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Feb 11, 2021

All-New Ruby Chocolate - An exciting flavor to love with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest

Give love an exciting flavor with the fruity and lusciously smooth taste of the all-new Ruby Chocolate that comes with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest.

All-New Ruby Chocolate - An exciting flavor to love with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest

Love leads us to the delightful discovery of new traits and qualities that make us fall even more in love every day. While 2020 brought with it its own set of challenges to all our relationships- family, friends, and significant others, it also allowed us to rediscover the many things that we love and continue to love about them. With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, for many people, this creates the perfect chance to express their love in the most special ways to those that matter the most. 

Red Ribbon has always been a part of many people’s Valentine celebrations with its beautifully crafted cake for the occasion — the heart-shaped Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest! This year, Red Ribbon amps it up as it weaves in the All-New Ruby Chocolate in its specially baked creation to give this year’s Valentine’s Day an exciting new flavor.

Offering a new taste experience, Ruby Chocolate is known to be the world’s fourth kind of chocolate - next to milk, dark, and white - and also known as the biggest innovation in chocolate in the last 80 years!  Ruby Chocolate’s signature blend of fresh fruitiness and luscious smoothness provides a new and exciting chocolate taste experience to all chocolate lovers.  

With the incorporation of this special ingredient in this year’s limited-edition Valentine Black Forest, Red Ribbon is set to swoon the hearts of many with the dazzling look and taste of its cake. It features layers of decadent, moist chocolate fudge cake, impeccably creamy icing, topped with Maraschino cherries and of course, the limited-edition Ruby Chocolate to add that romantic, sophisticated, and exciting touch to a classic favorite. 

Red Ribbon amps up its annual limited edition Valentine Black Forest with the all-new Ruby Chocolate.

Along with the launch of this limited-edition product, Red Ribbon also released a new video material starring its Valentine Black Forest cake ambassador, Paulo Avelino: 

Like Paulo Avelino, express your love this season through a new and exciting way to those who matter the most.

With this unique offering, Red Ribbon shows you a new & exciting way to celebrate Valentine season in the country as the first local bakeshop to include Ruby Chocolate in its cake creation. The limited-edition Valentine Black Forest cake will be available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide from February 12 to 14, 2021, with prices starting from P440 for the Junior size and P640 for the Regular size. For those looking to celebrate even apart, they can also send a Red Ribbon Valentine Black Forest to their loved one’s doorstep by ordering through the #8-7777 Red Ribbon hotline, via Red Ribbon RIA on Messenger or through the GrabFood and Foodpanda apps.

Complete your swoon-worthy celebrations this Valentine’s Day and give love an exciting new flavor with Red Ribbon’s Valentine Black Forest with All-New Ruby Chocolate!

Jun 10, 2020

Make Father's Day more special with Cardinal Cakes

Make Father's Day more special with Cardinal Cakes

Make Father's Day more special with Cardinal Cakes

Celebrating Father’s Day at home? Say cheers and honor Dad by bonding over a delectable cake lovingly baked for the head of the family.

Cardinal Cakes’ four regular offerings will make Dad smile on his special day. There’s the moist and sumptuous Dark Chocolate Cake; the sublimely luxurious Naked Red Velvet Cake; the crave-worthy Carrot Walnut Cake; and the light and fluffy Caramel Cake. And now made especially for Father’s Day is the new Sugar-free Mocha Cream Pie. Each cake is prepared by Cardinal Cakes' baking team, just the way Mom makes them.

The best part – Cardinal Cakes delivers right to your doorstep via Grab or Lalamove. Fuss-free and hassle-free. 

Whether you're honoring Dad, Grandpa, Tito or friends, Cardinal Cakes' delightful treats make the celebration very momentous, bringing the whole family together in a moment of love and laughter.

To order, kindly contact Cardinal Cakes at 0905-420-4030 or 8821-0057; or via Facebook Messenger at For more updates, follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @CardinalCuisine.
May 27, 2020

Increased demand during lockdown helped this cake business grow

Cardinal Cakes bestsellers: Dark Chocolate Cake, Naked Red Velvet Cake, Walnut Carrot Cake, and Caramel Cake
Made with joy and passion, Cardinal Cakes bestsellers: Dark Chocolate Cake, Naked Red Velvet Cake, Walnut Carrot Cake, and Caramel Cake

Increased demand during lockdown helped this cake business grow

Celebrating life continues during lockdown – this optimistic proposition is what helped this cake business thrive in the tough COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the quarantine, people went on to celebrate special occasions with family, becoming an accidental opportunity for Cardinal Cakes, the offshoot of an events catering company known as Cardinal Cuisine.

"Our business provides catering services for birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and other parties. But with the abrupt ban on mass gatherings, we had to pivot to survive. Truly, necessity is the mother of innovation. We came up with a line of cakes, and marketed them to friends and family via social media," said Eric Bandola, co-owner of Cardinal Cakes.

Prior to ECQ, Cardinal Cuisine made cakes as ordered, and only as part of their catering events. But in the early stage of the lockdown, the big cake companies were closed, creating a void. Cardinal Cuisine was quick to take on this sudden opportunity, quickly mobilizing production and accepting orders for delivery. And that’s when Cardinal Cakes began.

After gaining traction on social media, Cardinal Cakes saw sales jump, and it continues to serve up whole cakes for delivery across Metro Manila. “Last Mother’s Day, we turned over more than 60 cakes for delivery,” shared Bandola. "Around 90% of our customers are from Metro Manila, but we also have regular patrons from the Southern Tagalog region," Bandola said.  

Currently, Cardinal Cakes has four regular offerings – the moist and decadent Dark Chocolate Cake; the sublimely luxurious Naked Red Velvet Cake; the satisfyingly delightful Walnut Carrot Cake; and the light and fluffy Caramel Cake – with prices ranging from Php 450 to Php 1,000. The freshly baked cakes are sold immediately, thus turnover is quick, with rarely any inventory staying too long on the cake display. It’s best to order at least 12 hours in advance to make for enough lead time. 

Bandola explained that all their cakes are ordered as gifts to celebrate life and rightly so, because the cakes are baked with joy and passion. "We make our cakes like how mom makes them: full of love, sprinkled with joy, and carefully baked with tenderness. Good teams make good cakes, and our highly engaged and passionate team bake each cake as a product of that passion, and the desire to be part of our clients’ momentous occasions," he said.

With a clear path towards business progression, Cardinal Cakes has plans for expansion and digital integration to deliver both happiness and excitement to more households across the country. "We love how our cakes are part of our customers’ celebrations. Celebrations are happy occasions and no lockdown can keep us from celebrating life with our families and loved ones," Bandola said.

For more information, visit To order, you may contact 0905-420-4030 or 8821-0057. You can also reach Cardinal Cakes via Facebook Messenger at