Jul 13, 2021

Learn from the Gaming Pros with Globe Virtual Hangouts

Learn from the Gaming Pros with Globe Virtual Hangouts

Many people have embraced the thrill and excitement of online games amid the pandemic. While other sporting events have been postponed or canceled, esports has thrived and even boomed.

Through esports, some elite gamers have made a name for themselves. Fueling everyone’s love for online gaming, Globe Virtual Hangouts is reinventing esports and taking it to the next level.

“Gamers have become elite athletes in their own right, and that’s why we at Globe Virtual Hangouts are thrilled to showcase their talents.” Eric Leif Tanbauco, Head of Globe Prepaid, said. “At the same time, we want to develop the next generation of esports athletes, so we’re helping newbies learn from the best in the game.”

Do you have what it takes to be an elite gamer in this increasingly competitive esports gaming landscape? Globe users can conveniently join the Virtual Hangouts event for the Learn From a Pro series through the GlobeOne app where pro gamers share tips and tricks to help level up a beginner’s gameplay and stream takeovers with your favorite celebrities.

Catch Learn From A Pro episode 2 on July 17 which will feature pro team SunSparks, the semi-finalists in the recently concluded Wild Rift-SEA Icon Series Philippines, who will show The Band the ropes on how to play the year’s hottest mobile game, League of Legends Wild Rift. They will also discuss the basics of the game, how they choose champions, their game objectives, the skills of each champion, and more! Future episodes featuring other gaming pros will be announced soon through the GlobeOne app. 

To watch the Learn from a Pro series, just open the GlobeOne app, go to the Virtual Hangouts tab, choose GoESPORTS Learn From A Pro Episode 2 and get a free GoPLAY10 after the stream. 

Enjoy more of your favorite mobile games with the new Go+99 with 8GB of data for all sites plus extra 8GB of GoPLAY. It also comes with unli all net texts for 7 days. For those into League of Legends, up your #GlobeWildRift game with Go50 with 5GB for all sites plus GoPLAY10 for an additional 1GB to play Wild Rift for one day. #SeeYouOnTheRift. Get these promos via *143# or the GlobeOne app.

Globe Virtual Hangouts is part of Globe’s efforts to uplift Filipinos’ quality of life and elevate their experiences at home. Through Globe Virtual Hangouts, you can enjoy new ways to connect, pursue your passions and even discover new ones!

The GlobeOne app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery. Register to the new Go+99 with 8GB of data for all sites and unli all net texts for 7 days. Plus, extra 8GB for your choice of GoPLAY apps. Get it via the GlobeOne app at https://glbe.co/globe-one.


  1. Ang Dami talagang pakulo ni globe, para sa mga gamers para mas makatipid
    By - Meriros Onilecram

  2. Marami na po talaga ngayon Ang mga taong adik Sa online gaming .. Lalo na ngayong pandemic dahil halos lahat ay naka Stay at Home.
    I will share this good news to my brothers na adik Sa ML!

  3. Hala ganda naman nitong si globe bagay na bagay sa asawa ko lalo na gamers sya sabihin ko ito sa kanya para may idea din sya..

    Antoniette Sanchez David / Quezon city