Feb 23, 2022

Blood Parasites and how to shoo them away

Blood Parasites and how to shoo them away 

Ticks and fleas could bring itchiness and restlessness to our fur babies. But sometimes, it could get worse - blood parasites.

Blood parasites are organisms that live in the blood of their animal hosts. Ticks or fleas transmit parasites through bites which infect and target the red blood cells that carry the oxygen in the bloodstream.

According to MSD Veterinary Manual, these parasites can range from single-celled to more complex bacteria that can be difficult to eliminate effectively.

A pet with blood parasites may show loss of appetite, tiredness, weakness, white to purple-colored gums, depression, weight loss, fever, which may sometimes cause serious health problems and even death if your pet isn't adequately protected.

So, how to prevent these bad guys from putting our dog or cat in danger? Instead of waiting for the symptoms to happen to bring them to a veterinarian, we can start by being proactive. We can begin the prevention to where it could all begin - ticks and fleas.

3-in-1 Protection for Dogs and Cats
The danger brought by ticks and fleas is no joke for us fur parents. The scary thing about this is that the signs are often vague and sometimes difficult to identify. Sometimes, busy pet owners fail to watch their pets until they become hosts to these parasites, especially if they are in an area where there are ticks and fleas.

Luckily, we can all stop worrying because it is now possible to give full-time protection to our dogs and cats. With just one dose, Bravecto can do the three jobs:  killing ticks and fleas, prevent early transmission of parasites and other bacteria to your pet, and give them protection for 3 months. 

Bravecto 3-in-1 benefits (Kill-Prevent-Protect) have been evaluated through thorough research where it shows it’s not just preventing ticks and fleas. The study indicates that Bravecto can also shoo away lesser-known parasites that infest internally and in the blood of our fur babies.

Aside from proving the speed of a single dose of Bravecto and its efficacy within 48 hours after treatment, the research also shows the long duration of protection it can give to our fur babies.

Imagine the relief and happiness you can give to your fur baby and yourself. Free from ticks, fleas, and prevention of blood parasites. With Bravecto Chew and Spot-on for Dogs and Bravecto Spot-on for Cats, we can be sure that there will be no room for these bad guys who want to harm our fur babies. 

More than a hundred million doses of Bravecto are protecting dogs, cats, and even owners in different parts of the world.

Many products and remedies can protect your dog from fleas and ticks, but only the veterinarian can recommend the best treatment. It is always best to check with your vet before beginning any treatment on your furry pal.

For more on keeping your dog tick, flea, and mite-free, visit us at www.bravecto.com.ph or follow us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/bravecto.ph.

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  1. Wow . Nakakabahala naman po itong blood parasites para sa ating mga fur babies . Mabuti nalang po at may remedy para dito .. Thank you po for sharing .