Jan 23, 2019

New beginnings, first moments enabled by Cebu Pacific

New beginnings, first moments enabled by Cebu Pacific
Third video from Make First Moments campaign shares true-to-life career-changing story

The arrival of a new year often ushers in new opportunities and the chance to make a fresh start. As everyone enters a new chapter, people are seen sharing their personal goals and resolutions, planning their next travels, and looking forward to what this new beginning has in store for them.

For those in the workforce, the New Year often signals that start of career changes, taking those opportunities chance to pursue their dreams and land the jobs that will pave the way to their preferred future.

In the third installment of the “Make First Moments Happen” campaign, “First Yes,” Cebu Pacific shares the story of “Tony”, a budding architect from the province who flies to Manila for an interview for a dream job with a large architectural and design firm. Alone, he makes his way to the airport and to the company’s head office where a life-changing opportunity awaits him. In the episode, he immediately dances for joy and screams excitedly as he is offered a position in the company. 
Like the stories of “Leah” and “Osang,” the story of “Tony” is based on comments and feedback shared by actual Cebu Pacific passengers over the past year. While “Leah” in the “First Kiss” video focused on a hardworking millennial going on her very first adventure; and “Osang” conveys the joy of an OFW grandmother’s heartwarming homecoming to meet her first grandchild; “Tony” shares the euphoria of a simple “probinsyano” landing a dream job in the big city. 

Based on real-life stories, “Tony,” “Leah” and “Osang” shared memories and moments enabled by the accessible and available Cebu Pacific—which continues to have the most extensive route network within the Philippines at affordable, year-round low fares. 
Watch and share Cebu Pacific’s latest video on its official Facebook page (@CebuPacificAirPhilippines) or YouTube channel (@Cebupacificair). 

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