Go for More with Globe Prepaid's Newest and Biggest Promo

New Globe Promo
GLobe prepaid Newest and Biggest Promo

Go for More with Globe Prepaid's Newest and Biggest Promo

 Get yourself new normal ready with Globe Prepaid's newset Go promos with the biggest GB's for all sites and apps!

The new Go promos allow you to surf any of your favorite apps without holding back – giving you the flexibility and freedom that you need. Now, you can choose from different Go promos with the biggest GBs, unlimited texts to all networks, and more. Choose from Go50, Go90, Go120, and Go140,  

Globe Prepaid Go Promo
Globe Go Promo

At the same time, you can further amplify your internet connectivity with the GoBOOSTER add-ons. You can choose to boost your GoWATCH, GoPLAY, GoSHARE, GoSHOP and GoKOREANempowering you to live your lifestyle – from getting more GBs, more access to your favorite apps or even longer validity. 
Globe GoBoosters Plan
Globe GoBoosters Plan

These promos were made to help everyone ease into the new normal without the worry of running out of data and being limited by a list of apps. With Globe Prepaid, everyone is equipped to continue living their best lives.

Go register to the new Go promos via the GlobeOne App at http://glbe.co/globe-one!


  1. Wow lots of new promos from Globe. I am a Globe user also.