Maximize Your Ganda with Maxi-Peel

Kamusta naman ang skin-care mo besh? Achieved na ba ang pimple-free and beautiful skin goal mo? Ang hirap i-mnaintain diba? with all the stress, negativity, and pollutants sa balur that can contribute sa skin impurities, I'm sure may maghe-hello na pimple jan and worse magka-darkspots ka ulit. huhu, I know, because yan din ang issues ko with my skin lately. 

How about trying something new? Something that can give you the chance to Maximize your Ganda? A new product from a trusted brand that can deliver the smooth, glowing, and clear skin they are looking for. Now that I got your attention, Say hello to Maxi-Peel Zero. 

Maxi-Peel Zero is an all-in-one ANTI-ACNE product that delivers clear, smooth, and glowing skin with micro-exfoliant fluid that is made up of Skin Renewal Micro-Exfoliants and Skin Vitamins that penetrates, cleanses, and exfoliates every layer of your skin without peeling and redness. 

Key Ingredients: 

  • AHA for Smoothening
  • BHA for Pimple-clearing
  • Vitamins A for Anti-Acne
  • Vitamin C for Brightening 
  • Vitamin E for Moisturizing

Know more about Maxi-Peel Zero, It's an exfoliation combined with a gentleness of facial cleanser. Also, It's much easier to use, less regimen vs the other solution. And with that, this can be used every day, with no peeling and no redness.

Complete this skincare set with the following Maxi-Peel Products: 

Maxi-Peel Sun Protection Cream 

  • Non-greasy, light-weight cream that easily penetrates the skin
  • Protects exfoliated skin from sunburn and hyperpigmentation
  • Contains Benzophenone 3, Octyl Methoxycinnamate and Zinc Oxide that guarantee optimum protection from UVA and UVB rays
  • SPF 20 further shields skin from harmful UV rays that contribute to skin damage

Maxi-Peel Moisturizing Cream

  • Non-greasy, quick-absorbing cream
  • Provides maximum moisture to keep skin soft, smooth and supple
  • Helps protect skin from dryness experienced during exfoliation
  • The perfect complement to Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution or MXP Zero

  • A multi-benefit product that combines effective skin perfecting coverage + intense sun protection (packed with SPF 20) + significant lightening for skin that looks naturally more even, smooth and renewed

Morning Regimen: Use Maxi-Peel Facial Wash, Sun-Protection Cream, and the Concealing Cream
Night Regimen: Use Facial Wash, Maxi-Peel Zero, and Moisturizing Cream.

With all these ingredients and Maxi-Peel products combined with regular application and inclusion on your skincare regimen, I'm sure ma-achieve mo ang clear, smooth, and glowing skin! Check-na-Check to Maximize your Ganda!

So what are you waiting for? 

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  1. Aileen may NunezMay 22, 2021 at 4:40 PM

    Wow love this momsh

  2. Ay wow bet maganda Talaga yang maxipeel ma

  3. gusto ko rin magtry nito kaso di ko sure if pwede sa breastfeeding mom😁

  4. Nice product mommyA.Must try this maxipeel zero,with anti'aging components.

  5. Wow.ganda naman netong maxi peel zero,gusto kung ma try,panigurado achieve talaga ang ganda pag maxipeel zero.

  6. Nice product nitong maxi peel zero. Pwede sa mga gusto magpa glow at maging blooming.💕

  7. Maganda po talaga ang maxi peel dalaga palang ako user ako nito kaya masasabi ko trusted brand ko sya para sa skin care ko