IM Learning - the YouTube channel for kids who loves to learn.

The traditional schooling setup is almost impossible these days. And the struggle is real for home learning too. It's truly very challenging for our kids and even for us parents. I know, because we were from traditional schooling and shifted to homeschooling just in time before the covid 19 pandemic was announced.

Parents and the kids must learn quickly and adapt to the unique challenge of shifting from traditional schooling to home learning. The transitions can be very demanding especially for parents who are working, and most particularly for those who aren't used to homeschooling, and as for me, patience is really a virtue and needed at all times.

IM Learning - the YouTube channel for kids who loves to learn. 

Good thing that the IM Learning channel is here to help! With the advancement of technology, truly it can make our lives easier and homeschooling can be better. The IM Learning channel on YouTube has lessons on video to help kids learn better and more. 

Online classroom or Digital Classes still has their ups and downs, wonky internet connection or bad reception, noisy ambient from the neighborhood, etc. that can result in a child to loses focus and concentration. And with that thought, IM Learning aims to produce high-quality kids’ content for children who love to learn available anytime, anywhere! Also, videos are FREE to access for all learners! 

Start learning now with hosts Learning Leo and Learning Lisa as they explore different topics in primary education.

Check this out! Available IM Learning Lessons:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Values
  • Arts
  • English

So, why not turn your child's screen time to be more educational by viewing IM Learning lessons today!


  1. Woq nice maging screen time ng mga kids ang ganto kasi matututo talaga sila ng kaalaman dito