Feb 5, 2020

AXA Philippines inks partnership with Avega Managed Care

AXAPhilippines,   one   of   the   country’s   leading  insurance   providers,   has   partnered  withA Managed Care (an affiliate of Intellicare group and member of Fullerton Health),a leader in healthcare administration, to provide a more convenient,  accessible andworld-class healthcare to Filipinos. 
With the alliance, AXA Philippines is able to offer anextensive and differentiated healthcare experience to its customers*through AVEGA’snetwork of over 49,000 affiliated doctors and specialists and over 2,800 hospitals andclinics.   Now,   AXA’s   Global   Health   Access   health   plan   allows   customers   to   avail   ofcashless  and  seamless transaction  nationwide through  AVEGA’s  extensive   network,including dental and optical providers. Photo shows (L-R) AXA Philippines chief of retailpropositions Alok Roongta, COO Malet Lepatan, President and CEO Rahul Hora; and AVEGA President Mark Gamir, Vice President and COO Jerico dela Cruz, and head of  and Sales and Marketing, Alan Richard Silo.

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