Ensure Gold's Newest Plant-Based Nutrition Supplement to launch Exclusively on Shopee

Having a healthier lifestyle is not an easy task. It's about making sure everything you do, and take is still aligned with your goals, and being consistent is the key. That's why Abbott is here to help you make healthier choices not just for your family, but for yourself! Kaya naman #AlagangAbbott ka talaga with Ensure Gold's NEW plant-based and high nutritional value supplement and is launching exclusively on Shopee

Abbott is here to help you achieve a healthier life with the launch of Ensure Gold's newest plant-based supplement, only on Shopee's Brand Spotlight this March 18

And get this bundle on SHOPEE EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH: Ensure Gold HMB Almond 850g Bundle of 3 For Adult Nutrition for is Complete with high nutritional value and muscle mass building, Ensure Gold HMB Almond is a plant-based supplement sourced from Soy, Rice, and Quinoa. Buy now!

Abbott's latest plant-based Ensure Gold product is what you need to help keep yourself and your loved ones strong with its muscle mass-building nutrients.

New Ensure's 1st Plant-based Nutrition

  • HMB (β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate)
  • Protein from Soy, Rice, and Quinoa
  • Loaded with 28 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Suitable for those with Lactose intolerant because it is low in Lactose.
  • Vegetarian-friendly

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  1. Ang ganda naman po nitong bagong Ensure Gold dahil may plant-based nutrition ito na mas makapagbibigay ng nutrients na makatutulong sa pagpapalakas ng ating mga katawan plus it's vegetarian friendly .