Aug 15, 2020

Globe At Home to host free webinar for parents on online schooling

The transition of the country to distance learning is a big adjustment not only for learners but for their parents as well. The usual routine of bringing and fetching their kids to and from school, preparing their lunch, and helping them with their homeworks has all changed. Now, parents have the responsibility to oversee and guide their children as they learn from home and navigate this new landscape of digital education.

Globe At Home to host free webinar for parents on online schooling

To assist them in the preparation for the start of classes and dealing with the challenges of online schooling, Globe At Home will be hosting Learn@Home: Parents’ Online Schooling Essentials webinar on August 15, 2020 at 10 AM.

The one-hour free webinar will be conducted by Teacher Gabby Limjoco, owner of Playworks Early Childhood Center, and celebrity mom and content creator Bianca Gonzalez-Intal. Through this session, parents can learn the essentials on how to make their homes a conducive learning environment for their children as well as useful tips and hacks to ease them in the new process.  Developing new habits to support online schooling needs and how to easily adjust to the new environment will be covered by the guest speakers.  The session will also tackle the importance of having a strong and reliable broadband connection and the appropriate tools and tech set-up at home for optimized learning.

Globe At Home customers who will register via will get VIP access to the webinar while a livestream will also be available via Globe At Home’s Facebook page for everyone who wants to learn a thing or two on how they can make online schooling fun and hassle-free for their children and everyone in the family.

As we move forward and embrace the changes brought by the new normal, Globe At Home is committed to provide a smooth and fast internet connection that will minimize learning disruptions and social challenges as students continue learning at home. Customers can avail or upgrade to UNLI Plan 2899 with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The plan also comes with a pair of TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh devices which expand the WiFi coverage to more areas of your home so everyone can stay connected,  especially those who have turned their home into an office and learning space for kids. 
To catch the livestream webinar and learn more information about Globe At Home, visit their official Facebook page. 

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