Feb 23, 2022

Carousell sees dynamic growth in online property and classified ads business for 2022

Carousell Philippines sees dynamic growth in online property and classified ads for 2022.

Carousell sees dynamic growth in online property and classified ads business for 2022


With the pandemic crisis accelerating the expansion of the e-commerce and online classified ads landscape, Carousell Philippines looks forward to 2022 with an optimistic and bullish perspective.

The fast-growing online buy-and-sell platform which closed 2021 with a USD 100M  investment from STIC Investments, a leading Korean private equity that invests across Asia, and the acquisition of Ox Street, one of the leading end-to-end marketplaces for authenticated sneakers and streetwear in Southeast Asia, is all set to create innovations to strengthen Carousell Philippines’ proposition for 2022.

Djon Nacario, Carousell Philippines General Manager

“The pandemic has provided customers with access to a significant variety of products from the convenience and safety of their homes. We see this shift as an opportunity and inspiration not only to make Carousell even better but most importantly, to serve Filipino customers better,” said  Carousell Philippines’ new General Manager Djon Nacario, who discussed the upcoming plans, innovations, business prospects, and directions of Carousell for the year in a recent media event.

The pandemic scenario
During the pandemic, Carousell served as a helpline for a number of Filipinos when users set up community pantries funded by items sold on the Carousell app to aid those left most vulnerable by the crisis.

During the recent Typhoon Odette, sellers have also initiated a donation drive by selling secondhand items and donating the proceeds to families and communities that were heavily affected by the typhoon. Listing views and monthly active users have also increased in 2021 as more users turn to Carousell to buy medical supplies and secondhand clothing while some users have also started selling on Carousell to supplement their income.

We are very heartened at some of the grassroot initiatives that our users have started on the Carousell platform which shows the true spirit of Filipino resilience and bayanihan, especially in times of crisis. Carousell supports these humble initiatives by our users to extend help to the most vulnerable and to ensure that people can continue on with their lives amid the pandemic,” Djon said.

Property 24 to merge with Carousell
A highlight development for 2022 is the merging of Property24 with Carousell which is set to happen on March 8, 2022. According to Djon, this will provide an effective online platform for leading real estate developers, agencies, and brokers to help them showcase their property listings to a wider audience of qualified prospective buyers including the 4.62 million monthly visitors on Carousell. In line with this, Carousell is also working on initiatives to improve the user's experience on its platform to ensure that customers are able to find every kind of home for every kind of family.

“This is something that we’ve been planning forever since OLX merged with Carousell Philippines. We have taken in various feedbacks from our partners, developers, and users to make our property category even better,” Djon added.

Recognition of excellence in the property industry
For the first time ever, Carousell will also bring together the country’s most recognizable real estate developers and their finest developments in the Carousell Property Awards to be launched in March 2022. Among the nominees are some of the most celebrated real estate brands in the Philippines including Suntrust, Camella, Crown Asia, and Lumina, among other leading developers.  

Trust and assurance in Carousell Autos
With over 6,000 cars listed on the platform as of February 2022,  Djon also expounded on Carousell’s recent tie-up with Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI), the premier provider of used vehicle inspection and warranty services in the country, to launch the Carousell Autos Inspected and Warranty program which is designed to provide buyers of second-hand cars confidence and peace of mind when searching for vehicles in the Carousell platform.

“We recognize that knowing the real condition of the car is a legitimate concern for most buyers. Our partnership with PWSPI is a reflection of our commitment to promote quality listings on our platform. Carousell Autos Inspected and Warranty program will boost buyer’s trust in secondhand cars and will give them the assurance that the items listed on the platform are safe from hidden faults or defects,” Djon said.

Recognition for Pinoy entrepreneurs
Finally, since many Carousell users are micro-, small- and medium-size entrepreneurs, the company is also set to launch the Caroupreneur Awards that will recognize the outstanding achievements of Filipino entrepreneurs over the past year. This will range from entrepreneurs who started or scaled their businesses online, to brick-and-mortar SMEs who digitalized their businesses, and everyday Filipinos who gave away good quality preloved items for free.

To celebrate Carousell’s decade of sustainability, Caroupreneur Awards will also have sustainability-themed categories such as Heroes of Green, and other categories including Best in Carousell – Autos (Used Cars), Autos Workshop and Services, Property, Home Services, and many more. Winners will be announced later in the year.

A most receptive Recommerce market
The event also highlighted the overview and insights from the Recommerce Index 2021 Report, which is Carousell’s Green initiative to highlight the importance of sustainability and recommerce in the Greater Southeast Asia region.

According to the report,  the Philippines is the most receptive Southeast Asian market for recommerce, or the practice of buying and selling brand new and previously owned items. The report also shows how consumer behaviors have changed especially during the pandemic. Hence, Carousell Recommerce Index is a timely 'report card' on where consumers are now, and how we can make secondhand the first choice in our effort to practice a more sustainable lifestyle and support a circular economy. The report also covers findings from four Carousell Group brands namely Carousell, Chợ Tốt, Mudah.my, and OneKyat, across eight markets - Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam, involving over 3,000 buyers and sellers.

Blood Parasites and how to shoo them away

Blood Parasites and how to shoo them away 

Ticks and fleas could bring itchiness and restlessness to our fur babies. But sometimes, it could get worse - blood parasites.

Blood parasites are organisms that live in the blood of their animal hosts. Ticks or fleas transmit parasites through bites which infect and target the red blood cells that carry the oxygen in the bloodstream.

According to MSD Veterinary Manual, these parasites can range from single-celled to more complex bacteria that can be difficult to eliminate effectively.

A pet with blood parasites may show loss of appetite, tiredness, weakness, white to purple-colored gums, depression, weight loss, fever, which may sometimes cause serious health problems and even death if your pet isn't adequately protected.

So, how to prevent these bad guys from putting our dog or cat in danger? Instead of waiting for the symptoms to happen to bring them to a veterinarian, we can start by being proactive. We can begin the prevention to where it could all begin - ticks and fleas.

3-in-1 Protection for Dogs and Cats
The danger brought by ticks and fleas is no joke for us fur parents. The scary thing about this is that the signs are often vague and sometimes difficult to identify. Sometimes, busy pet owners fail to watch their pets until they become hosts to these parasites, especially if they are in an area where there are ticks and fleas.

Luckily, we can all stop worrying because it is now possible to give full-time protection to our dogs and cats. With just one dose, Bravecto can do the three jobs:  killing ticks and fleas, prevent early transmission of parasites and other bacteria to your pet, and give them protection for 3 months. 

Bravecto 3-in-1 benefits (Kill-Prevent-Protect) have been evaluated through thorough research where it shows it’s not just preventing ticks and fleas. The study indicates that Bravecto can also shoo away lesser-known parasites that infest internally and in the blood of our fur babies.

Aside from proving the speed of a single dose of Bravecto and its efficacy within 48 hours after treatment, the research also shows the long duration of protection it can give to our fur babies.

Imagine the relief and happiness you can give to your fur baby and yourself. Free from ticks, fleas, and prevention of blood parasites. With Bravecto Chew and Spot-on for Dogs and Bravecto Spot-on for Cats, we can be sure that there will be no room for these bad guys who want to harm our fur babies. 

More than a hundred million doses of Bravecto are protecting dogs, cats, and even owners in different parts of the world.

Many products and remedies can protect your dog from fleas and ticks, but only the veterinarian can recommend the best treatment. It is always best to check with your vet before beginning any treatment on your furry pal.

For more on keeping your dog tick, flea, and mite-free, visit us at www.bravecto.com.ph or follow us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/bravecto.ph.

Feb 17, 2022

USAID, Nestlé Philippines Partner to Support LGUs in Solid Waste Management and Climate Impact Reduction

(Right) Rene Acosta, Clean Cities, Blue Ocean Program Asia Regional Director, and Arlene Bantoto, Nestlé Philippines Senior Vice President and Head of Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability, sign the memorandum of understanding to help improve local solid waste management in the country. 


USAID, Nestlé Philippines Partner to Support LGUs in Solid Waste Management and Climate Impact Reduction


Manila—To mark the Philippines’ Zero Waste Month in January, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)—through its Clean Cities, Blue Ocean (CCBO) program—and Nestlé Philippines, Inc. partnered to help local government units (LGUs) and community leaders better understand the link between climate change and solid waste management.


Tetra Tech’s Rene Acosta, CCBO Asia Regional Director, and Nestlé Philippines Senior Vice President Arlene Bantoto signed the memorandum of understanding on January 31. 


Together, USAID and Nestlé Philippines committed to share practical tips about improving local solid waste management, increase communities’ access to solid waste management education, and implement Nestlé Philippines’ Climate Change and Solid Waste Management Education Program.


“Combatting ocean plastics pollution is a challenge that requires strong partnerships,” said USAID Philippines Mission Director Ryan Washburn.  “USAID is pleased to partner with Nestlé Philippines in supporting local governments to reduce waste-linked contributions to ocean plastics and the climate crisis.”


The Philippines generates an estimated 2.7 million tons of plastic waste annually, of which 20 percent is estimated to end up in the ocean.  While the country has legislation on solid waste management, LGUs sometimes struggle to implement and enforce regulations.


By extending Nestlé Philippines’ Climate Change and Solid Waste Management Education Program to USAID CCBO engagement sites in Metro Manila and Iloilo, USAID and Nestlé Philippines will support local government efforts to enhance their solid waste management systems and develop resilience to climate change.


“As a food and beverage manufacturer with a major presence in the country, we are called upon to be at the forefront in helping tackle the urgent issues of climate change and plastic waste.  As Nestlé Philippines sustains plastic neutrality, and other pioneering initiatives for the environment, it is important for us to help capacitate people at the grassroots level,” said Nestlé Philippines Chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki.  “We welcome this partnership with USAID Philippines and look forward to working with other partners as we accelerate our journey toward a waste-free future.”


USAID launched CCBO in August 2019 as its flagship program to respond to the ocean plastics pollution crisis.  The five-year (2019-2024), $48-million (Php2.5-billion) program works at the global level and in specific countries like the Philippines to address ocean plastics directly at their source.


By strengthening waste management systems and building circular economies city by city, the program builds sustainable solutions that reduce ocean plastics while empowering vulnerable populations and mitigating pollution that affects human health and the climate.


For more information, please visit www.urban-links.org/ccbo.

DITO offers bonus and 2x rewards points this Valentine’s season

DITO offers bonus and 2x rewards points this Valentine’s season

This Valentine’s season, DITO Telecommunity is giving Filipinos more reasons to connect with their loved ones.

From February 14 to 20 only, subscribers get bonus data and 2x DITO Rewards points when they avail DITO’s 99 and DITO 199.

Bonus data makes V-Day extra special!
For every purchase of the DITO 99 pack, subscribers get a bonus of 1GB data valid for 7 days.

Those who will subscribe to DITO 199, will get 3GB bonus data valid for 15 days.

The DITO 99 pack includes 10GB high-speed data, unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited on-net calls, 300 minutes off-net calls, and is valid for 30 days. The DITO 199 pack includes 25GB data valid for 30 days, unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited on-net calls, and 300 minutes off-net calls.

2x from DITO Rewards
Subscribers who purchase either of the two promos via from any of DITO Telecommunity’s channels (DITO APP, MyDITO site, DITO Experience Stores, and DITO retail partner stores, etc.) will quality for double points earning.

How many DITO Points will subscribers earn? DITO Subscribers who purchase via the DITO APP or myDITO will earn 6% of the promo amount, or 2% of the promo amount if they purchase via other channels.To read the full mechanics of the promo, visit https://bit.ly/DITOValentinesDayPromo

Customers who avail the data packs via other channels such as DITO Experience Stores and partner retails shops earn 2% of the promo amount.

Subscribers can use their points to redeem a wide array of choices from the DITO Rewards catalogue in the DITO APP.

Have more time to connect with your special someone this season of love, subscribe to DITO’s data promos today. For more details, visit the DITO Telecommunity Facebook Page.


Feb 9, 2022

Saab Magalona says YES to Call the Shots

Saab Magalona-Bacarro
Saab Magalona-Bacarro

Saab Magalona says YES to Call the Shots 

 “Health should be on top of the list.” 

Content creator, podcast host, entrepreneur, and mother, Saab Magalona-Bacarro has officially made the call to protect her children against vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Being a mom of two boys - Pancho and Vito, Saab makes sure that health is on top of every list for her family. “It’s the most important thing because if that is overlooked, everything else will just crumble down,” she said. 

That’s why for her, saying YES to Call the Shots, is a “no-brainer” to help promote awareness and education on something as life-saving as protecting our children from vaccine preventable diseases. The Call the Shots PH is an advocacy campaign by MSD Philippines to help protect parents and their children from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

“Vaccination is a big factor in preventing illnesses and spreading disease,” she said. “It’s a few minutes of crying in exchange for long-term protection against life-threatening diseases so it’s very much worth it.” 

Saab also advised other parents who are still not taking the call. “If you need to do more research, please make sure your readings are science-based!” Saab emphasized as a lot of articles and myths can be easily searched on the internet. It is most important to seek advice from a health professional or from your pediatrician. 

She also said that it is important to be proactive in your children’s health. “Do it for your child,” Saab added as she encourages every parent to speak to their doctor about protecting their children from vaccine preventable diseases. 

Being proactive means making the call today. #CallTheShots now and go to the nearest doctor or healthcare provider to talk about the immunization schedule for your child. 

For more information, visit the Call the Shots Facebook Page and consult your pediatrician on how to protect your children against vaccine-preventable diseases.