Oct 4, 2018

Why Clean Water is Necessary for Postnatal Care

The Absolute Mommy Welfare Month focuses on the wellness of first-time mothers by addressing key issues on infant development, after-birth physical recovery, and postpartum conditions. Photo shows Absolute Brand Manager handing over a wellness bag to one of the new mothers in Fabella Hospital.
A woman who has just given birth needs to drink more water than her regular intake to safeguard her and her newborn’s health. More importantly, she must make sure that the water she drinks is absolutely clean and potable for proper hydration.

Dr. Mary Anne Ilao, chairman of the Department of Newborn Medicine of Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, emphasized the importance of hydration during pregnancy and after delivery to avoid health implications and difficulties. The need for clean drinking water is more necessary for postnatal care as mothers undergo physiological recovery while taking care of their newborn babies at the same time.

Dr. Ilao, who is also the coordinator of the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) ward at Fabella Hospital, says that the lack of water, or drinking contaminated water, may cause illnesses like diarrhea and UTI. These are the types of illnesses that will force the mother to take in medicine. Chemicals from the medicine, she says, may be transferred to the baby through the mother’s breastmilk.

Aside from hydration, it is also important for mothers to know the right amount of water to drink to help in the production of breastmilk. Water intake must be increased during humid days when the body naturally demands for better hydration. 
For these mothers, taking care of the baby should never be compromised. Absolute visited them as a show of support, providing wellness bags in celebration of the Absolute Mommy Wellness Month.
To help promote proper hydration and overall health for mothers and their babies during postnatal care, Absolute Distilled Drinking Water provided wellness bags to mothers in the Fabella Hospital’s maternity wards. The hospital is only one of more than 40 hospitals in GMA, Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna, Pampanga, and Cebu who are beneficiaries of the same advocacy in celebration of Absolute’s 4th Mommy Welfare Month.

The Absolute Mommy Welfare Month is a program of Absolute Distilled Drinking Water that focuses on supporting first-time mothers and their newborns as they go through postnatal care and wellness. Through this advocacy, mother and child are given access to safe, pure, and 100% distilled water. 

“The brand Absolute advocates pure love between a mother and her child. Absolute wants mothers to know how much they are valued and how their well-being is just as important as caring for their little ones,” says Alveen Ramos, Absolute Brand Manager. 

Ramos adds that “When mothers are well taken care of, they develop a bigger capacity to love and to nurture, which are the strong foundations of a beautiful and enriching motherhood.”

Absolute Distilled Drinking Water goes through a high-quality distillation process certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International; and, a member of the International Bottled Water Association that ensures compliance among bottled water makers around the world. With this, it sure will give new mothers the peace of mind that they made the best choice to guarantee their newborns’ right nutrition.

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