Why every parent should invest in a home security tool

Security is a crucial aspect of any happy home, space where families grow together and nurture each other. It is a haven where one can play freely and rest comfortably. A home is a nest where family members should feel safe and secured. 

Why every parent should invest in a home security tool

However, the reality is different. In 2018, a Q1 survey revealed that more than 500,000 families reported break-in in their own homes. Despite this figure representing a decline compared to the previous year, break-in among other crimes is still a major cause of concern to many Filipino families. 

While it is impossible to predict what might happen, a home security tool can certainly provide parents and homeowners an extra layer of security and added peace of mind. 

Advance home monitoring device

To address the home security need of every Filipino family, leading digital services provider, PLDT brings the Advanced Fam Cam — a home monitoring tool with improved features in visual coverage, motion and sound detection and high-definition (HD) quality images. 

The product is a 180-degree wireless HD camera with a speaker and microphone that allows parents to visually check on their kids and communicate with them. 

Advanced Fam Cam is designed for on-the-go and working parents who wish to check their children even when they are away from home. The device can be linked to smartphones through the MyDlink application. This gives every parent the ability to access and monitor their children real time. You can also use this security tool if you simply want to monitor your home.

Availability and Price
For only an additional P399 per month, this advanced home monitoring tool is exclusively available to existing PLDT Home Fibr subscribers with Plans 1299 and up. 

Keep your family close and get an added peace of mind wherever you are. Visit pldthome.com/famcam for more information. 


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