Shopee’s new initiative “Barangay Shopee” aims to better the lives of underserved communities

Shopee’s new initiative “Barangay Shopee” aims to better the lives of underserved communities

Barangay Shopee grants community wishes such as basketball courts, multi-purpose hall renovation, and more

With its mission of bettering the lives of Filipinos across the country through technology, Shopee has helped millions of local buyers and sellers adopt e-commerce seamlessly through its meaningful campaigns and initiatives. In time for its much-awaited double day sale, the 9.9 Super Shopping Day, Shopee launches Barangay Shopee, the newest initiative under its Shopee Bayanihan CSR program, designed to help communities in need by enabling Filipinos to win a sponsored community project for their barangay.

Through this contest, Shopee users from all over the Philippines have the chance to win a community project that will help address the needs of their barangay. Winners of the contest can choose their own community project that all members of their barangay can benefit from, such as a new basketball court, multi-purpose hall renovation, public school supplies, and other community-building projects.

Starting August 25 up to September 9, users can join Barangay Shopee by posting video entries on Facebook and submitting the link via the Barangay Shopee page in the app. Joining the online contest can be done in three simple steps: 
  1. Create a 1-2 minute video with at least 3 barangay members and answer the questions:
      Bakit kayo ang dapat tawagin na “Barangay Shopee”?
      Paano pwedeng tulungan ng Shopee ang inyong Barangay?

  1. Post the video on Facebook, following these requirements:
      Follow and tag @ShopeePH on Facebook
      Post is public
      Use the hashtag #BarangayShopee in the caption

  1. Submit the link to your video via the Barangay Shopee page in the Shopee app.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, shared “We are thrilled to be launching our newest initiative, Barangay Shopee. In everything that we do, we work towards our main mission of bettering the lives of our users, sellers, and communities through technology. Through Barangay Shopee, our goal is to foster the community spirit of barangays from all over the Philippines, and uplift them by providing them with a community project that their whole barangay can benefit from. We look forward to crafting even more initiatives that will help make e-commerce more accessible for all.”

Barangay Shopee is the newest initiative under Shopee Bayanihan, the company's umbrella CSR program that seeks to harness the power of technology to help communities benefit from digital transformation, wherever they are in the Philippines.

To learn more about how you can join and win a Shopee-sponsored community project of your choice for your barangay, visit the Barangay Shopee page in the app. Download Shopee for free on App Store or Google Play Store.

5 Things from Our Pinoy Childhood That We’ll Always Love

5 Things from Our Pinoy Childhood That We’ll Always Love

Most of us turn to our childhood for the nostalgia of simpler, more carefree times. A simple mention of a funny or meaningful event from our childhood is enough to get us reminiscing with family and friends. It instantly takes us back to a totally different way of life, making us miss the old times.

This is why we treasure items from the past. Memories and sentimental value make it difficult for us to part with them. Whether it’s things we used to enjoy as kids, pamana keepsakes from our parents, or little things we occasionally used to get as treats, these items from our childhood will always hold a special place in our hearts.

CDs and cassette tapes
Today, we listen to our favorite artists with just a few taps on our smartphones. But back in the day, we still had to go to our favorite music store to grab a cassette tape or CD of their latest and greatest hits. Then, we would pop them into either a Walkman or CD player to listen to the tracks. For music lovers and collectors with a taste for the classics, keeping most, if not all, these music mementos is a must! 

Piko, tumbang preso, and other street games

Before the days of smartphones and online games, us Pinoy kids had the streets as our playground. Playtime meant spending an entire afternoon with our friends outdoors. Who doesn’t remember classic street games like piko, tagu-taguan, luksong baka, and tumbang preso, or the thrill of running away from the taya in a round of habulan? We all looked forward to those fun times spent outdoors, and to this day, many of us still know how to play these games by heart! 

Jolen, jackstones, and other classic Pinoy toys

Aside from the street games mentioned above, many of us also loved collecting, trading, and playing with simple toys like yo-yos, paper dolls, jolen, jackstones, and teks. Some of us would even painstakingly make our own tirador and saranggola, with plenty of help from our parents. One thing is for sure – we’re all guilty of spending a big portion of our baon to expand our collection of these classic toys! 

Film cameras

Many of us were also guilty of playing with family cameras as kids. It was always fun pretending to be photographers, taking snapshots of things we found interesting. However, with only 24 or 36 shots in a roll of film, we had to make every shot count! Fortunately, with film photography now getting popular again, we can still keep shooting with these vintage cameras and relive our days as budding photographers!

Jolly Spaghetti

Part of every Filipino’s childhood is rushing to Jollibee to have their favorite meals like the sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti. Just one bite instantly takes us back to fond memories of celebrations and bonding moments with family through the years. There’s no surprise that the meatiest, cheesiest, sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti remains a firm favorite of both the young and the young-at-heart mula noon hanggang ngayon. 

Jolly Spaghetti is available for only PHP 55 Solo and PHP 215 for a Family Pan in all Jollibee stores nationwide. Satisfy your cravings and have it safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App,, or #87000. Also available for Dine-in, Drive-Thru, and Take Out! 
To stay updated on Jollibee products, like Jollibee on Facebook, subscribe to Jollibee Philippines on YouTube, and follow @jollibee on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

#JollibeePH #MulaNoonHanggangNgayon

The Biggest TikTok Dance Challenge #TideProtectodor is here: Here’s how to join


The Biggest TikTok Dance Challenge #TideProtectodor is here: Here’s how to join 

It’s time for moms and members of working communities to show off their dance moves for a chance to win P50,000

A year after Tide Perfect Clean’s #FlexYoKCK craze swept across social media that had Pinoys flexing their perfect white Kwelyo, Cuffs and Kilikili, Tide returns with an even bigger and more rewarding dance challenge.

From the powerful detergent and its NEW variant Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense comes #TideProtectodor! Launched in partnership with J&T express, the campaign will surely have moms and members of working communities grooving with how the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense removes microdirt and protects against malodor. The best part? Those behind the top ten Tiktok videos of the challenge will get to be part of the exciting #TideProtectodor online event, while one lucky winner will take home a cash prize of P50,000.

The NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense cleans what others simply can’t. It goes after deeply-seated microdirt that seeps into your clothes over time, which can also cause bad smell or malodor. With the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense, microdirt and malodor are not only eliminated but you also stay protected from them. Your clothes stay amoy freshly clean so you can feel confident all day.

Everyone is already taking on the #TideProtectodor challenge thanks to the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense’s much-valued multiple cleaning and protective actions. Entries are coming from different working communities who are exposed to microdirt and prone to malodor, from celebrities to everyday people.

TV and social media star Luis Manzano has already joined in on the fun with his entry. He leads the way by showing off #TideProtectodor challenge’s moves, busting out the bouncing, gliding and arm-waving of someone protected from pawis, usok, at odor with the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense.

@luckymanzano Nagpractice ako nang maraming beses para maperfect tong sayaw, pero hindi ako nagaalala sa amoy na sanhi ng malodor dahil protektado ako gamit ang Tide Odor Defense! Sali na sa #TideProtectodor Dance Challenge! Protektado ka na, may chance ka pa manalo ng 50,000 cash! #Ad #PaidPartnership #Sponsored ♬ original sound - Lucky Manzano

Meanwhile, vlogger Junnie Boy Velasquez demonstrated to everyone how it’s done with his highly-energetic post with the caption, “Ganito kasi yan, pre! Tide Odor Defense lang talaga ang numbawan dahil tanggal maolodor na, protekatado ka pa sa malodor! ANG GALIIIINNNGG!!”

@junnie.boy Ganito kasi yan, pre! Tide Odor Defense lang talaga ang numbawan dahil tanggal maolodor na, protekatado ka pa sa malodor! ANG GALIIIINNNGG!! #TideProtectodor #Ad #PaidPartnership #Sponsored @tidephilippines ♬ Tide Protectodor - Tide Philippines

Even dancing security guard Gene Fernandez, who captured the hearts of netizens with his joyful dancing while in uniform, made sure he won’t miss out on the craze. “Ganito and energy ng amoy freshly-cleaned buong araw dahil sa Tide Odor Defense,” his caption reads.

@genboy3 Ganito ang energy ng amoy freshly-cleaned buong araw dahil sa Tide Odor Defense! Protektado ka pa sa malodor! Join the #TideProtectodor challenge at Manalo ng 50,000 cash! #PaidPartnership #Ad #Sponsore#TideProtectodor #Ad #Sponsored #PaidPartnership ♬ original sound - GUARDY

As someone who’s always on the road, delivery rider Rhic Maniego knows a thing or two about exposure to microdirt. He joined the #TideProtecodor challenge and invited everyone to take part for the chance to win the cash prize. Teacher Christian Mae did the same with her entry, emphasizing that anyone is prone to malodor and that the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense protects us against it.

@rhicmaniego26 Buong araw na delivery? Amoy freshly-cleaned pa rin dahil sa Tide Odor Defense! Join #TideProtectodor to win 50K cash! #Ad #PaidPartnership #Sponsored #fyp #grab #neutohouseph ♬ Tide Protectodor - Tide Philippines


@christianmae22 Problema mo rin ba ang amoy kahapon kapag maghapong work? Don’t worry may NEW Tide Odor Defense. Tanggal ang microdirt na sanhi ng malodor. Protektado ka pa sa malodor! #TideProtectodor #Ad #PaidPartnership #sponsored ♬ Tide Protectodor - Tide Philippines

The NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense’s #TideProtecodor challenge is open to all moms and members of the working community, such as security guards, sales ladies, vendors, and teachers, among others. To join for the chance to win P50,000, simply upload a video of your own take on the #TideProtecodor dance using the campaign hashtag, jingle, and branded effect. Make sure to wear your uniform to represent your job, if applicable.

Entries will be judged based on creativity, entertainment, virality, and compliance. The contest runs from August 12 to 19, 2022. See the full mechanics of the challenge on

What are you waiting for? Show everybody your dance moves now and win P50,000 while you’re at it with the NEW Tide Perfect Clean Odor Defense’s #TideProtecodor challenge.

Kapuso, Kasambuhay ng Kalikasan: GMA Network, Nestlé PH Partner for Plastic Waste Advocacy

Mr. Kais Marzouki, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines and Atty. Felipe Gozon, Chairman and CEO of GMA Network

Kapuso, Kasambuhay ng Kalikasan:
GMA Network, Nestlé PH Partner for Plastic Waste Advocacy


The Philippines is one of the world’s biggest sources of plastic waste. With only 33 percent of total plastic waste in the country disposed of in landfills or dumpsites and just nine percent recycled, plastic pollution has become a complex problem that requires a whole of society approach.


As a major food and beverage manufacturer, Nestlé PH has made local sustainability commitments in line with Nestlé’s global ambition and roadmap to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. With plastic as a significant source of GHGs, the company is taking a leadership role in tackling plastic waste towards a waste-free future. Among its pioneering initiatives in the country, Nestlé PH is the first multinational fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) firm to achieve and maintain plastic neutrality, recovering the equivalent volume of plastic packaging it puts out in the market.


Timed with the celebration of its second year of plastic neutrality this month, Nestlé PH has inked a partnership with leading broadcast company, GMA Network, to intensify consumer education and encourage collective action on plastic waste. Through the years, the GMA Network has launched various environmental initiatives under its Kapuso ng Kalikasan advocacy.

In a virtual ceremony, Atty. Felipe Gozon, Chairman and CEO of GMA Network and Mr. Kais Marzouki, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines, signed a memorandum of agreement for the partnership.


We believe that our partnership with GMA Network can help move the needle to involve more consumers in creating a lasting, positive impact on the environment. GMA has the credibility, reach and influence to mobilize people for the cause of sustainability and ultimately the regeneration of the planet,” said Mr. Marzouki. “If we put all our efforts together, we can make a difference. Our joint campaign to build awareness on the impact of plastic waste can go a long way.”


"With this partnership, we will be able to communicate that it does not take a lot to become environmentalists. Through our joint efforts, Nestle and GMA will inspire Filipinos that through basic acts at home, like proper waste disposal, power and water conservation practices, creative recycling and  re-purposing, and even simply embracing a less material lifestyle, all these  can make a big difference”, said Atty. Gozon.


The advocacy campaign will feature relevant and timely educational content and sustainability practices focusing on plastic waste management.

GMA Network and Nestlé Philippines join forces to address the environment crisis and inspire Filipinos to play an active role.

Dengue still unstoppable; prevention key to minimize risk

Dengue still unstoppable; prevention key to minimize risk


Not all mosquitos are created equal. Only the Aedes aegypti can carry the dengue virus with deadly results like a serial killer!


Identifiable by its black and white stripes on the legs and white lyre-shaped markings on its thorax, Aedes aegypti usually bite two hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset. They may also bite at night as long as they’re in well-lit areas.


A day-time serial killer, no doubt.


Dengue cases increased by a disturbing rate of 83-percent in the first six months of 2022 to 65,190 cases compared to the 35,715 in the same period last year, based on date released by the Department of Health (DOH).


While there’s no specific cure for dengue, medical practitioners can treat its symptoms. For now, the best way to deter the “serial killer” is through prevention.


Dengue’s comeback may be attributed to a number of factors such as frequent rainfalls this wet season. Downpours create ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. While warm temperatures caused by climate change hasten their growth and development.


Containers with stagnant water like bottle caps, gutters, trash cans, and planters should be emptied and cleaned. Decluttering also eliminates potential hiding places.


Using mosquito repellent regularly and bundling up in light-colored clothing that doesn’t expose the skin may work.


Window and door screens, mosquito nets or the lightweight plastic screens can stop pesky bugs from entering your home.


People with dengue may experience fever, muscle aches, joint or bone pain, rashes, headache, nausea or vomiting, and eye pain for two to seven days. Its severe symptoms are belly pain and tenderness, bleeding from nose or gums, vomiting blood or blood in the stool, and feeling tired, restless or irritable.


Some dengue symptoms are similar to other illnesses, including COVID-19, so it’s important to immediately seek medical assistance.


Of course, it helps to have an insurance policy like Malayan Insurance’s Vital Cover since it provides family and loved ones a financial safety net through death benefits in case their severely sick dengue patient takes a turn for the worse.

Aside from dengue, Vital Cover policyholders are also covered for COVID-19 and chikungunya. It comes with COVID-19 cash assistance benefit, daily hospital income allowance for COVID-19, medical reimbursement for accidental injuries, and accidental death coverage. Policy holders can access Medimate 24/7 teleconsultation and emergency services assistance.



How Flexible Learning Can Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

How Flexible Learning Can Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

The Filipino school system has been the same for 100 years, with children boxed into traditional classrooms and rigid class schedules. But as we’ve observed since the beginning of the pandemic, learning does not have to be restricted to the boundaries of a classroom.

Each child is unique. They differ in how much time they need to learn something, what sparks their interest, and what tools and resources work best for them. So why pigeonhole all students into one outdated learning setup? For many children, flexibility is key to helping them reach their full potential. This is exactly what APEC Schools’ SmartClass offers. An innovative e-homeschooling program, SmartClass is designed for independent, curiosity-
driven learners. 

Limitless learning

While the traditional setup might work for some, many students today require more breathing room to grow. As a home e-schooling program, SmartClass allows the Filipino child to learn from the comforts of their homes.

Whether they want to breeze through a lesson or to slow down for more in-depth understanding, students can go at their own pace. This way, they no longer have to adjust to their classmates’ learning needs, ensuring that they completely understand the lesson.

Instead of revolving around grades and tests, SmartClass focuses on honing problem-solving skills. Independent learners are tasked to conduct research and work on case studies across two or more subjects. This way, SmartClass students are empowered to take control of their education and develop critical thinking and creativity. 

A solid support system

Aside from improving the traditional homeschooling paradigm, SmartClass also lets parents be more involved in their child’s education. Unlike most traditional homeschooling curricula where the parent is the child’s primary and only educator, SmartClass parents receive support from professional teachers, coaches, and coordinators through one-on-one consultations.

Such a support system ensures that the student is on track and that they’re inspired to learn, so parents can rest assured that they’re giving their child quality education. In fact, SmartClass has the seal of approval from Ayala Corporation and the Yuchengco Group — two formidable conglomerates that partnered to create APEC in line with their commitment to nation-building through affordable but quality education. 

An adaptive, future-ready curriculum

With the advent of technological tools, children now have more access to resources that previous generations could not even imagine. Embracing the ever-changing digital world, SmartClass is an innovative learning system that’s built for the future.

As the Filipino child’s educational needs change, so too should the learning systems adapt and evolve. With SmartClass’s flexible learning, the next generation will be empowered to take control of tomorrow.

To learn more about how SmartClass can enable your child to learn without limits, watch this video.

Parents determined to enable their children’s success with adaptive learning institutions may reach APEC Schools at, email, or contact (02) 7720 2620.

Innovators for the Planet: UPLB and Nestlé PH Name First Set of IdeaNation Champions

The University of the Philippines Los Baños, together with Nestlé Philippines, celebrates youth innovation with its Net Zero IdeaNation competition.

Innovators for the Planet: UPLB and Nestlé PH Name First Set of IdeaNation Champions

Nestlé Philippines in partnership with the Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship of the University of the Philippines-Los Baños (UPLB) has launched the Net Zero IdeaNation, a program where ABME10 (Foundations of Entrepreneurship) students were challenged to ideate innovative business concepts and solutions centered on Nestlé Philippines’ three net zero focus areas. 

From 90 teams, 18 were selected to advance to the Net Zero IdeaNation Grand Finals that was held virtually on July 15, 2022. Before this, the finalists first underwent a mentoring session led by experts from Nestlé Philippines to help them further develop and polish their ideas for the pitching competition that took place from July 13 to 14.

In the end, three teams were named as the first set of IdeaNation Champions.

The Coffee Cubes concept of Team Cris’ Angels, composed of Aneka Abarrientos, Mahonri Alquisalas, Justine Faith Deverla, Angel Vi Manong, Ma. Jhoanna Zapico, clinched the 2nd runner-up award.  Their product offers the beloved Filipino commodity, coffee, in a compact, travel-friendly form, which comes in 100% plastic-free packaging. This aims to uphold sustainable material packaging and reinforce coffee plantations in the Philippines.

BayanBiogas, a community-based generation of sustainable and alternative LPG from manure and food waste, bagged the 1st runner-up award. This concept by Crizza Rodolfo, John Jayme, Justine Zamora, Ashley Anyayahan, and Roque Banzon aims to fuel the community through more affordable and eco-friendly resources while promoting solid waste management.

Arianne De Goma, Neel Farson Angeles, Carmila Villaseran, Eljon Geroleo, Veronica Parreño, whose initials form their team name ACENV, emerged as the very first IdeaNation Champion. From the crisis of increasing gas prices experienced by the nation these days, their concept takes off by combining solar power and electric vehicles that delivery riders can utilize as a more sustainable and economical alternative to motors.

Aside from the champions, Nestlé Philippines has selected Hijo Hija Enerhiya! as the team with special citation for their concept about innovative playgrounds and parks that can generate electricity through tiles and equipment with built-in Piezoelectric Transducers. The innovation is conceptualized by Abbey Jimenez, Mariellen Silab, and  Leara Varquez.

“This partnership with UPLB was an avenue to help mold future entrepreneurs who prioritize social responsibility, critical thinking, and innovation by providing them a platform to come up with solutions that help address climate change and first-hand industry knowledge through the mentoring sessions,” said Jose “Joey” Uy III, SVP and Head of Corporate Affairs of Nestlé Philippines. “When it comes to mitigating our environmental challenges, innovation is really important. We, as organizations and as individuals, must explore new ways to become more sustainable for the sake of our planet and the future generations.”

“It is fulfilling to witness our students get involved in our shared journey towards Net Zero through innovations that will be beneficial to the world. We are grateful that this partnership with Nestlé Philippines has brought them beyond the four walls of our classroom and beyond the screens of their devices,” said Prof. Chip de Guzman, from the UPLB DAME-College of Economics and Management.

Through initiatives like the Net Zero IdeaNation and Klimathon: Our Race Towards a Net Zero Reality, Nestlé Philippines continues to empower the youth in embracing their crucial role in ensuring a greener, more livable future in the planet they will inherit.

CSMC partners with Netherlands’ OTTO for nursing career development program

Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) adds Netherlands-based employment agency OTTO Work Force to its roster of global partners for its Nursing Development Program. An agreement between the two organizations was signed last June 27, Monday.

 CSMC partners with Netherlands’ OTTO for nursing career development program

Present at the signing were CSMC President and CEO Raul C. Pagdanganan and OTTO Founder and CEO Frank van Gool. CSMC’s Vice President and CFO Marivic Mabuti, Director for Nursing Leona Paula Macalintal, Head of Human Resources Maria Louzel Diaz-Tiozon, Chief Medical Officer Zenaida Javier-Uy, Head of Business Planning and Development Shirard Adiviso, and OTTO Project Managers Sophie van Hoenselaar and Kirsten van Gool were also in attendance.
CSMC’s Nursing Development Program was created in line with the hospital’s mission of providing world-class training to its medical practitioners. The program’s goal is to give Caring Cardinal nurses opportunities to gain international experience and become globally competitive professionals.

“The health innovation landscape in the Netherlands boasts of state-of-the-art advancements that are recognized by global institutions,” said Pagdanganan. “Along with our mission of providing patient-centered care, this opportunity for our Filipino Caring Cardinal nurses will allow them to enhance their skills and jumpstart their global career.”

Through the agreement with OTTO, which is the Netherlands’ largest international employment service organization, CSMC nurses will be able to help alleviate the country’s current shortage of healthcare workers in Dutch hospitals.

Additionally, the program ensures that participants will be able to share their newfound knowledge and lead their fellow nurses upon their return, promoting growth and advancement within CSMC.

“We see very good, motivated, well-qualified people in the Philippines,” said van Gool. “That means that these people are really fitting [not just to the] Dutch but also to [other] European countries.”

CSMC is also currently partnered with US-based employment agency ADEX Medical Staffing for a similar program.

For more information about CSMC’s Nursing Career Development Program, as well as other programs and services that CSMC offers, please visit CSMC is also on Facebook, like and follow them at

Mapúa students assured of safe learning spaces on campus

Mapúa holds limited face-to-face classes in lecture and laboratory courses. Students follow the University’s health and safety protocols, which includes wearing of facemasks and observing physical distancing inside the classroom.

Mapúa students assured of safe learning spaces on campus

Although face-to-face classes have resumed at most schools early this year, some students and parents are still hesitant about in-person learning. One of the possible reasons for their hesitance is continuing, even if diminished, presence of the COVID-19 virus. In the case of Mapúa University, the leading engineering and technological school in the country, it has established its own set of rigorous community health and safety guidelines to allay any worries that students and their families might have. 

Apart from abiding by the protocols set by the Commission on Higher Education, the Department of Education, and the Department of Health, Mapúa ramped up its campus-wide health guidelines to prevent outbreaks from happening on the school grounds. 

“Coming from a two-year stay-at-home period because of the pandemic plus the unpredictability of the virus, we understand the apprehension and concerns of some students and parents when it comes to in-person classes. However, we also know that some students absorb complex educational concepts better by attending face-to-face classes. To address both concerns, we at Mapúa continuously strive to provide safe learning spaces for our students to help them achieve optimal learning. This way we can respond to their educational, physical, and emotional needs,” said Mapúa president and chief executive officer Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea.

To make Mapúa a conducive and secure space for learning, students, as well as the faculty and staff, are enjoined to abide by certain guidelines while on and off campus. 

“Mapúa has always had the welfare of its students its number one priority. That is why it has done all the required and necessary COVID-19-related preparations for the start of face-to-face classes. All safety and health protocols set by the national government and the local governments have been complied with,” said Dr. Julius S. Bonifacio, Mapúa’s resident physician.

Even before they step foot in school, students are asked to comply with individual precautionary measures during their personal time. Mapúans are tasked to monitor their health on a regular basis and accomplish the daily health checklist before they report to school. Only students who are fully vaccinated are allowed to participate in limited face-to-face classes. 

The Mapúa Main Library implements a reservation-based access to its spaces and resources for students to use for their research and reviews. 

Once inside the premises, the students, faculty, and staff are assured of a safe and healthy environment through the university’s routine infection control measures. All areas of the school are sanitized frequently. Restrooms and high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and handles are disinfected every two hours, while classroom and office furniture and equipment are disinfected at the start and end of the day.

Common areas, particularly classrooms, lounges, study areas, and offices, are always well-ventilated and equipped with cooling fans to maintain optimal air flow. Air purifiers and air filters are also installed in high-traffic areas to reduce the probability of airborne infections.

While universities can hold face-to-face classes at full capacity under Alert Level 1, Mapúa only allows 25% to 30% of the total enrolled students per lecture or laboratory class to report on campus. The rest of the class may opt to be in remote learning mode. This system reduces the student population’s risk of exposure to the virus and gives them ample time to rest and recover should any of them fall ill. The university also imposes a “one-entry and one-exit” policy to decrease the probability of students catching (or spreading) any illness outside the school premises.

In the event that a student gets sick or exhibits COVID-19 symptoms while in school, he is immediately isolated, assessed, and assisted by the Health Services Department. The student will be placed in one of the available isolation rooms, evaluated by the school physician or nurse, and will undergo COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing. The Health Services Department also ensures that the student is attended to by his family or transferred to a hospital, if needed. Once recovered, the student is expected to submit a Fit to Study certificate, medical clearance, and a negative RT-PCR test before being allowed entry into the university.

Efforts like these not only ensure students’ and their parents’ peace of mind but also give them an assurance that their children’s education and safety are always top-of-mind for the university. 

Tackling solid waste: Nestlé PH turns over materials recovery facility in Lipa City

Ribbon cutting and turnover of Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Brgy. Bagong Pook from Nestlé Philippines led by Lipa Batangas City Mayor, Mayor Eric B. Africa, Nestlé Lipa factory Manager, Eric Angulo,  Nestlé Sustainability Lead, Christine Ponce-Garcia, Nestlé Public Affairs Executive Atty. Degee Anastacio, City Environmental and Natural Resources Office, Kap. Lope Lina with the local barangay functionaries and barangay officials of Brgy. Bagong Pook

 Tackling solid waste: Nestlé PH turns over materials recovery facility in Lipa City


The growing solid waste management (SWM) problem in the Philippines can be attributed to factors such as improper waste disposal, inefficient waste collection, and the lack of disposal and recycling facilities in many cities and municipalities. While the solid waste collection rate varies across the country—ranging from 40 percent to 85 percent, it’s still evident how a sizeable portion of uncollected trash end up in the environment. In fact, out of the 2.7 million tons of plastic waste that the Philippines generates annually, an estimated 20 percent of these seep into the ocean.


Helping to shape a waste-free future as a top priority, Nestlé Philippines, one of the country’s largest food and beverage manufacturers, is tackling solid waste, especially plastics, with a holistic approach. The company is developing the packaging for the future, increasing collection and recycling efforts, and driving new behaviors and understanding through solid waste management (SWM) education.


In its latest initiative, Nestlé PH turned over a new materials recovery facility (MRF) in Barangay Bagong Pook in Lipa City, as part of its program to support the construction of MRFs in barangays. The turnover was attended by Lipa City Mayor Eric Africa, barangay officials and residents, officers from the City Environment and Natural Resources Office, and company representatives.


MRFs are essential for more efficient collection, segregation and recycling of wastes. As mandated by R.A. 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, each barangay or cluster of barangays in the country is required to establish an MRF.


According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DENR), and the National Solid Waste Management Commission (NSWMC), only 35 percent of barangays nationwide have MRFs. The lack of an MRF is one of the challenges that barangays face in implementing their SWM programs.


Mayor Africa congratulated Barangay Bagong Pook officials and residents during the turnover. “My wish is for everyone to work together to maintain this structure so you can maximize its purpose for your barangay. Not only will this help the environment, it’s also a way to encourage discipline among residents and to learn more about the importance of proper waste segregation and recycling,” he said.


“Our old MRF was already too small to accommodate all the recyclable materials from our barangay. This new MRF is a great help because it can lessen the volume of waste we currently deliver to the city,” said Lope Lina, barangay chairman of Bagong Pook. “Our aim is that alongside our existing collection and recycling programs, this MRF will enable us to become a model barangay for solid waste management.”


“At Nestlé PH, it is important that we partner with local government units or LGUs in addressing solid waste management problems. We explore different opportunities for plastics to be recyclable in the country.  Through the construction of this MRF, the community will be able to generate value through recycling and reduce the volume of plastic waste that goes to the landfill and oceans,” said Christine Ponce-Garcia, Sustainability Lead of Nestlé PH.


Nestlé Lipa Factory Manager Eric Angulo underscored the long-term partnership between the company and the barangay: “During our presence of 30 years in this community, we have formed a strong bond with its residents. We have been there for each other through thick and thin, especially in times of calamities and crises. Today, we sincerely hope that this MRF will help Barangay Bagong Pook to better manage their solid waste.”


Among its SWM milestones, Nestlé PH is the first multinational fast moving consumer goods company in the country to achieve plastic neutrality, recovering the equivalent amount of plastic it puts out in the market. From August 2020 to May 2022, it collected 48 million kilos of plastic waste. Another of its initiatives is the development and rollout of SWM education modules that reaches grades 1-10 students in 20,000 public schools nationwide under the Nestlé Wellness Campus program. Recently, DENR, NSWMC, and Nestlé PH also launched the No Time To Waste: Climate Change and SWM Talks for officials of LGUs and government agencies, and community leaders.

Samsung brings city nights to life in this new Galaxy S22 Tiktok challenge

 Samsung brings city nights to life in this new Galaxy S22 Tiktok challenge

There are countless epic adventures that can only be documented at night. Dubbed "Make City Nights Epic," Samsung Philippines has launched a new Tiktok challenge that encourages people to capture their memorable adventures at night and be one of the three lucky winners of a new  Galaxy S22.

This Tiktok challenge highlights the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series and its latest camera innovation, Nightography, which allows users to capture their most epic nighttime experiences like never before, breaking the rules of content creation in the process. With this new camera feature, users may capture night images with more light and motion that are crystal-clear, brightly colored, and strikingly detailed.

To take part in this challenge, participants must film their epic adventures in  the city at night. Entries must be uploaded on Tiktok with the hashtags #MakeNightsEpic and #[Your City] (for example, #MakeNightsEpic in #Manila). Entries should be registered at to count. Each entry will be evaluated based on its creativity and on its originality.

Samsung’s “Make City Nights Epic” Tiktok challenge runs from June 25 to July 17.

The Galaxy S22 Series is now available in stores at the following prices: 

     Galaxy S22 Ultra: PHP 68,990 SRP (128GB) / PHP 72,990 SRP (256 GB) / PHP 80,990 SRP (512 GB)

     Galaxy S22+: PHP 56,990 SRP (128GB) / PHP 60,990 SRP (256GB)

     Galaxy S22: PHP 45,990 SRP (128GB) / PHP 49,990 SRP (256GB)


Users can also take home the Galaxy S22 Series for as low as PHP 1,916.25/mo at 0% interest for up to 24 months via Samsung Authorized Dealers Nationwide and Samsung Authorized Online Store. Citibank card holders can get up to 36 months installment at 0% interest for as low as PHP 1,277.50/mo.[1] On the other hand, PNB card holders can get their first installment month for FREE and pay 0% interest for up to 24 months in select Samsung Experience stores and Abenson Stores.[2]

For more information about the Galaxy S22 Series, visit

Safe Samsung Shopping

Health and safety protocols are strictly followed in Samsung Experience Stores to keep consumers and employees safe. Adhering to the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Samsung has implemented the mandatory use of face masks and performs frequent sanitation in all stores.

Samsung Experience Stores also have unique QR health declaration codes to promote a safe and contactless contact tracing process. Product demonstrations are done side-by-side instead of face-to-face while keeping the required safe distance of one (1) meter to make sure everyone is socially distanced.

To find the nearest Samsung Experience store, visit