Jul 28, 2021

7 Tips and Tricks All Beauty Lovers Should Master

7 Tips and Tricks All Beauty Lovers Should Master

Get the lowdown on these must-know tips and enjoy up to 90% off on skincare and makeup must-haves at Shopee Beauty

7 Tips and Tricks All Beauty Lovers Should Master

 7 Tips and Tricks All Beauty Lovers Should Master


Throughout the years, we’ve seen just how quickly beauty fads change. We’ve witnessed the industry’s evolution, from yesteryears’ contouring and highlighting trends to today’s more natural, glowy looks.


That said, the fundamentals of beauty pretty much stay the same. After all, whichever look you’re going for, you still need to know the basics of taking proper care of your skin, or of picking out shades that work wonders for your skin tone.


Below, we’ve rounded up a few skincare, hair care, and makeup how-tos for beauty lovers. We’ve also included product recommendations, which you can get for up to 90% off at the Shopee Beauty Sale starting July 28: 

1. Wear sunscreen even while staying indoors

Rain or shine, it’s important to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. If you’re indoors, keep in mind that these rays can still penetrate windows. After your morning skincare, apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. SNAILWHITE CC Sunscreen comes with SPF50+ PA+++ and provides natural coverage.

2. Gently pat your skincare on

The lightweight Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is perfect for the Philippines’ hot and humid climate. Squeeze a generous amount onto your fingertips and softly patdon’t rubon your face. A patting motion is more gentle on the skin. For thin skin surrounding the eye area, use your ring finger to help prevent wrinkles.

3. Don’t shampoo everyday

Did you know that shampooing everyday actually strips the scalp of natural oils? Try shampooing every other day instead. During the days in between, use Palmolive Naturals Dry Shampoo to freshen up your locks. Spritz on sections of your hair for fragrant, floral-scented tresses.

4. Don’t apply too much mascara to avoid clumps

If clumpy spider lashes are the bane of your existence, here’s a little trick: always wipe off excess product on your mascara wand before wiggling it up your lashes. With Maybelline Lash Lift Mascara’s double curved wand, you can enjoy dramatic volume and lift minus the clumps.

5.Make your foundation look like second skin

Prior to applying foundation, create a glowing canvas by moisturizing your skin. Next, buff in your foundation of choice, blending from the center of your face outward. For a natural look, Ellana Buttermilk BB Foundie lends the skin medium coverage and a radiant finish.

6. Prep your lips before applying lip products

Take a look in most Filipinas’ makeup bags, and you’ll definitely find a lip tint. Happy Skin Lip & Cheek Tint, for instance, offers a variety of morena-friendly colors. For smooth, juicy lips, exfoliate gently and swipe on a lip balm. Then apply the tint to the center of your lips and use your finger to diffuse the color.


7. Use a light hand for your brows

You know what they saybrows can either make or break your look. For flawless arches, use Focallure Eyebrow Pencil to draw small, feathery strokes. Blend out the product as much as you can, then brush the hairs up with a clear brow gel to mimic a naturally full brow.


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4 tips to help you achieve smoother and poreless skin

 Ever Organics Brightening Pore Serum helps you achieve that K-star glow


4 tips to help you achieve smoother and poreless skin


Are you one of those hooked on K-dramas and wishing for clear, dewy, beautiful skin just like the leading actors? Well, you are not alone! So many people are aiming to have poreless skin and getting it is easy with some extra care.


Ever Organics, the newest line of products made in Korea from Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc, shares 4 effective tips to help you achieve flawless, smooth, and poreless complexion: 


Tip #1: Cleanse, tone, and apply essence.  

Cleansing your face is always the first step in a skincare routine. This is to prevent dirt and pollution from piling up on your face that may cause skin dehydration and breakouts. Always remember to wash your face with a cleanser that suits your skin. Scrub, ideally twice or thrice a week, to exfoliate dirt that may have accumulated over time.


Next, apply an alcohol-free toner to prep your skin. Toners are used to keep your skin look plump and healthy as it removes deep-seated dirt and impurities.


Afterwards, apply some essence. Essence has a lighter consistency than a serum, so after toning your face, add in some essence. Including this in your routine helps your skin absorb more of the nutrients you give to your skin. 


Tip #2:  Use a serum

Serums minimize the appearance of pores, dark spots and acne marks. Incorporate Ever Organics Brightening Pore Serum, which has Niacinamide and Vitamin C, into your list of go-to serum products. These powerful ingredients retain skin moisture that will keep your skin firm and healthy and at the same time reduce dark spots and acne marks, helping you achieve that smooth and poreless beauty.


Ever Organics Brightening Pore Serum also protects your skin from harmful pollutants and the sun. Its oil control protection keeps your skin fresh and hydrated without feeling sticky.


Tip #3: Moisturize and apply sunscreen

Moisturizing is a must for every skincare routine, not just on the face but for the whole body. Having dry skin increases the risks of breakouts and premature skin aging. Applying moisturizer religiously helps you maintain that youthful and clear skin.  Follow up the moisturizer with some sunscreen. Make it a habit to apply sunscreen on your face daily and ensure that the sunscreen you’re using has at least 30 to 50+ SPF. The sunscreen, while it gives you protection from the harsh UV rays, also prevents premature aging and inflammation of the skin and reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation.


Tip #4: Mask it up. 

Give yourself that spa-like facial experience at home anytime with handy face masks! Apply one of the Ever Organics Sheet Masks to remove excess oil, get rid of your tired look, and minimize the appearance of pores. Ever Organics Sheet Mask comes in different variants: purifying, detoxifying, antioxidants, soothing, revitalizing, and moisturizing. All this guarantees that you’ll feel fresh and glowing after!


You can easily achieve that flawless, natural look you've been looking for by following these simple tips.


Ever Organics Brightening Pore Serum (P120) and Ever Organics Sheet Mask (P38) are now available on Lazada. For more information, follow @EverOrganics on Facebook and @ever_organics on Instagram.

Jul 26, 2021

Sanofi celebrates International Self Care Day with Power To Love Yourself Completely Online Event


In photo: Janeena Chan, Jill Lim, Group Brand Manager of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, Mommy Mish of MommaNManila and Lynn Pinugo, Co-Founder of SheTalksAsia.

Sanofi celebrates International Self Care Day with Power To Love Yourself Completely Online Event

Jul 24, 2021

Take Control of Your Finances: Financial Planning in Three Life Stages

 Take Control of Your Finances: Financial Planning in Three Life Stages


Everyone’s life journey is different. The many choices and decisions you make along the way will lead you to different paths and produce different outcomes. But it’s safe to say that everyone wants to live a secure and comfortable life from here on out.


With smart financial planning, you can be in control of your finances and live a worry-free life. The sooner you get started on securing your future, the earlier you will reap the rewards.


If you’ve lost track of your finances because of the demands of life, that’s okay. You can take back control and change your life’s trajectory. It’s never too late to start and make better decisions that will positively impact your financial future.


From early career to retirement, you can map out your future with a solid and comprehensive financial plan.


Early Career

Your early career is very important when it comes to financial planning. This is the period of your life where you lay out your plans and work to turn them to reality.


Because you’re starting on a clean slate, anything is possible! Just remember that the decisions you make during this stage will lay the groundwork for your financial plans and impact your long-term financial health.


In short, this is where your ‘adulting’ begins. There will be bills to pay now, and you’ll be shouldering most of the expenses at home to help your parents out (if you haven’t moved out to get your own place already).


Thus, your main focus during this period is managing your cash flow to make your budget work.


But the truth is it’s easier said than done. Since you’re just starting out in your career, it can be challenging to meet all your financial goals, especially on an entry-level salary.


Whether you’re earning ₱15,000 or ₱150,000 a month, the prices of commodities are the same for everybody. The prices of goods and services will not adjust to your income.


But even with a meager salary, you can still make it work by managing your finances. Plan your short-term and long-term goals. List down your monthly financial priorities, making sure to pay off your bills first. Then decide what you want to do with the money you have left.


Why not open your own savings, checking, or time deposit account to kickstart your savings goals? If you have ₱5,000, ₱10,000, or ₱25,000 saved up, you have many savings options that will suit your lifestyle and boost your savings goals.


For instance, RCBC's OneAccount combines the features of savings, checking, and time deposit in a single account. It also allows you to earn higher interest as well as customize its features according to your needs or preference--from choosing between having an account with zero maintaining balance or no annual fees, to which you can add-on features such as free life insurance coverage, card insurance, personal accident insurance, and free withdrawal at any Bancnet ATM. It comes with an ATM Card, Transaction Journal and Checkbook. Base rate is P10,000 but you can increase it if you want to avail the full features of this type of account.


You may also opt to put your money in low-risk investments that can help your money grow over time. For example, you can invest in RCBC Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) for as low as ₱5,000. Money market UITFs are low-commitment investments that are also convenient and accessible.


Enjoy what you earn, but think about your future as well. The important thing is to spend responsibly and save money so you can afford to spend guilt-free!



By the time you reach your mid-career, your focus will shift to building your wealth for the long-term and protecting yourself financially. 


From buying the latest gadgets to saving up for exciting barkada trips, the next life stage will have you saving up for your wedding, your first home, your first child, or your first business.


During this stage, your income will have increased, and you’re likely to hold a better and more stable job.


Because of your increasing financial responsibilities, you should also prioritize maximizing your savings, increasing your income sources, and growing your investments.


This will not be easy, especially when your household income is only just enough for your daily expenses. But if you were able to save during the early career stage, you can now use a portion of your savings to pay for the down payment of your house or your child’s tuition. You can even get that business started.


The goal is to earn more passive income, preferably on a low-risk investment product. If you have ₱100,000 to invest, you can explore RCBC’s fixed income securities, such as Treasury Bills, Retail Treasury Bonds, Local Corporate Bonds, Fixed Rate Treasury Notes, or Foreign Currency Sovereigns. Or if you are looking for more affordable investment options with higher earning potential, you can also try the more aggressive UITF products such as the Bond or Equity Funds.


Moreover, your life and health insurance coverage should be sufficient and in force in case anything happens to you. No one knows what the future holds. In the blink of an eye, you can lose everything you’ve worked so hard for, so it’s a must to have protection.


At the same time, start saving up for your own retirement. It may seem many years away, but it’s sooner than you realize. While you still have the earning capacity, prepare for your comfortable golden years.




By the pre-retirement stage, your children will be almost finished with college. Your mortgage will also be almost fully paid.


For a lot of Filipinos, there will still be plenty of financial strains in the pre-retirement stage. Especially when there are just too many financial obstacles and not a lot of income opportunities.


Your retirement is something you prepare for as soon as you receive your first paycheck. Your current age and the age you want to retire will help you create a retirement strategy that works.


Don’t panic if you’re only ten or fifteen years away from retirement. This is still a lot of time to build a retirement fund.


A pro-tip is consistently and regularly building up your retirement fund overtime. For example, investing P5,000 in RCBC Equity Fund every 1st of the month for over fifteen years, without fail, is a sure way to build your fund.  You accumulate P900,000 in principal plus the unlimited potential earnings of your investment over fifteen years!


If you have a more substantial savings at this point, Investment Management is another option that can help maximize the earning potential of your portfolio. A team of financial experts can guide you based on your investment preferences and parameters or they can also make investment decisions on your behalf.


Evaluate your progress regularly to make sure you’re on track and see if you need to change anything in your financial plan. Consider present risks that may prevent you from reaching your financial goals, and then do everything right now to fill in the gap. Even if it means getting a side gig, changing your investment strategy, or even pushing back your retirement date.


Set clear financial goals when you reach these life stages and strive to achieve them. This way, you can worry less about your finances and be in control whenever you encounter financial hurdles.


Jul 23, 2021

Here’s One Less Thing to Worry About When Building Your Dream Home or Business

Meralco’s passion for service extends to a jointly formed program with LGUs to fast-track the energization of homes and businesses.

Meralco, in partnership with 27 LGUs (as of publishing date) including Malolos City, is working to ease the burden of its customers by making the process of electrification truly digital. From left: Meralco AVP and Head, North Business Area Wilfredo Baetiong; Malolos City Mayor Hon. Gilbert Gatchalian; Malolos City Engineer and Building Official Engr. Ricasol Millan; Malolos Business Center Manager Arnaldo Punay.

“The process of securing a CFEI is now better and faster. It took much longer before.”

Jamalia Alawiya, a resident of Manila, previously struggled in filing her CFEI. But with electronic CFEI or eCFEI, she notes the marked improvement in the overall process. (“Mas maigi at mabilis na ang pagkuha ng CFEI, hindi katulad noon na matagal.”)

What is the eCFEI and what’s in it for you?

The Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) is a necessary document issued by your local government unit (LGU), which should be submitted to Meralco to ensure that electrical wirings were inspected and found to be compliant with the provisions of the Philippine Electrical Code and other applicable government rules and regulations.

To secure this, you would need to make multiple trips to your LGU, something that could be considered risky during a pandemic.

To help ease the burden of its customers, Meralco established a partnership with LGUs to expedite the processes through the electronic Certification of Final Electrical Inspection (eCFEI), a program that allows for the electronic transmission of approved CFEIs from LGUs to Meralco.

LGUs email the list of approved CFEIs and upon confirmation, Meralco notifies the customers that their CFEI has been approved.

Thus, trips to both city hall and Meralco Business Center (BC) are minimized and you get the lights on faster with less waiting time and contact with people.

The eCFEI program is one of Meralco’s initiatives to streamline the process of getting electricity to its customers, and this effort supports improving the Philippines’ ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Annual Report.

And because the digital process has less room for intervention, the eCFEI program has also had a surprise side effect: the reduction of falsified permits and CFEIs.

“Now, we have an organized [process for] monitoring issued CFEIs, and we can easily detect falsified permits or certificates,” explains Engr. Marco Del Rosario, a supervisor at the Office of the Building Official in San Juan City.

Sparking Bayanihan

eCFEI is currently being implemented in 27 LGUs (Central Area: Antipolo, Binangonan, Cainta, Manila, Pasay, Pasig, and San Juan; North Area: Caloocan, Calumpit, Malolos, Navotas, and Quezon City; South Area: Alaminos, Bacoor, Batangas, Calamba, Carmona, Dasmarinas, Imus, Las Piñas, Liliw, Naic, Parañaque, San Pedro, Silang, Sta. Rosa, and Tiaong), and the results have been very encouraging.

In the municipality of Tiaong in Quezon, for example, over 600 eCFEIs have been processed since May 5, 2021. This is more than 50% of CFEIs released in the same period in 2019 (285) and 2020 (229), and this has played a major role in maintaining social distancing in the area.

“During this global pandemic, it is important to minimize face-to-face transactions,” says Hon. Mayor Ramon Abad Preza of Tiaong. “That is why the Municipality of Tiaong, Quezon supports the eCFEI Program of Meralco to promote and protect [our] health and safety.”

The success of the eCFEI program has also led to more cities and municipalities being eager to participate. The One Meralco Foundation (OMF) has also donated computers and scanners to selected LGUs to help in their shift to the digital process. To date, OMF has provided 18 pieces of equipment to 9 LGUs for the eCFEI program.

Service applications on Meralco Online

Aside from the eCFEI, Meralco had already been pushing initiatives to digitalize its processes prior to the pandemic.

Since 2018, customers have been able to request their Service Applications (SA) through Meralco Online (MO), the company’s online services portal. The capability was introduced to help manage the volume of customers that visit BCs, encouraging them to use Meralco’s digital channels for initial contact.

In 2020 alone, 121,950 SAs lodged via MO were fulfilled and submitted. Compared to 88,697 SAs filed as of mid-2021, that’s a 45% increase in SAs processed through MO or equivalent to 200,000 homes and businesses that were able to apply for electrical connections without having to line up in a crowd.

Meralco is continuously improving SA through MO, with a vision to create an end-to-end online service application process.

A truly digital energization journey

“The eCFEIs and online SA demonstrate Meralco’s passion for service, to make the customer’s electrification journey truly digital, while being simple, fast, and convenient. Both can be accessed at any time, from any place with internet access. More service innovations are in the pipeline,” promises Ferdinand O. Geluz, First Vice President – Customer Retail Services and Chief Commercial Officer of Meralco.


For concerns you may reach us through the following channels: residential hotline 16211, business hotline 16210, email: customercare@meralco.com.ph. For businesses, you may also contact your Relationship Manager or Biz Partner Manager.

Jul 22, 2021

PWDe to Showcase PWDs’ Best-Kept Secrets on an Online Bazaar

PWDe to Showcase PWDs’ Best-Kept Secrets on an Online Bazaar


In celebration of National Disability Week, newly established social enterprise Precious Works of Differently Abled Enterprise (PWDe) will put the spotlight on the talents and skills of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) through an online bazaar happening from July 21-24, 2021 on Lazada.


The online bazaar will feature the following products made, and services to be provided by deaf people, people with Autism and Down syndrome, physically disabled people, and other PWDs:


  • Food products - French macarons, no-bake cheesecakes, Korean samgyupsal sets, buko pandan, macaroni
  • Craft and gift items - Paintings, customized flower and basket arrangements, table runners,  saori weaves, drawstring pouches, t-shirts
  • Services - Encoding, cleaning, sign language classes. graphic design, photography


You can avail of these products and services by visiting the dedicated page for the event on the Lazada website or app Precious Works of Differently Abled Enterprise (lazada.com.ph)


“I am excited with the possibility of empowering PWDs through this meaningful project,” says Arlene Tan-Bantoto, founding member of PWDe and a mother to an artistic daughter with Autism.


Driven to empower and create sustainable growth and livelihood for PWDs, Arlene and three other passionate individuals formed PWDe, a non profit social enterprise that aims to provide a space where PWDs can provide their goods and services to the public. These include Archie David, founder of Independent Living and Learning Center which is a school for special needs-children; Princess Schuck, a marketing professional who has found passion in supporting PWDs; and Elyse Go, co-founder of Hand and Heart, a social enterprise that facilitates jobs and livelihood for PWDs.


PWDe is supported by JCI Manilena, Lazada Philippines and the National Commission on Disability Affairs (NCDA).


Support, empower and celebrate inclusion and diversity by supporting the PWDe Online Bazaar on Lazada from July  21-24, 2021.

Jul 13, 2021

Shop Your Favorite Brands Straight From Your GCash through GLife

Shop Your Favorite Brands Straight From Your GCash through GLife

Shopping online, ordering your favorite meals and even interacting with your favorite celebs just got more exciting with GLife!  The one-stop-shop that upgrades you to your superlife!


#ICYMI GLife, your one-tap entry-point to all things online shopping has just added even more merchants you’ll definitely love. Shopping for a meal for the family? A snack to eat? Or even just looking to rock out to some new speakers and tunes, GLife has got you covered, now you don’t need to go through the hassle of constantly switching apps because they have got it conveniently available for us all! Here’s a rundown of this month’s newest merchants that’ll make you want to add-to-cart ASAP.


Top Picks For Your Taste Buds

Whether it’s your cheat day or not, add these delectable options to your mental menu!


Savor the flavors of Southeast Asian delights from Nanyang where you can get your kaya toast and kopi fix or go for heartier options like their curry, laksa, or Hainanese chicken rice meals. If it’s more of a dimsum day for you, enter the Oriental gates of Paradise Dynasty and enjoy fine Chinese dining right in the comforts of your own home.


For more special occasions, relish the nostalgia of childhood classics with Goldilocks or go ahead and treat yourself or your family with comfort food feasts from The Racks Group with special deals from Racks, Tenya, & Rackshack. For a more personal touch, choose to make your own feast and cook up something different with trusted quality ingredients from The Rare Food Shop.


Get your fill of balanced meals with healthy options like Kenny Rogers and Go! Salads, or indulge from time to time with all the good stuff from Wildflour and Bricklane Doughnuts.


Whatever the craving, whatever the mood, and whatever the occasion - you’re bound to find something that makes your taste buds come alive on GLife.

Hobbies & Recreation

Even when it comes to different hobbies and interests, GLife has something for everyone.


Take a break from tech and bond with your family or your closest friends with some fun games from Hobby Corner - your one-stop hobby shop for people of any age. Make the mood extra fun with some good tunes enjoyed through high quality audio from JBL’s speakers, headphones, and sound systems!


If you’re into mobile gaming, why not flex your skills in some competitive casual gaming with Goama Games? Play anywhere by staying connected with a 5G SIM and no expiry data from GOMO! And when it comes to all your different multimedia needs, gadget goals, and dream upgrades, you can trust merchants like Datablitz, Game One PH, and Cherry to have what you need.


Home Essentials & Feel-Good Finds

From home appliances to home improvements and all the everyday essentials in between!


If you ever find yourself needing a break, curl up with a good book from Fully Booked where you can enjoy free shipping for a minimum spend of P799! You can also surprise your friends and spread some joy with something different by getting their favorite celebrity to give them a greeting with FanLove!


For those of you about to attend a period party, make your days feel extra nice knowing you’re switching to better habits that are better for the environment with Nalawoman - your go-to place for eco-friendly period care products at an affordable price where you can also get free shipping for a minimum spend of P500 when you enter the promo code “gcashnayan”.


Aside from giving yourself and the environment some extra TLC, you can keep yourself and your family - including your fur babies - in tip-top shape with vitamins, supplements, and other health essentials for you and your pets from Healthmart and PetMart.


Want to save more on groceries and other good finds? Head on over to Triber! Asia’s social e-commerce platform for community group buying now accessible on GLife with up to 80% off in deals and discounts. You can easily breeze through how it works by going to Triber on GLife and tapping the “how to group buy” button under the FAQs section.


Curate your space with GLife. Invest in upgrades with Xtreme Appliances and explore home living possibilities with premium products from ConcepStore. Organize and declutter with quality home products at affordable prices from OKStore. And add a warm, rustic touch with Domesticity where you’ll find handcrafted pieces combining beauty and function made by a Gawad Kalinga Community in Negros Occidental. Get everything you need to turn your house into a home with GLife.

There’s always something for everyone to enjoy at GLife and if you haven’t checked it out yet, this is your sign to do so! Stay tuned for even more merchants you’ll love made even more exciting with exclusive promos and offers you won’t want to miss. If you don’t have the GCash app yet, you can download it via the App Store or Google Play. Just register your account and enjoy GCash as your new super-life app!


Nestlé Philippines celebrated Pride Month by pursuing workplace diversity and inclusion

#TogetherwitPride Inclusion Talks tackled SOGIESC awareness and what it means to be a true ally of the LGBT+ community in the workplace – with Christopher Eugenio of the Philippine Financial Inter-Industry Pride, Bem Uychinco, H2R Global Transition Manager of Nestle Business Services and Johann Ang, HR Business Partner of Nestle Philippines.

Nestlé Philippines celebrated Pride Month by pursuing workplace diversity and inclusion

Upholding its pursuit of diversity and inclusion by providing equal opportunities for everyone, and building a workplace in which all people are treated with dignity and respect, Nestlé Philippines joined the LGBT+ community’s celebration of Pride Month in June with the determination to foster an even more diverse and inclusive culture within its ranks.

“Nestlé’s values are rooted in respect - for ourselves and for others, for diversity, and for the future.  Diversity and inclusion are a foundation of our strength as an organization,” said Nestlé Philippines Chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki.

Acting on its commitment to give life to diversity and inclusion, Nestlé encourages its employees to “Bring your whole self to work” through education and awareness building, while creating a work environment that cultivates respect through its programs and policies.

Alex Araune enjoying Pride Month treats in Nestle Cagayan De Oro Factory


Early in 2020, Nestlé Philippines was one of the first markets to launch the implementation of the Nestlé Gender-neutral Parental Support Policy that provides a more supportive and nurturing environment for new parents. The policy enforces gender equality and diversity, recognizing today’s diverse family structures:  biological or adoptive parents, including same-sex partners, single parents, and legal guardians. With the enhanced policy, the company is one of the first to extend paid parental leave to same-sex partners in the country.

Similarly, the company’s medical program for dependents, as well as other family-related benefits, support common-law and same-sex partnerships.

In the Philippines, all of Nestlé leaders have been trained in unconscious bias and sexual harassment prevention.  The company has also launched a mandatory e-learning course, “Diversity and Inclusion at Nestle: the LGBT+ Community,” which focuses on fostering inclusion for the LGBT+ community, and forms part of an expanding diversity and inclusion learning curriculum.

Nestlé Philippines is a member of Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride, a collaborative, voluntary and non-profit community of practice for equal opportunity employers and inclusive business organizations in the country.

Nestle Lipa Factory employees enjoying Pride Month treats

As part of Pride Month, Nestlé Philippines held a forum called #TogetherwithPride Inclusion Talk, which tackled awareness of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sexual characteristics (SOGIESC), and allyship, more specifically supporting equality and the rights of the LGBT+ community in the workplace, with Christopher Eugenio of Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride. Inspirational coming out stories were shared by Bem Uychinco, H2R Global Transition Manager of Nestlé Business Services and Johann Ang, Senior HR Business Partner of Nestlé Philippines.

Nestlé Philippines engages in continuous efforts to make the workplace more inclusive by reviewing its policies and practices in its entire value chain, and fulfilling its role in influencing and inspiring society to be more inclusive.

Learn from the Gaming Pros with Globe Virtual Hangouts

Learn from the Gaming Pros with Globe Virtual Hangouts

Many people have embraced the thrill and excitement of online games amid the pandemic. While other sporting events have been postponed or canceled, esports has thrived and even boomed.

Through esports, some elite gamers have made a name for themselves. Fueling everyone’s love for online gaming, Globe Virtual Hangouts is reinventing esports and taking it to the next level.

“Gamers have become elite athletes in their own right, and that’s why we at Globe Virtual Hangouts are thrilled to showcase their talents.” Eric Leif Tanbauco, Head of Globe Prepaid, said. “At the same time, we want to develop the next generation of esports athletes, so we’re helping newbies learn from the best in the game.”

Do you have what it takes to be an elite gamer in this increasingly competitive esports gaming landscape? Globe users can conveniently join the Virtual Hangouts event for the Learn From a Pro series through the GlobeOne app where pro gamers share tips and tricks to help level up a beginner’s gameplay and stream takeovers with your favorite celebrities.

Catch Learn From A Pro episode 2 on July 17 which will feature pro team SunSparks, the semi-finalists in the recently concluded Wild Rift-SEA Icon Series Philippines, who will show The Band the ropes on how to play the year’s hottest mobile game, League of Legends Wild Rift. They will also discuss the basics of the game, how they choose champions, their game objectives, the skills of each champion, and more! Future episodes featuring other gaming pros will be announced soon through the GlobeOne app. 

To watch the Learn from a Pro series, just open the GlobeOne app, go to the Virtual Hangouts tab, choose GoESPORTS Learn From A Pro Episode 2 and get a free GoPLAY10 after the stream. 

Enjoy more of your favorite mobile games with the new Go+99 with 8GB of data for all sites plus extra 8GB of GoPLAY. It also comes with unli all net texts for 7 days. For those into League of Legends, up your #GlobeWildRift game with Go50 with 5GB for all sites plus GoPLAY10 for an additional 1GB to play Wild Rift for one day. #SeeYouOnTheRift. Get these promos via *143# or the GlobeOne app.

Globe Virtual Hangouts is part of Globe’s efforts to uplift Filipinos’ quality of life and elevate their experiences at home. Through Globe Virtual Hangouts, you can enjoy new ways to connect, pursue your passions and even discover new ones!

The GlobeOne app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery. Register to the new Go+99 with 8GB of data for all sites and unli all net texts for 7 days. Plus, extra 8GB for your choice of GoPLAY apps. Get it via the GlobeOne app at https://glbe.co/globe-one.