratian, Avon Philippines’ General Manager. We hope to continue in providing support for our and associates in the next years to come.

Feb 9, 2022

Saab Magalona says YES to Call the Shots

Saab Magalona-Bacarro
Saab Magalona-Bacarro

Saab Magalona says YES to Call the Shots 

 “Health should be on top of the list.” 

Content creator, podcast host, entrepreneur, and mother, Saab Magalona-Bacarro has officially made the call to protect her children against vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Being a mom of two boys - Pancho and Vito, Saab makes sure that health is on top of every list for her family. “It’s the most important thing because if that is overlooked, everything else will just crumble down,” she said. 

That’s why for her, saying YES to Call the Shots, is a “no-brainer” to help promote awareness and education on something as life-saving as protecting our children from vaccine preventable diseases. The Call the Shots PH is an advocacy campaign by MSD Philippines to help protect parents and their children from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

“Vaccination is a big factor in preventing illnesses and spreading disease,” she said. “It’s a few minutes of crying in exchange for long-term protection against life-threatening diseases so it’s very much worth it.” 

Saab also advised other parents who are still not taking the call. “If you need to do more research, please make sure your readings are science-based!” Saab emphasized as a lot of articles and myths can be easily searched on the internet. It is most important to seek advice from a health professional or from your pediatrician. 

She also said that it is important to be proactive in your children’s health. “Do it for your child,” Saab added as she encourages every parent to speak to their doctor about protecting their children from vaccine preventable diseases. 

Being proactive means making the call today. #CallTheShots now and go to the nearest doctor or healthcare provider to talk about the immunization schedule for your child. 

For more information, visit the Call the Shots Facebook Page and consult your pediatrician on how to protect your children against vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Dec 14, 2021

Paskong Maka-Pilipino


#EatLocal #BuyLocal #GoLokal #SupportFilipinoMSMEs

Paskong Maka-Pilipino


Barely 10 days to go before Christmas, and   the malls are starting to bustle with families, including seniors and toddlers now welcome to  share in the holiday fun.

Taking advantage of the more optimistic economic prospects for the most important shopping season, the Department of Trade and Industry-Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion (DTI-BDTP) has ramped up its promotional activities for micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

With support from the DTI-Regional Operations Group, about forty MSMEs are showcasing their wares at the last major selling event to close off the year. The Christmas  Grand Fest at the Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, runs from December 15-19, 2021, and serves as the finale for the Bagsakan special project of DTI-BDTP.

Filipino MSMEs have been among the hardest- hit over the past two years, and they struggled  to sustain their business operations to support their families, employees, and communities.

With the prospect of a brighter Christmas, the DTI is urging everyone to have a more meaningful "Paskong Maka-Pilipino," by  patronizing locally-made products for their holiday feasts and for gift-giving.

Further, all the participating MSMEs have  been carefully curated to ensure that they offer quality products that meet both local ang international standards.

At the Christmas Grand  Fest event, there is a special Halal Corner to promote the domestic halal  industry, with an eye to establishing a presence in the huge international halal  markets.

There will also be coffee exhibitors at the KAPEtirya, spotlighting the resurgence  of Philippine coffee among enthusiasts here and abroad.

Other product offerings include processed food and  beverages, fresh produce and organic products, dried seafood, cooked food, condiments, and other cooking ingredients. There are also garments, footwear, fashion accessories, home decor, and other gift items.

For those who prefer to keep safe and avoid the holiday rush, the DTI has several e-commerce platforms, as follows:

    NTF (National Trade Fair) Digital Mall —

    NACF (National Arts & Crafts Fair) Artisanal Shop —

    NFF (National Food Fair)Digital Mall —

    Go Lokal Digital Mall - https://golokal.linker. store

    LazMall Go Lokal @ LazMall — https://

    Go Lokal @ Shopee Mall — https://shopee. ph/golokalphilippines

    Shopinas — https:// lokal

For more information about the DTI-BDTP and its projects for MSMEs, please follow its social media accounts on Facebook (DTI.BDTP), Instagram (dti.bdtp), and Twitter (@DTI_BDTP). You may also email Director Marievic M. Bonoan at

Why You Should Raise Your Child to be A Fast-Thinking AlphaKid (And How You Can Start NOW)

Why You Should Raise Your Child to be A Fast-Thinking AlphaKid (And How You Can Start NOW)

How proper nutrition, learning opportunities, and a supportive environment could spell the difference, especially between the ages of three and five


We’ve all seen them at one time or another, these AlphaKids: the ones who talk in a way that makes them seem a few years older than their peers, those who walk onto the playground and somehow have other kids trailing them and following their lead a few minutes later, or those who seem at home even among adults who keep asking themselves the question “How did this kid get so smart?” These are the kids that will go on to be natural leaders in school, within their group of friends, and even in the workplace. Even before they step foot in a classroom, you can tell their future is bright, and the reality is if you only start supporting them after age 5, it may actually already be too late.

The AlphaKids’ ability to size up a room, a situation, or even people, and deciding on the appropriate response or approach actually has a lot to do with how fast their brains work, as observing their surroundings and determining how to respond happens in milliseconds. This is why it’s not just how much the child knows that is important, but how fast they can access that information and figure out how to react. This makes brain connections, which develop the most between the ages of three and five, extremely important.

Enter myelination, a process in which the brain produces myelin, a fatty substance that wraps around nerves and makes information travel to and from the brain faster. Majority of myelination and the rest of the brain’s development happens in early childhood, and it’s a little-known fact that by age five, 90% of the brain has already developed. That’s why raising a fast thinker is something that parents should be purposive about, and to get started, here are some tips to maximize what some experts call the golden window of opportunity.

Tips to Maximize the Golden Window of Opportunity

1. Teach your child to read early by reading often and by reading yourself

Reading has many benefits, including priming your child to love learning. Research shows that reading early in life has a positive impact on your child's achievement in later years, including cultivating intelligence and academic success2. Reading, however, is a skill that has to be taught, and you cannot just give a child books and expect them to pick them up. You have to sit with them (daily, if possible), do the voices and sound effects needed to make it interesting to them. You also have to show them that you are reading yourself, to establish that it is a fun and worthwhile activity and not a chore that you are forcing on them.

 2. Let them figure things out on their own.

When your child gets frustrated by a puzzle, don't offer your help. Instead, encourage them to try again. These little challenges help build your child's confidence and perseverance—two traits that can help them succeed later in life. The same goes for social interaction. If caught in a disagreement with a sibling or playmate, avoid stepping in and laying down the law; explain the principles of fairness or taking turns, but let them talk and figure it out among themselves. This goes a long way towards helping them navigate disagreements and prepares them for constructive discussions with their teachers and classmates later on.


3. Limit screen time and control what's on the screen.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, entertainment screen time should be two hours a day3. It’s important that the kids are aware of the limit and that it is strictly enforced. And even within their allowed screen time, not all content is good. Some shows are simply not worth the time, whether for kids or for adults. Look for content that teaches them what you want them to learn, and when that timer stops, direct them towards toys or activities that further their learning and encourage them to process what they have discovered.

4. Nourish your child's brain with α-Lipids

DHA has been the celebrated nutrient for brain development for many years; however, it may no longer be enough. This is where α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) come in. α-Lipids are the latest breakthrough in brain development; they contain the five major phospholipids, critical nutrients for myelination and brain development. Phospholipids are also known as "intelligent fats," and studies have shown that young children's brains rely on these fats to form brain connections and transmit brain messages up to 100 times faster.

Raise an AlphaKid with Promil Gold Four

These tips, together with a daily glass of pediatrician-recommended Promil Gold Four—the only growing-up milk with breakthrough, brain-boosting α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) – should help get you started on this journey of raising a fast thinker. With other essential nutrients for brain development, including DHA, AA, Choline, Lutein, Zinc, and Iron, Promil Gold Four helps your child amaze and astonish, with others asking: “How did that child do that?” 


Early childhood brain development has lifelong impact -
Reading with children starting in infancy gives lasting literacy boost -
Kids and screen time: What does the research say? -
Oct 25, 2021

The country’s undisputed number 1 e-wallet is on a mission to build the next generation of business leaders

Martha Sazon, GCash President and Chief Executive Officer
In hiring people, we at GCash do not simply look for someone to fill a vacancy, We want people who will not only do the basic requirements of their jobs but who truly share our vision and mission as a company and our commitment to make a positive impact on our community.

The country’s undisputed number 1 e-wallet is on a mission to build the next generation of business leaders


Oct 6, 2021

PLDT, Smart launch ‘Internet of Possibilities’ to enable a truly connected world for businesses

PLDT, Smart launch ‘Internet of Possibilities’ to enable a truly connected world for businesses


(Manila, Philippines – October 6, 2021) PLDT and Smart, through its B2B arm PLDT Enterprise, have officially launched their newest digital offering called the Internet of Possibilities by PLDT and Smart which aims to open up new possibilities for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and deployment among enterprises and consumers in the country.

During the Philippine Digital Convention 2021, PLDT Enterprise Core Business Solutions FVP and Head Jojo Gendrano introduced PLDT Group’s latest solution—a first in the country—to help push IoT solutions further across different industries. 

Jojo Gendrano
PLDT Enterprise Core Business Solutions FVP and Head

“We are very excited that we are finally bringing the power of IoT to businesses in the Philippines as we see a huge opportunity to leverage the power of this technology. It’s a powerful tool that is set to transform the way Internet of Things applications are deployed and managed in the country,” said Gendrano.

The Internet of Possibilities by PLDT and Smart is a unified platform for the effective management of connectivity and usage of a multitude of connected IoT devices within enterprises. It seamlessly integrates existing business processes into a common, open platform for data and insights that can be used to open unlimited business growth opportunities to various industries.

“Our thrust at PLDT Enterprise is to enable business growth and help companies make possible what we all thought was impossible. With its capabilities to simplify and optimize the deployment of IoT applications, the platform is set to transform the way businesses conduct their operations,” Gendrano shared.

The Internet of Possibilities by PLDT and Smart empowers industries by allowing full control, visibility, transparency, and self-care among their connected IoT devices. It is designed to give businesses more ways to be efficient with time and resources by improving business processes through automated workflows. Among others, this includes the ability to monitor assets connectivity easily through data usage and status monitoring. 

The transportation and logistics industry, for instance, can now easily set up and activate fleet of connected vehicles nationwide using a single user interface with just a push of a button at their own pace and time.  

Meanwhile, it allows the monitoring of health care devices for better patient care for the healthcare sector. Other industries that can benefit from the said platform include manufacturing, education, utilities, and even consumers.

“PLDT Enterprise and Smart have always been investing in the digital future of businesses in the Philippines. Internet of Possibilities by PLDT and Smart is a breakthrough all-in-one platform that opens up new horizons of opportunities where technology meets human capability,” said Jovy I. Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise and International Business Groups.

“Our goal is to make it easier for our business customers to adopt these kinds of solutions for their business needs, deploy them faster and more affordably—enabling enterprises to turn data into real-time actionable information,” Hernandez added.

Internet of Possibilities by PLDT and Smart is expected to build tomorrow’s smarter communities and cities and open doors to the next wave of innovation for consumers, homes, and enterprises.

For more information, visit

Oct 5, 2021

Win Big Giveaways from Your Favorite Brands at Shopee’s 10.10 Brands Festival


Win Big Giveaways from Your Favorite Brands at Shopee’s 10.10 Brands Festival

Here’s how you can win ₱430,000 worth of prizes from over 30 of your go-to brands

Heads up, brand sukis. At Shopee’s 10.10 Brands Festival, you’ll enjoy not just the best deals and discounts from trusted brands, but also free shipping with no minimum spend, ₱1,000 off brand vouchers, and exciting Big Brand Giveaways amounting to 430,000 worth of prizes!


Leading up to October 10, you can look forward to daily free vouchers, bundles, newly launched items, and even a lifetime supply of products from your favorite electronics, personal care, health, fashion, and home brands. Check out some of the prizes you can expect from your favorite brands below: 

Health and personal care items

Get the chance to indulge in a little self-care and stock up on skincare, makeup, toiletries, vitamins, face masks, and more.


Mom and baby essentials

Provide your baby with only the best diapers, bathroom essentials, and milk formula from mom-trusted brands.


Instant home makeover must-haves

While staying home, make your house feel as comfortable as possible with beddings, storage solutions, and laundry supplies.


Groceries and pantry checklist

Save some money on groceries with freebies for your kitchen and your fur babies.


Fashion statement pieces

Look cute and put-together with these freebie tops and accessories, whether you’re just lounging around at home or going out for work.

Electronics and appliances upgrade

It’s time to retire the broken-down appliances in your kitchen or home entertainment center, and replace them with these brand-new giveaways.


To win these exciting prizes and more, just follow the featured brands of the day! Over 80 lucky winners will be drawn randomly. Set reminders for the giveaway schedule and check out the prizes here:


Aside from brand giveaways, you can also win 100 worth of free money in the form of ShopeePay credits at the 10.10 Brands Festival. If you’ve never made a purchase from Shopee before, just activate your ShopeePay wallet, sign up at this link, and verify your account until October 12 to become eligible for the promo. If you’re an existing user, just follow the same steps and make a purchase worth at least 100 using ShopeePay within the promo period.


For more exclusive perks at the 10.10 Brands Festival, go cashless with ShopeePay when you buy load, pay bills, and scan to pay at thousands of merchants nationwide. Get up to 50% discount on load from Globe, Smart, TM, and TNT. Pay bills and get up to 50% cashback from Meralco, Maynilad, Globe, Smart, and a growing list of partner billers. Lastly, enjoy ShopeePay ₱1 Deals from Puregold, Potato Corner, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Moonleaf, Seaoil, and other partner merchants. Activate your ShopeePay wallet and top up through online banking, debit card, and over-the-counter partners.


For more deals from your favorite brands, visit


Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.


Oct 1, 2021

Tech Lovers’ Gift Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Gifts this Holiday Season

Tech Lovers’ Gift Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Gifts this Holiday Season

Tech Lovers’ Gift Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Gifts this Holiday Season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – September 27, 2021 – Are you the type of person who loves giving gifts but hates the holiday rush? It’s always a struggle to look for the perfect gift for every single one of our treasured loved ones but if they are tech-savvy or people who love to stay updated and equipped with the latest technology then you came to the right place. 

What seems to look like another pandemic holiday made gift hunting harder for everyone. Due to the pandemic, we have a very limited time and even budget to shop for our holiday gifts. But don’t let this stop you from giving the perfect gifts because we will teach you the Do’s and Dont’s when buying gifts for your tech-savvy loved ones this Holiday season.

DO: Check the gadgets they have vs. what they wish to have

These tech-lovers are always on the lookout for gadgets that can make their lives easier. Before listing down your gift ideas for them, make sure to do a little eavesdropping on the gadgets that they already have to make sure what you’re buying for them is something they don’t own yet.

DO: Consider your options

There are a lot of tech brands offering great deals especially this holiday season but stay on the lookout for brands that offer not just great deals but products that fit the needs and wants of the one you’re buying for. Taking extra time to study the specs and the features of the gadgets that you’re gonna give them will surely mean a lot. 
Youtube tech-content creator, Mary Bautista’s Reno6 Series review. Watch here. 

DO: Watch and read reviews

After carefully considering your gift options, do not just jump off the bus and purchase. Make sure you read multiple reviews and compare the most common compliment and issues the gadget you’re eyeing is getting from these reviewers. There’s a lot of youtube reviews and blogs available at your disposal. No idea where to start? 

Smartphones have become a popular gift item lately especially during this time when everyone’s pivoted to a more digital lifestyle. When purchasing a smartphone as a gift, The first step is to consider if your recipient is they are more of a content creator or a gamer.into Gaming or Content Creation like their favorite influencers then search for your best options after.

Recently, the leading global smart device brand OPPO launched the newest edition of their Reno Series, OPPO Reno6 Z 5G, and OPPO Reno6 5G. Dubbed as the Portrait Master of many content creators, the Reno6 Series allows you and your loved ones to capture your #EveryEmotionInPortrait with its industry-leading camera features Bokeh Flare Portrait, Portrait Beautification, and AI Palette perfect for your friends and family who love to take their social media on another level. Check this OPPO Reno6 Series review from Mary Bautista to get things going. 

The OPPO Reno6 Series is also perfect for your aspiring e-sports player family members because aside from its built-in 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, it is packed with smart gaming features such as Game Focus Mode and Quick Startup that will surely elevate their gaming experience. 

DON’T: Wait until December before you start your Holiday Shopping

You don’t need to wait until it’s December before you do your holiday shopping because as early as now, brands are continuously offering special discounts. Stay updated by following their social media pages for their promo announcements or subscribe to their mailing list to be one of the first to be in the know of their special offers.

For those looking into buying a new smartphone, OPPO is offering huge discounts and freebies that will surely make your holiday shopping easier and better as early as now! 

Get 40% Off on OPPO Band, OPPO Enco Buds, OPPO Enco Air, and OPPO Enco X when you buy any of the best-selling latest OPPO smartphones from the A and Reno Series.

As if that’s not enough, every Friday to Sunday starting September 17, you are also entitled to a free Q11 Smart Watch worth PHP2,699 when you purchase any of the OPPO Reno6 Series.

These offers apply to selected participating stores nationwide from September 17 to October 3 only so make the most out of these holiday discounts now.

To know more about the latest OPPO promotions and participating stores, visit its official website at or via Facebook at OPPO Philippines.
Sep 18, 2021

Visa and Tanghalang Pilipino promote financial literacy with the launch of “Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog” web series

Visa and Tanghalang Pilipino promote financial literacy with the launch of “Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog” web series

Manila, The Philippines, 16 September 2021 - Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments and Tanghalang Pilipino (TP), the multi-awarded resident theater company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), are launching a new version of their financial literacy themed play “Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog” (LLBB). The five-episode web series will be free for streaming starting this September.

Visa Head of Products and Solutions for the Philippines Ezer Escolar shares Visa’s vision in building a financial literate country


Launched in 2017 as an interactive musical that is supported by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), LLBB features the story of teenager Gwyneth as she struggles to handle her finances and learns the value of proper financial management with help from her family and friends, and some Filipino heroes brought to life.


“It’s important to teach young Filipinos how to make smart financial decisions and the Lukot-lukot, Bilog-bilog theater performance has been extremely successful in helping us achieve this objective. This year, we wanted to create new stories that are relevant in the new normal, while making the play educational and entertaining. We are excited to partner again with our trusted allies in financial education such as Tanghalang Pilipino and Teach for the Philippines to introduce the web series, to expand our outreach to more Filipino children and young people in the country,” said Dan Wolbert, Visa Country Manager for the Philippines and Guam.

Lukot-Lukot, Bilog-Bilog Pa More! director Avic Ilagan discusses the web series' creative and production process amid the current pandemic


Written by Eljay Castro Deldoc and directed by Avic Ilagan, the new LLBB stories feature five web episodes that focus on various financial topics such as the concept of promotional sales, value of saving, basics of credit, earning additional income, and scam awareness and prevention.


The protagonist is Gwyneth, a teenage girl who will embark on a journey to financial literacy with guidance from characters like Lolo Sally and best friend Jing-Jing. The new web series also introduces new roles such as Gwyneth’s mother Blessie and friend-turned-admirer Aaron, with special appearances from Philippine national heroes and cultural icons.


Well-known financial literacy experts Salve Duplito and Rose Fres Fausto are also featured in the after-show interviews with Lolo Sally to enlighten the audience by providing financial education tips. Through their helpful insights and easy-to-apply tips, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of financial literacy concepts and gain better money management skills.


With Filipinos relying heavily on digital platforms to access media and entertainment, the web series is accessible through the social media sites of Tanghalang Pilipino (FacebookYouTube) and its other non-profit organization partner for children’s education, Teach for the Philippines ( It will also be showcased on Visa’s Facebook channel.


To reach remote parts of the country with limited access to the internet, LLBB also adapted this web series into a radio play which will air in local radio stations nationwide via the radio networks of Manila Broadcasting Company and Cultural Center of the Philippines.


“We are thankful to partner again with Visa for the new LLBB stories. The success we had with the live performances of LLBB in theaters and on campuses showed how impactful theater is when it comes to education. The new LLBB web series will further prove that theater as a medium remains relevant and versatile to help not only the youths but viewers of all ages to become better in managing their finances,” said Carmela Millado-Manuel, Tanghalang Pilipino Company Manager.

Tanghalang Pilipino company manager Carmela Millado-Manuel shows the partnership between the theater company and Visa in creating the interactive theater play that aims to help the Filipinos on their journey to financial literacy


Since its debut four years ago, LLBB has reached over 37,000 students and educators across the Philippines. Fans of the show can watch the original story again via Tanghalang Pilipino’s YouTube page. For more information about Visa and LLBB, visit

DITO supports first-ever ESKYUSI Mobile Legends Tournament


DITO supports first-ever ESKYUSI Mobile Legends Tournament

The country’s newest telco player, DITO Telecommunity, is the official telco partner of the first-ever E-SPORTS KYUSI (ESKYUSI) Mobile Legends Tournament. Organized by the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Federation of Quezon City and Grey Black Visual Synthesis (GBVS), the tournament aims to discover local gaming talents with prizes worth up to Php 500,000. 

“The SK Federation of Quezon City recognizes that gaming has become a passion for many of today’s youth.  We hope to inspire young Filipinos by providing a formal venue where they can pursue and excel in their interests and be rewarded for it,” said SK Federation Chairperson Councilor Noe Dela Fuente.  

“DITO has always been about serving different Filipino telecommunities, whatever their interests may be. We know gaming has become a major interest among the young, and we’re happy to be a partner of SK Federation of QC and Grey Visual Synthesis in the first ever ESKYUSI Mobile Legends Tournament,” said DITO’s Brand and Marketing Director Jasper Evangelista. “We look forward to seeing Quezon City become a leading gaming hub in the country. In line with our core mission, DITO also commits to providing high-speed data for gamers all over the Philippines.”  

The Quezon City-wide event, composed of over 200 teams from 142 barangays, commenced last August 1, with the grand finals slated for October 24. 

To check the complete schedule and watch the livestream of the competitions, visit the GBVS page. Get the latest news about the tournament at the DITO Telecommunity Facebook page.