Sep 29, 2020

51Talk celebrates teachers’ day with the biggest virtual gathering of online teachers

More than 10,000 online English teachers enjoyed a day of entertainment, games and performances at 51Talk’s annual teachers gathering. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 51Talk had to innovate and conduct the annual offline event online which allowed its teachers from the farthest places in the Philippines to watch and enjoy the celebrations.

Manila, Philippines - Leading online English education platform 51Talk held its annual Teachers’ Day gathering via a virtual event attended by over 10,000 of its online English teachers from all corners of the Philippines. The event, called “51TalkFlix: Your Future At Home,” was streamed live via their website and YouTube and it aims to honor and celebrate the teaching profession this teachers’ month. Over 2 million pesos worth of prizes were raffled off during the event including exclusive 51Talk merchandise, gift certificates, gadgets, appliances, and laptops.

51Talk celebrates teachers’ day with the biggest virtual gathering of online teachers

51Talk Country Head Jennifer Que kicked-off the virtual teachers’ day gathering with a message of thanks and acknowledgment of the teachers who tuned-in in the show.

“We always have an annual gathering for our teachers and this pandemic won’t stop us from doing it again this year. We consider the teachers’ month as the most wonderful time of the 51Talk year. More than 10,000 of our online English teachers participated and we were overwhelmed by the turnout,” said 51Talk Country Head Jennifer Que.

“Because all our teachers are home-based, it made sense to mount the grand event virtually. It’s exciting to hold a seamless online experience and connect with everyone. There are no boundaries anymore so we were able to reach more of our teachers to participate,” Ms. Que added.

Jack Huang, Founder and CEO of 51Talk, was also virtually present from 51Talk’s headquarters in Beijing.

51Talk Founder and CEO Jack Huang was also virtually present straight from 51Talk’s headquarters in Beijing, China. “I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying themselves as we celebrate and honor our teachers at 51Talk. I want everyone to know how grateful 51Talk is for your dedication and hard work, and for brightening our students’ day one lesson at a time,” said Mr. Huang.

“2020 is another special year for 51Talk. It marks 51Talk’s 9th year as a platform & 4th year of being listed in the NYSE. I salute all of the teachers who have been with us for many years now and I thank you for the trust and for believing in the 51Talk platform. As we move forward to the next year, expect greater and better things from 51Talk,” he added.

As COVID-19 forced the shutdown of physical schools in China earlier this year, Chinese parents used the extra time their children had to book additional English lessons on the online education platform. The surge of additional lessons was delivered by 51Talk’s more than 25,000 home-based teachers in the Philippines. This prompted 51Talk to attract 30,000 Filipino teachers this year to fulfil the increasing demand of online English education in China, an industry that enjoys explosive growth annually.

The 51TalkFlix event also showcased the awe-inspiring talents of the teachers in its annual competition, Talent to the Max. 51Talk’s outstanding teachers and clubs were also recognized. A special segment of Chinese students giving their teachers a heart-warming tribute on this special day was also part of the program.

Ebe Dancel


The event also featured performances from today’s hottest stars such as legendary OPM singer/songwriter Ebe Dancel who serenaded the teachers, and Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette, who wowed the crowd with her rendition of pop songs and original singles.

51Talk’s Philippine Brand Ambassador and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach surprised the online audience with a video message and greeting. “Thanks for all that you do. I am proud of all of you and I hope you will continue to excel and help more students succeed in life,” said Pia.

Rounding out the list of personalities during the event was 51Talk’s Philippine Brand Ambassador Pia Wurtzbach, who delivered an inspirational message. Pia was chosen to represent 51Talk because of her long-time advocacy of empowering Filipinos through livelihood opportunities. Because the pandemic affected and displaced millions of Filipino workers, Pia used her voice and platform to talk about 51Talk and the earning opportunities of being an online English teacher.

“When I joined the 51Talk family, I was thrilled to help spread the word about the 30,000 livelihood opportunities on the platform. I love to empower my fellow Pinoys and I believe in our skills, dedication, and our capability to succeed and flourish when faced with opportunities,” said Pia. “To all of the 51Talk teachers, Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Before the event wrapped up, Ms. Que thanked the thousands of teachers who participated in the teachers’ day celebration while promising to deliver an even bigger and better event next year.

“51Talk is the best place to be right now. To all 51Talk teachers, thank you for enabling our students to speak up, stand out and succeed. Keep up the good work and Happy Teachers’ day to all of you!” Ms. Que exclaimed.

For those who are interested to become a home-based online English teacher at 51Talk and to be part of its amazing and passionate community, visit and sign-up now.
Sep 28, 2020

Shopee Partners with World Vision and the Department of Education to Help Filipino Students Continue Distance Learning

Shopee supports the learning community along with World Vision and the Department of Education 

Shopee Partners with World Vision and the Department of Education to Help Filipino Students Continue Distance Learning 

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, partners with World Vision and the Department of Education (DepEd) to support the youth and the education continuity programs during the pandemic.

Abutin Na10 Fundraising Drive with World Vision

Shopee partners with World Vision to be its exclusive e-commerce partner for its Abutin Na10 campaign to support the DepEd’s initiatives on Filipino youth’s learning continuity. The campaign aims to raise funds to provide students with limited services online and other learning tools to help them with distance learning. 

Rommel V. Fuerte, Executive Director at World Vision Development Foundation, Inc., said, “World Vision, in partnership with the Department of Education, launched Abutin Na10 to help learners cope with learning continuity challenges brought by COVID19. It is heartwarming to know that more and more organizations like Shopee want to provide them gadgets and printed learning modules so learners can study safely in their homes. We pray that God will continue to bless you as you give hope to children.”

Learning Through Radios 

Also, Shopee collaborates with the Department of Education to donate transistor radios for students in rural districts. Transistor radios will allow students with no signal or access to the internet to listen to broadcasted lessons from DepEd.

Tonisito M.C. Umali, Esq, Undersecretary for Legislative Affairs, External Partnerships and Project Management Service at DepEd, said, “We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our partners World Vision and Shopee for this very successful Virtual Launching of their joint partnership for the Abutin Na10 Campaign; as well Shopee’s donations of radio transistors for our learners in remote areas. With the support of these partners, we will surely give our learners quality basic education amidst this pandemic. Let us continue to join our hands and work together for the welfare and future of our Filipino learners.” 

With Shopee’s partnership with both organizations, Filipino students can continue their education during the pandemic.

Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Shopee is glad to partner with World Vision and the Department of Education to help the Filipino youth continue learning amidst the pandemic. We understand the importance of education and are committed to making a difference in Filipino children’s lives. We will continue to step up on our efforts to better serve the Filipino community, especially during these challenging times.” 

For more information on how you can donate to the Abutin Na10 campaign, visit this link 

Donate to the Abutin Na10 campaign on World Vision’s Official Shopee page here 

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

5 kitchen tips for homeschooling moms

Save yourself from unnecessary stress by planning meals ahead of time

“Going back to school” is different this year as many schools shift to distance learning due to the pandemic. In addition to other responsibilities, most parents now need to take on their kids’ schooling and ensure that they really understand their online lessons.

If you’re already working from home, you may be thinking that you just don’t have enough time for your job, household chores, and helping your kids with school. Before you get overwhelmed, Solane, the leading supplier of LPG in the country, is here to offer some kitchen tips to make your new arrangement at home easier.

Set a schedule.

Preparing a meal, on top of everything else that needs to get done, can be time consuming. Make sure you have a daily schedule that includes the time you will allot for cooking, uninterrupted work, your kids' school hours, as well as your break time and meal times. Once you have your schedule, do your best to stick to it so you can manage your time better.

Plan meals in advance.

Save yourself from unnecessary stress by planning the meals you will cook for the family ahead of time. By doing this, you get to save some time by getting all the ingredients you need at the grocery in one trip during quarantine. Just make sure to plan a variety of dishes that are easy to prepare, flavorful, and nutritious.

Get the kids involved

If your kids aren’t too busy, you can ask them to help with some simple tasks in the kitchen like rinsing the vegetables or mixing ingredients. This can also be an opportunity to teach them about kitchen safety when it comes to things like peeling and chopping vegetables to avoid accidents. A few minutes before your meal, ask your kids to help by setting up the table. After eating, they can also help clear the table and put the dirty dishes in the sink. Not only will this help you, but this will also teach your kids responsibility and discipline.

Do the chores immediately.

Try to get the chores done right away. Small stressors, like unfinished kitchen chores, only add up and affect your overall well-being. If tasks are left undone, you may feel more stressed, especially while working or tutoring your kids.  Start small. After eating, you can wash your kitchen tools and tableware, wipe the counters, and throw out the trash immediately. If you don’t feel up to it, don’t think of it as, “I need to clean the kitchen.” Instead, look at it this way: Do you want a clean kitchen? Then, get cleaning.

Invest in the right kitchen equipment

Invest in kitchen tools that can help you save time and cook faster, such as convection ovens, food processors, and instant pots. Also consider kitchen appliances that don’t need too much attention while cooking, like slow cookers. Just put your ingredients in them and they will take care of the cooking process. This will give you more time to focus on your work and kids’ lessons. In addition, opt for an LPG brand that is made for fast and safe cooking, like Solane. With the help of Solane, you can easily prepare your meals without the hassle or any worries.

For more information, visit or follow on Facebook.

Sep 19, 2020

Shopee Launches the Shopee Bayanihan: Frontliners Package to Support Frontliners Amidst the Pandemic

Shopee Launches the Shopee Bayanihan: Frontliners Package to Support Frontliners Amidst the Pandemic

From September 18 to 20, frontliners can receive Shopee discount vouchers, mobile load, and data from Smart and Unilever’s brand vouchers 

MANILA, SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 - Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, launches the Shopee Bayanihan: Frontliners Package to provide frontliners a special digital bundle they can use for personal needs. From September 18 to 20, frontliners can avail of the exclusive digital package that includes free shipping vouchers from Shopee, ₱100 off vouchers from Unilever, and ₱100 mobile load plus 1GB worth of internet from Smart.

The Shopee Bayanihan: Frontliner Package aims to support the rising heroes diligently battling the pandemic. These include: 

Health Care Workers (Hospital admin and janitorial services, Health and service personnel in LGU facilities)
Medical Professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Medical Technicians)
Police officers and Military Personnel
Coast Guards
Government Agencies (LGU workers, admin staff)
Delivery and Logistics Providers (Food, restaurant, medicine, logistics company drivers and riders)
Security Guards
Mortuary Services Personnel

Starting September 18, frontliners can avail of the package by signing up on the Shopee Bayanihan: Frontliner Package microsite in the Shopee App. Here is the link: 

Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “As the nation continues to combat the spread of the pandemic, it is essential for us to step up and support our Filipino frontliners who are at the forefront of this fight. With leading brands such as Smart and Unilever, we launched the Shopee Bayanihan: Frontliners Package to provide frontliners with exclusive vouchers and deals to support them and their families during this period. Every one of us has a role to play in this fight, and we are committed to doing what we can to help our frontliners and the local community.” 

Kay Veloso - Palisoc, Head of E-Commerce at Unilever Philippines, said, “Unilever seeks to build purposeful and meaningful partnerships, and we are grateful to work with Shopee on this initiative that values and rewards the contributions of our frontliners. We continue to find ways to extend assistance and ‘malasakit’ where it’s needed through our purpose-driven brands.”

As the frontline workers continue to dedicate their time and effort to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, Shopee understands the importance of helping frontliners stay connected with their loved ones. As part of this initiative, frontliners can receive mobile load and data to communicate with their families during this challenging period.  

Precy P. Katigbak, FVP and Head of National Key Accounts at Smart, said “We want to bridge the distance between frontliners and their family members, that is why we are thrilled to partner with Shopee to provide frontliners with load and data they can use to contact their loved ones. As part of the country’s largest and only fully integrated telco, we want to help people stay connected, and this campaign is ideal for solidifying our vision to lead, inspire, and create a better tomorrow.”

The global pandemic has affected millions of people around the world. With frontliners working tirelessly to serve others, Shopee will continue to introduce initiatives like the Shopee Bayanihan: Frontliners Package to give back to our modern-day heroes.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Sep 16, 2020

Who will win Century Tuna Superbods 2020?

 Nadine Lustre and Alden Richards

Century Tuna Superbods Ambassadors

You've seen the candidates and their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Now, it all boils down to who among the Century Tuna Superbods 2020 finalists will reign supreme! Happening on September 19, 2020, the event will show the new faces of fitness in the country as Century Tuna holds Everybod Superbod 2020: The Finals.

Who will win Century Tuna Superbods 2020?

The Finals will take place after a series of digital competitions that allowed the Superbods to show what it truly means to #StayStrong amid the pandemic. They showed off their diet and fitness regimen, as well as empower others to pursue their own journeys towards a healthy lifestyle. Of course, they also became a source of hope, motivation, and inspiration as they opened up about their advocacies and encouraged their fans to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing in the new normal.

Following the challenges, the finalists will face each other one last time during The Finals where one male and one female grand winner will receive Php 500,000 each, as well as other amazing prizes.

During The Finals, Century Tuna will be also naming the winners of the special awards namely Superbods Ageless Awards, the Superbods Advocacy Awards, and the Superbods Social Impact Awards.

Other awards to be given in The Finals include Mr. and Ms. Dermaworld, Mr. and Ms. Congeniality, and Mr. and Ms. Photogenic.

There will also be eight winners of the digital challenges. Four winners will be selected for the Kraver's Canteen #FishEveryDay Challenges, two for the Fitness Challenge, and another two for the Stay Strong Challenge.

To help determine the winners, Century Pacific Food, Inc. executive vice president and chief operating officer Greg Banzon, Century Tuna marketing director Carlo Endaya, triathlete and SEA Games gold medalist Nikko Huelgas, GMA Network senior assistant vice president for alternative productions Gigi Santiago-Lara, actress, mom and fitness advocate Isabelle Daza, and actress and the ultimate Ageless fitspiration Alice Dixson will be part of the esteemed panel of judges.

Of course, The Finals would not be complete without this year’s Century Tuna Superbods ambassadors Alden Richards and Nadine Lustre. The two stars will be joining top celebrity Marc Nelson as hosts of the highly anticipated event.

You may catch Everybod Superbod 2020: The Finals on September 19 at 5:00PM on Century Tuna's official Facebook page. It will also be televised on GMA on September 27 at 10:05AM. For more information, make sure to like and follow @centurytuna on Facebook and @centurytunasuperbods on Instagram.

Sep 15, 2020

Sanofi launches campaign to bridge gaps in Caring for Patients with chronic diseases

In its effort to build a healthier Philippines, Sanofi Philippines turned towards empowering mothers and spotlighting their critical role in managing their family’s health. The global pharmaceutical company recently launched their new campaign entitled Panatang Sanofi with the Pinay matriarchs at the heart of their advocacy.

Sanofi launches campaign to bridge gaps in Caring for Patients with chronic diseases

“The mother is the cornerstone of the Filipino family. She is caring and selfless when it comes to attending to her family’s health,” said Amal Makhloufi Benchouk, Country Lead of Sanofi Philippines. “This is the kind of lifetime commitment we strive for in Sanofi as we build a healthier Philippines. There is no greater embodiment to our panata than our beloved mothers.”

Makhloufi was one of two speakers during the recently concluded online discussions entitled “Healthier/PH Sessions: Continuity of Care for a Healthier Philippines,” where she exchanged thoughtful dialogues and shared insights in front of an audience consisting of moms.

“As moms, we cannot afford to be sick or else who will take care of the family?” exclaimed Broadcast Journalist and the event’s moderator, Niña Corpuz. “A lot of us have to really be more proactive. It's really better to be informed and to be educated about potential health concerns so that we know that what we're doing is the best thing for our family.”

In response to the disruption that the pandemic has caused across the country’s healthcare system as well as a growing fear and apprehension towards seeking medical consultation for risk of contracting the virus, the Company has initiated programs in order to deliver better care.

The Company has reinforced its Empower Program—a program for patients with diabetes; as well as launching WeHealth, a program that aims to connect patients with doctors, at any time and place.

“What the Empower Program ensures, especially during this pandemic, is the continuity of care for persons with diabetes,” Makhloufi explained. “They will be provided with holistic care and linked to the appropriate healthcare experts who will stay in constant touch and even do weekly check-ins with the patient.”

Speaking on the recently launched WeHealth, the Sanofi Executive explained that the program is a proofpoint for the company’s unwavering commitment and panata to ensuring that families have access to the proper care they deserve. 

“WeHealth is an e-Health Ecosystem that aims to connect Filipinos with their doctors or health service providers from the safety of your own home and this can be crucial during the pandemic because you’re eliminating the risk of exposure,” Makhloufi intimated. 

“Even before the pandemic, Sanofi Philippines has been aiming to bridge the gaps that many Filipino families face when it comes to accessing consultation and treatment,” the Country Lead shared. “This is where we want to play a role and it’s part of our mission to build a healthier Philippines.”

Sep 14, 2020

Globe gives back to loyal customers with 0917 National G Day Festivities

Globe’s Biggest Amateur Mobile Legends Cup

It is National G Day! 

September 17 or 917 does not only signify Globe’s iconic and original prefix, it also marks the start of Globe’s annual celebration that recognizes and gives back to its loyal customers through exciting rewards and surprises. This is the time when Globe and its partners come together to delight its millions of customers.

Globe gives back to loyal customers with 0917 National G Day Festivities

Given the challenging times we are in, Globe aims to make this year’s National G Day a way to empower and enable its customers as they face the new normal. By providing unique experiences and rewards, customers will be able to regain control of their lives and recreate better days not just for themselves but for others as well.

“More than our annual tradition, it is our way of recognizing our customers for their loyalty and support” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu. “This year’s unusual circumstance does not stop us from making our 0917 celebration more meaningful. Let us come together to create better days with National G Day, packed with rewards and surprises for all our customers.”

For this year, the digital celebration comes in many forms, each focusing on making customers more productive, entertained and delighted.

The most awaited G Chance the Raffle

Globe’s biggest raffle of the year will  begin on September 17. Globe customers will get their raffle codes from the Globe Rewards or Globe at Home apps. They may also use their reward points to turn them into more raffle codes.  

At the G Chance the raffle, customers have the chance to win prizes that they can use to work, learn, and play at home. These exciting prizes include 5G smartphones, gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Segway Ninebot, Samsung products, Xiaomi Mi Box, Globe Rewards points, GCash credits, and so much more!

Customers can also use their Globe Rewards points to get 917 lifestyle essentials, shoor experiences and discount codes for Konsulta MD, Puregold, Health Now, Healthway Clinics, Zalora, Grab, Lazada, Shopee and other partners.

G Music Fest, A Music Festival Right at Home

A treat for all music-lovers, come together and feel the electric energy and unbridled fun by being part of Globe’s online music festival.  

The G Music Fest lines-up international band LANY and favorite local acts namely The Juans, Massiah, Kiana Valenciano, UDD, SB19, Ben & Ben, and December Avenue.

Globe customers can stream the music fest for free on September 26, 4PM through GlobePH, Globe’s Facebook page.

Globe’s Biggest Amateur Mobile Legends Cup

Gather your friends, sharpen your skills, and be one of 1,000 teams that will compete at the G Legends Cup! With a prize pool of P600,000, this is the biggest amateur Mobile Legends tournament for Globe customers. Interested teams must redeem their tournament codes via Globe Rewards app. Once they receive a tournament code, they need to go to and enter that code on the team registration form.

The list of participating teams will be announced on September 17 with the best of the best battling out for the top spot at the G Legends Cup finals on September 24. The emerging top 64 teams will also be rewarded with cash prizes that they will receive through their GCash accounts. 

Usapang diskarte for your business with G Summit

For this year’s National G Day, Globe myBusiness has also something in store for entrepreneurs. On September 23, Globe myBusiness will host the first-ever G Summit 2020 - Usapang Diskarte: Pivot your Business to Success. 

Business owners will hear from local and international experts like Josh Linkner, #1 most booked innovation speaker, new york times bestselling author and business leaders from Google, Taxumo, and CIA Bootleg Manila. Attendees will learn about business opportunities in the new normal, running a business amidst uncertainty and how innovation and digital transformation can help you turn a challenge into a business opportunity. 

G Summit aims to bring Filipino businesses together into fulfilling the vision of transforming the Philippines into a digitally empowered nation. 

“The National G Day is a celebration we look forward to each year because it is our opportunity to give back and say thank you to our customers and partners who have been with us throughout the years,” said Globe Marketing Services Hub Head Jenny Echevarria. “We at Globe will continue to recreate our products, services, rewards and experiences so it remains relevant, unique especially in these extraordinary times.”

Know more about this year’s National G Day by downloading the Globe Rewards app and Globe At Home app.

6 hacks to make your Solane LPG last longer

When using LPG cooking gas, remember that blue flame is good, while red, yellow, or orange means that the LPG gas isn’t being used to its full potential

6 hacks to make your Solane LPG last longer

One of the most used equipment at home during the pandemic and community quarantine is the gas stove. However, it is important to conserve cooking gas and use it efficiently.

To help you use cooking gas efficiently, Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions provider, suggests these effective and smart tips you can try at home:

Cook efficiently

Make sure all the ingredients you need are measured, chopped, peeled and within easy reach once you start cooking. This way, you don’t waste any cooking gas while you prepare your food.  

Avoid cooking without a lid

Open vessel cooking or cooking without the lid increases cooking time and uses more LPG. On the other hand, when you use the lid, you trap the heat, build steam, thus, reducing LPG usage. Using the lid also locks in the moisture of the dish.

Reduce the flame once boiling starts

Once the pan is heated and the food is boiling, reduce the flame to conserve energy. Lowering the temperature will also lessen the chance of scorching the food and having it stick to bottom of the pan, which can be difficult to clean.

Use a pressure cooker

Pressurized steam speeds up cooking, which saves time and consumes less LPG, especially compared to open-lid cooking. Utilizing a pressure cooker also keeps the nutrients of food intact – a great way to stay healthy amid the pandemic.

Check your cylinder upon order

Be sure to check the LPG cylinders well upon purchase or delivery. At Solane, the well-trained riders perform the 7-point safety check — an exclusive service provided for Solane home delivery customers nationwide. The service includes weight-checking and proper installation of regulator and valve connection.   

Clean your burner regularly

To check if your burner is clean, observe the color of the flames. Blue flame is good, while red, yellow, or orange means that the LPG gas isn’t being used to its full potential. Clean your burner at least once a month with lukewarm water, baking soda and a scrub brush.

Be smart about your LPG usage by following these tips suggested by Solane. To know more, visit and Facebook

Moment Group restos go cashless with PayMaya


Whether it’s Filipino classic dishes, a Japanese fusion feast, or a burger binge and more, fans of various restaurants under The Moment Group (TMG) can now safely enjoy their favorite cuisines and pay cashless for their orders as the company partners with PayMaya for a total cashless experience online or in stores.

Moment Group restos go cashless with PayMaya

The Moment Group (TMG) operates some of the country's most sought-after restaurant brands that include Manam, Din Tai Fung, Ooma, 8 Cuts Burgers, Mo’ Cookies, Shawa Wama, Phat Pho, Mecha Uma, and Bank Bar.

Foodies can now use their PayMaya e-wallet accounts as well as any credit, debit, or prepaid card to pay for their favorite meals when they order at TMG’s website ( which is now powered by the PayMaya Checkout payment gateway.

Additionally, TMG can now accept cashless payments for VISA, Mastercard, and JCB cardholders, as well as PayMaya QR, using the PayMaya One all-in-one Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in their Metro Manila store branches, allowing for a safer contactless in-store payment experience.

PayMaya is the leading payment company in the Philippines with the widest deployment of Android-based POS terminals in the Philippines, with its PayMaya One device being adopted by major supermarkets, restaurants, service providers, and government agencies across the country.

“The safety and convenience of our loyal patrons is a top priority for The Moment Group, and offering cashless payments for our online and physical stores in partnership with PayMaya goes a long way towards reinforcing that. We want to continue serving everyone with good food alongside a safer payment experience across all our channels," said The Moment Group Co-Founder and Creative Director Abba Napa.

As the food and restaurant industry adopt to new measures brought by the global COVID-19 pandemic, TMG has upgraded its operations by activating their online ordering website and by expanding their offering to include frozen, pre-cooked, and ready to heat meals at groceries and convenient stores. 

“Cashless is now fast becoming the default payment option when dining in or ordering food online. We’re glad to partner with The Moment Group in adopting PayMaya’s end-to-end cashless payment solutions to provide its customers and store frontliners a safer and more seamless payment transactions, whether they prefer ordering online or dining in their branches,” PayMaya President Shailesh Baidwan said.

As a way to curb the spread of the COVID-19 disease, TMG is now utilizing PayMaya’s cashless payment solutions in their ordering website and store branches as it allows them to protect their store frontliners and customers from handling cash which can further spread the virus.

In compliance with the guidelines on the implementation of minimum health protocols issued by the Department of Trade and Industry, the food and restaurant industry is instituting health and safety protocols, including making cashless acceptance part of the standard options of doing business under the New Normal.

To know more about the One by PayMaya device and other PayMaya Enterprise solutions, visit

Sep 10, 2020

Shopee Powers the New Normal with 9.9 Super Shopping Day, with Over 12 Million Items Sold in the First Hour on September 9

Brands and sellers enjoyed strong sales growth, with 700,000 items sold in a single minute at its peak

Shopee Powers the New Normal with 9.9 Super Shopping Day, with Over 12 Million Items Sold in the First Hour on September 9

MANILA, SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 - Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, concludes its most successful 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Powered by Shopee’s robust ecosystem, 9.9 Super Shopping Day delivered super entertainment and shopping deals for users and a supercharged economic recovery for sellers and brand partners, with over 12 million items sold in the first hour on September 9.

Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee, said, “The strong support that consumers, sellers, and brands have shown towards 9.9 Super Shopping Day heartens us. We had a simple goal for 9.9 Super Shopping Day this year, and that was to help our communities emerge stronger from the effects of a global pandemic. It includes supercharging recovery for our sellers and brand partners while creating a super shopping experience for users. I am delighted by another year of record-breaking performance, which reflects our commitment to grow together with the people and businesses we serve.”

Shopee delivers on its three commitments for 9.9 Super Shopping Day

9.9 Super Shopping Day acted as a springboard for economic recovery as sellers and brand partners in the region maximized their visibility and sales on Shopee. Participating brands and sellers enjoyed strong sales growth, with 700,000 items sold in a single minute at the peak of September 9.

Shopee’s robust ecosystem ensured buying and selling remained seamless even as shopping activity peaked during 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Sellers and brand partners leveraged Shopee’s integrated logistics network to fulfill their orders. Simultaneously, users enjoyed seamless transactions with a wide array of payment options on Shopee, including its mobile wallet ShopeePay. 

Shopee also offered a super collection of entertainment throughout 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Users enjoyed all-day fun and earned special rewards with Shopee’s supersized range of in-app games, with 250 million water requests on the crowd-favorite game, Shopee Farm. 

Users actively tuned in to Shopee Live to connect with celebrities, sellers, and brands during the 9.9 Super Shopping Day period. The number of hours spent watching Shopee Live streams increased 3 times from an average day, highlighted by countdown and marathon streams on September 9 that celebrated 9.9 Super Shopping Day with users across the region. Shopee Live also gave users new ways to discover and shop the latest trends, with 2.5 times more items purchased during live streams in this period compared to an average day.

Highlights of 9.9 Super Shopping Day in the Philippines

9.9 Super Shopping Day was also a major success in the Philippines. Home & Living was the most popular product category on September 9 as Filipinos turned to Shopee to spruce up their household.

Filipinos from all walks of life made the most of 9.9 Super Shopping Day to meet their shopping needs, in line with the increasing importance of online shopping during the new normal. In particular, men actively shop for smartphones, while face masks were hot favorites among women. Home decors were very popular among users aged 18 to 34, while users aged 35 to 50 mainly shopped for eyeglasses.

Pang closed, “9.9 Super Shopping Day kickstarts the year-end shopping season in our home region and this year, and it also marks the start of our efforts to pave the future of e-commerce in the new normal. We will work even harder to delight users while propelling sellers and brand partners to new heights in the months ahead, including our upcoming 10.10 Brands Festival.”

Shop the 9.9 Salamat Shopee Sale at

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Sep 2, 2020

Pru Life UK promotes financial literacy among Filipino families


Pru Life UK promotes financial literacy among Filipino families

A free webinar featuring Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home resources to make learning more enjoyable

Sept. 02, 2020 – Taguig City. Pru Life UK, in partnership with Prudence Foundation and Junior Achievement Philippines, is bringing financial literacy to every household through “Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home: Financial Literacy Basics for Filipino Families”. The free public webinar, taking place on September 12, 2020 at 2:00 PM via Zoom, invites parents and their children, aged seven to 12 years old, to participate and learn basic money management skills.

“In these extraordinary times, it is imperative that Filipino families empower their kids to be future-ready, especially around money matters. By offering the Cha-Ching learning and experiences online, we hope to reach out to and educate more people on basic money management,” says Allan Tumbaga, Pru Life UK Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Marketing Officer.

The webinar will be hosted by lifestyle and children’s TV presenter Tonipet Gaba and Pru Life UK’s own Mary Jane Pangan. It will also feature two education and finance experts as guest speakers.  Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, a multi-award-winning mathematics and psychology professor and the author of Study Smart: What Parents, Students, and Teachers Should Know, will lead the session “Introducing Money Concepts to Kids” and share tips with parents on how to teach their children about financial matters. Joining her will be Dr. Mary Joy Abaquin, the founder of Multiple Intelligence International School and author of 8 Simple Secrets to Raising Entrepreneurs. She will discuss different ways to develop the entrepreneurial skills of children in her session “Start Them Young: Instilling the Financial Growth Mindset to Kids”.

To make the webinar even more exciting, the event will also feature interactive money-related games and special prizes for children. A lucky participant will also win a brand-new tablet through a raffle.

The webinar is part of Pru Life UK’s We DO Education commitment, which aims to help more Filipinos become money-smart. In June, Pru Life UK and Prudence Foundation launched the Cha-Ching Kid$ at Home initiative to provide online and printable materials to parents, helping them teach their children easy-to-learn money management concepts like Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate. These resources, including music videos, topics for discussion, and engaging activities, can be accessed and downloadable for free on the website, 

“We understand the important role that parents play in shaping their children’s financial future. By making the learning process more fun and inspiring, we aim to help cultivate more financially-responsible behaviors among both parents and children in the Philippines,” says Marc Fancy, Prudence Foundation Executive Director.

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